BOMBSHELL: Health Ranger identifies distance of second shooter at Las Vegas massacre… and it’s NOT the Mandalay Bay hotel


This is a guest article from Mike Adams of, aka The Health Ranger

PRIORITY ALERT to all readers and fans:

After a detailed forensic acoustics analysis rooted in science and physics, I have affirmatively identified the range/distance of a second shooter at the Las Vegas massacre. A detailed analysis video, complete with two whiteboards explaining the acoustics science, will be posted here this Tuesday.

UPDATE: The video has now been released! See the full video, below…

I have also forensically confirmed that some rifle rounds were, indeed, coming from a range that is consistent with the distance of the Mandalay Bay hotel. This analysis is rooted in bullet time of flight acoustic analysis (forensic acoustics), and it is irrefutable proof based on the laws of physics. These are bombshell revelations that may change the course of the investigation. All the math will be clearly spelled out for you in the upcoming video to be posted here on Tuesday.

To repeat: YES, my analysis confirms that at least one shooter was almost certainly positioned at the Mandalay Bay. But a second shooter is also clearly identified at a significantly closer range through forensic acoustic analysis. I repeat: There were at least TWO shooters in play, operating at two very different ranges. One of these ranges is much closer to the concert venue than the Mandalay Bay property. The evidence is already encoded in all the audio of all the videos posted on YouTube. This will all be explained in the upcoming technical explanation video.

Three likely locations where a second shooter was perched

By combining this acoustic forensic analysis with map views of the scene, I have been able to identify three likely locations where the second shooter may have been perched:

  1. The rooftop of the AM/PM convenience store North of the concert venue.
  2. The Oasis Apartments rooftops to the Southeast of the concert venue.
  3. The dirt mound/construction site due South of the concert venue.

A full, detailed analysis is being filmed tomorrow and published here on Tuesday. Spread the word on this. You won’t be disappointed. This analysis makes the FBI’s bumbling incompetence look like Romper Room. You are about to see actual science on display, helping solve the real story behind this unfortunate massacre.

Mike Adams is the founder of His views do not necessarily reflect ours, but we found his take on this tragedy interesting, as even law enforcement admit they don’t have many pieces to the puzzle.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Patricia Hilton

    Health Ranger sure does make the FBI look like a bunch of inept kindergardeners! Thank you Health Range for exposing the truth about this horrendous shooting! Truth wins!

  • JDKeg

    Face Book would not allow me to post a comment on your post of about Youtube giving search options that did not include conspiracy sites. Google owns Youtube so it’s the deep state or nothing.

  • Isaiah5512

    Just because there was shooting from the Mandalay, even at a guard from behind a closed door, such does NOT prove that Paddock, who could have been the first victim of this conspiracy, was one of the two shooters. That fact that it has now been PROVEN that there were at least two shooters, makes it less likely that patsy Paddock was one of them.

  • Daniel H

    Does this theory still apply if Paddock used two different types of guns?

  • Harry Ballsaq

    I call BullShit
    The tall buildings are like a canyon and echos are everywhere.

  • Liz Nord

    We are living in a world that is controlled by the Globalist they do not Honor the Truth of the subject only their plans for control of Humanity.

  • Kuldip Shina

    Mike Adams aint a school boy and has taken the echos in consideration when doing his analysis.
    Your just calling BS because you really want to believe the official story told to you by the corrupt FBI.
    You think the FBI hasnt worked out there was more than one shooter and that in 2 different locatìons. They would have worked this out straight away just by looking at the angles of how the victims had been shot. .

  • Carvagio

    I watched an intriguing video that posed possibility of a helicopter shooter. You could clearly hear the chopper blades coming in towards the back of the venue coincident with shots fired, and also appearing overhead in the distance. The official story is BS. What they are trying to do is change/control the narrative but it’s not working too well. Then there’s Google, facebook, and youtube – who now are deciding what is the official story and suppressing all other evidence and witnesses.

  • Harry Ballsaq

    But what would be the reason to hide the truth about a 2nd shooter?

  • T Kiphuth

    A second rifle using different ammunition (lower velocity) would account for the other shots, assuming they were still coming from the MB. That doesn’t explain how the shots were ‘intermixed’ however. Consider the two broken windows. The theory of a second shooter in the room with Paddock would explain both. There’s already been suggestions there were preparations made for an escape from the room. Why didn’t Paddock attempt to escape? Perhaps the second shooter did, in fact, successfully egress from the room. There are more pieces of the puzzle that need to come to light before the whole story is known.

  • ChiefThundermoon

    The same round with number two shooter?

  • ChiefThundermoon

    I theorise semi auto 30-06

  • ChiefThundermoon

    The FBI investigator is the son in law of Paddock! And that is a conflict of interest!

  • Phil Mele

    To prevent a bunch of pissed armed patriot from hunting down the other animals that did this. Or they’re working some other sleeper cells.

  • gary pearson

    Not true, he is the son in law of Hillary’s camp. manager Podesta.

  • the one

    That isn’t true either. Aaron Rouse is not related to Gordon Rouse who is married to Podesta’s daughter. That was a rumor and not true. Took me a few days to track it all down.