Breaking: Another Holistic Florida MD Found Dead


(Note from Erin: Here is the list and photos of the 60+ doctors who have died since last year. Many are still unsolved, and criminal cases remain open. Several families have hired their own detectives/investigators as well, and many are our friends. Click here to read.)

We are so sorry to announce the death of Laura Skellchock, MD of Boca Raton, Florida.

There is an ongoing investigation into the case and the toxicology reports will take a few months (late November) until they are complete. Detective Nitsch, with whom I’ve spoken, from BSO Broward County, is handling the case: # 17-1611000583. 

I was also told, “Dr. Skellchock was working as a professional witness concerning laser damage. I have a couple friends who were recommended to her from a lawyer in Miami whose wife won a lawsuit against Fraxel with (name omitted)”. We’ll let you know if this holds out to be true or not. See story below.

Dr. Laura Skellchock, a holistic MD, based here on the east coast of Florida, has died.

We have very little detail at this time. Her website was called Integrative Dermatology, and she had done a number of videos and articles about integrative practices, natural health, and nutrition. Like most of the self-described integrative or holistic MDs who died, Dr. Skellchock also did procedures that were not 100% holistic, some were of a cosmetic nature.

Thus far, in all of the 61 doctors I’ve reported on, none have come back as cancer and most (if not alleged suicide or murder) are still mysterious, and many investigations have been opened by the families and even a few by authorities.

I’ve just done a national show for the Discovery Channel discussing these deaths, and keep in close contact with family members of several of the deceased doctors.

My heart goes out to her family, friends, and patients, who are mourning her loss.

I’ll update you as soon as I have any further information.


Erin Elizabeth

P.S. A video of the late Dr. Skellchock discussing natural treatments for acne is below.

Dr. Skellchock’s site: Integrative Dermatology 

Dr. Skellchock’s natural health and medicine blog

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • James Stamulis

    There are some very evil people in the country who are murdering a lot of Patriotic whistleblowers and anyone who opposes their evil intentions. We need to drain the swamp.

  • Antique White

    is it time for the real doctors to wake up and get security or hire an honest investigator who will not take pharma bribes? we know more then likely who is killing these real doctors who do not put there focus on toxic pharma drugs cuz they know there doing more harm then good! we know the dollar is god on earth now and we know who loses dollars do to natural remedies like herbs vitamins minerals enzymes used with a few life styles changes?

    and the bean counters hate it they know every doctor they murders with a gun shot to the head or chest is perhaps millions of dollars back into there pockets so and unit the real doctors hire a honest cop to arrest the killers or get security or both ? its going to continue until the Satan pharma and cull the numbers way back and pay off the politicians to pass laws so the good doctors are shot dead and the bad doctors are worshiped as gods! because they have the cash the law the drugs, and the doctors who really care will not defend them self’s with guns and a honest investigator to stop this genocide of wiping out honest doctors?

  • Alleged Comment

    A professional hit? See who stands to gain by it.

  • Angela G. Gentile

    I have just learned of this horrific news. 61 doctors in the last year – so tragic. So sad. So terrifying. I hope you, Erin, and your husband Dr. Mercola are taking safety precautions to keep yourselves safe. Keep doing the great work you do. Peace.

  • Christina Jenkins

    I am extremely angry with the tone of this article as you do not know anything about the passing of Dr. Skellchock and your article dishonors her life as well as her family and friends. Please remove until you know more.

  • I am sorry for your loss, but I am being contacted by folks who state they are Dr Skellchock’s family members (I won’t elaborate on that) and I’ve only shared what has been shared with me. I’ve not listed a cause of death and I’ve done nothing but say positive thinks about Dr Skellchock so I have zero clue what you mean about the “tone”. If you have more information to give me to add you can contact me here any time you like. SO far with what I’ve been told it only grows more mysterious.

    We are very sorry for your loss, as we knew MANY of the holistic doctors found dead here in Florida the last year or so.

    Erin and Dr Mercola

  • nicu78


  • gmatch

    My friend was basically killed by a holistic Doctor, who kept him away from real treatment. I don’t often agree with mainstream Doctors, but in the case of my friend they could have saved his live.

  • Glenn Festog

    Only if he wasn’t one of the 100,000+ preventable deaths caused by mainstream medicine each year.

  • Lawrence

    The odds of dying from treatment by a traditional doctor are far greater than by a holistic doctor! That is based on per capita since the drug & surgery docs far outnumber the preventive medicine people!

  • jube8

    She was to testify as a professional witness, reason enough?

  • Wendy Allen

    Acne…no gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO….Vit A/fish oil/probiotic/Zn/Mg/VitC and more may help.

    She is very smart/wise/knows how to help health. She may have helped her own health in the same awesome way. Coconut oil/olive oil clog my blood vessels and heated oils hurt..make free radicals. She would know that not all people can do these and herself. Too young/too much knowledge…very sad.

  • Nicole Parasida

    Hello Erin, do you know when will the discovery channel episode air and what will it be called?

  • Debbie Griffin

    I don’t see her name in the obits at all, nor did I hear it on TV. I really wonder where you get your information from.

  • Debbie Griffin

    I never heard of her passing on TV or on line news. I truly wonder where Erin gets her information.

  • Debbie Griffin

    And where and how do you and Mercola get your information?? I have little faith in anything you write about regarding holistic doctors getting killed by big pharma or medical doctors.