ABC Video: CDC and Health Officials Tell 26 Year Old Woman She Gets Quarantined and Measles Vaccine or “goes to Jail”

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26 year old Woman and family say the CDC and Health officials want her under quarantine and to get a vaccine or “Go to Jail” OR be charged criminally.  Family says they feel threatened. The CDC and local Health Officials have called and showed up uninvited to their home. The frightened family was served a home intervention notice too.

Woman Gets Quarantined and Measles Vaccine or……. Jail!

Just moments after we published our friends in Washington DC’s piece  (Alliance for Natural Health) about how a new federal order could allow you to be locked up and given drugs against your will- we saw the following about a young girl in South Pasadena:

Twenty six year old graduate student Ylsa Tellez  and her family received an official home intervention notice from the county in Los Angeles (Ylsa and her family live in the suburb of Pasadena)  The CDC and county officials  have threatened this intervention (with possible jail time and charges) if she doesn’t quarantine herself and or do a forced vaccination. Ylsa’s younger sister has the measles but had a full recovery (like many healthy kids have for centuries) and she is asymptomatic. Also the family got a call from the CDC and wants her to get vaccinated and quarantine herself.  She is resisting and insists she’s not sick and that they cannot force her to get a vaccine (or intervene as she is 26 years old) but she is weighing her options right now and will see if she gets the shot or not.

From the article on Ylsa who could be forced into quarantine and vaccinated.

Ylsa has no symptoms and feels perfectly healthy, but she said she received a call on Tuesday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and got a visit by the local health department, both of whom wanted her to quarantine herself inside.

“(They were) saying I need to get vaccinated and I need to be quarantined, otherwise I’m going to go to jail or something, or I’m going to get a misdemeanor,” said Ylsa.

Ylsa says she refuses to be a prisoner in her own home despite the possible quarantine order. Ylsa’s mother is also defending her daughter.

“It’s not nice when my daughter is threatened like this because she’s not even sick,” said Myrna Tellez.

Her mother said on video above she does not like the fact her daughter was threatened like this by the health officials and the CDC.

Yisa goes on to say

“I’m just a little upset because if there are so many cases of people that got the shot who also developed measles, then why are they attacking me specifically?” said Ylsa. “I don’t think it’s necessary for me to be on house arrest.”

We feel for Ylsa and hope that she and her family aren’t forced to vaccinate against a 26 year old WOMAN’s wishes. Her sister fully recovered and she’s not symptomatic and is taking immune boosting supplements. She said she’ll meet with her doctor tomorrow to make a decision .



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  • Kathy Snyder

    Why doesn’t she get the lawyer that the nurse in New England had when the government tried to quarantine her? They were using false imprisonment. If vaccines truly worked and you are vaccinated why are you worried when one is not, unless of course you really know that your vaccine doesn’t work. I would fight tooth and nail and not let them inject me with their poison. People need to stand up for their rights.

  • Jennifer

    Then they need to quarantine EVERYONE who gets the vaccine ~ it can “shed” for weeks!!!
    The government needs to stop blowing illnesses out of proportion and thinking they can rule everyone’s lives.

  • Toomuch Corruption

    Lying Criminals is all they are!!
    Scare tactics to brainwash and dummy down the ignorant who dont know any better!

  • John Paul

    Those working in government jobs are misinterpreting their role they are to play. Those in government works for us we do not work for them.

  • AwakenedAngryAmerican

    Wait. They aren’t seal the borders of Pasadena, too? Compare this to CDC’s response to Ebola.

  • Ivet Flexon


  • Marquese Wayne Hauptman


  • Sharon Gamblin

    and neither did yours. criticize much?

  • k9s

    Stand strong young lady. I have much respect for your decision.

  • Marcella Piper-Terry

    #EbolaNancy wasn’t issued a citation. Are they implying measles is worse than ebola? Or that some people are allowed to do what they want, and others have to comply with heavy-handed government “interventions” and loss of civil rights?

  • Jonathan

    This “lady” is being an idiot and putting other people at risk. IF she turns out to be a carrier for the measles and someone dies, I hope she gets a homicide charge.

  • Mary Brown

    Come try it and face down the barrel of a gun. This is a free country and NOTHING gives the government a right to inject crap into your body. Useless flue shot have me sick(severe headaches, runny nose), along with over a dozen of my friends. Then some of them caught the flu on top of it anyway.

  • Nathan666

    If she does turn out to be a carrier and someone dies i hope its you and i also hope she gets a parade thrown for it.

  • Patrick Borush

    riddle me this batman… How was she able to enroll in elementary, secondary then college with out proof of a full vacination record… people who dont get vaccinated agianst this shit are crazy… dont get me wrong i do question some of the so called vaccines out here like these fly by night flu shots every year but shit like this shouldnt even be a story anymore… You are required by law to get a MMR shot when a child to go to school which is also required by law…

  • Patrick Borush

    you do realize they announced weeks ago the this years flu strain mutated and the so called flu shot only has about 50% of its usual effectiveness… Why i just dont get them things and try and avoid people who look like they may turn into walkers soon like the freakn plague…

  • Simple. It’s called religious exemption.

  • Marsha

    Meanwhile, if she got the vaccine it would take weeks to become effective, assuming it is protective.

  • Marsha

    Nobody’s gonna die from measles.

  • Marsha

    Measles and mumps are not dangerous diseases.

  • approvev