As many of you know, I’ve been writing about Kool Smiles dentistry, who some say specialize in low-income children, for years. In fact, I’m being sued by a dentist (whose name I won’t mention right now) I wrote about a few years ago, after a child who was having work done at his clinic died. The baby was getting numerous root canals and crowns.

She was only 14 months old.

And I’m not the only one, many major news outlets were also sued.

The dentist (allegedly) worked at Kool Smiles at one time but was not working there when the child died. (Although numerous children have died after treatment at Kool Smiles.)

Finally, just months ago Kool Smile (based out of Atlanta, GA) was ordered to pay 23.9 M dollars to the Dept of Justice for allegedly doing unnecessary work on countless child patients, most of it billed to Medicaid. What many found incredulous was that they did not have to plead to any wrongdoing. 

Sadly, they billed medicaid for doing work on one child who DIED after extensive, and what many say was, unnecessary work done at the clinic.

Check out what this grandmother discovered 8 YEARS ago about Kool Smile. It appears nothing was done until countless years later:

For years, Kool Smile has been under fire over allegations its dentists performed painful, unnecessary work on children in a scheme to bilk Medicaid. In fact, the feds accused the company of committing millions of dollars in Medicaid fraud in Georgia by filing hundreds of thousands of false medical claims as well as in six other states at more than 100 clinics.

 Dale Mayfield, who has resigned from the state Board of Dentistry at Gov. Nathan Deal’s request, is pictured here on the photo


However, curiously, Kool Smiles’ chief dental officer, Dale G. Mayfield, was still on the Georgia Board of Dentistry after Kool Smiles even after agreeing to settle a federal Medicaid fraud lawsuit for $23.9 million. Thankfully, Gov. Nathan Deal asked for and got Mayfield’s resignation. (Wow, talk about conflict of interest! This is sick!)

But now, CBS National News has done a damning, nearly one hour piece, about Kool Smiles.

Watch pieces of it here:

Facebook cut me off countless times, but I got a few up onto Youtube before they too stopped my videos, mid-recording!

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Oh and here’s their BBB page, with an A+ rating!