There’s an organized, unique health community that investigates people who go through medical issues that aren’t recognized or understood by health, science, or society. And right now they are focused on a specific biotoxin that has emerged in recent years and become quite crippling to many.


Rather than try and explain what’s going on, I’m going to paste their entire paper and final request, here. If you are able, please help. If you recognize symptoms in yourself, please join their Facebook group, Research & Discussion Group For HT Affected Persons.  Please be advised: the group is only for HT affected people–not for researchers or journalists– although many of them would be glad to talk to such people separately.

“We think it is a mutated form of mold that we conjecture is also part chemical, part metal and possibly part radioactive. It spreads and “cross-contaminates” in a manner I have never experienced, much like a kind of nerve gas. Our symptoms are all similar. Burning sensations, inflammation, brain shutting down, and in certain cases nausea, static electricity, seizures, rashes, bloating and more. Sometime the toxin feels very “thick,” and staticky, like it has it’s own force field. Some people have set off the bomb detectors at airports with this toxin on them. I found out about it through the mold illness community and now am connected to 440 people online who have similar experiences. People have known about it for about eight years, although no one has gone public with the information. People started calling it “hell toxin,” and that’s the name that has stuck. There is one theory that it is a mutated form of Wallemia.

I first read about it in the manual “A Beginner’s Guide To Mold Avoidance,” available at, and it validated my symptoms. Chapter 31 speaks about it specifically, although it’s mentioned throughout. Unfortunately, the toxin I came to experience has been 1,000 worse than what the authors thought of as possible.

It really feels like it could be some kind of biological weapon that has gotten out of control. I left my home and work the Summer of 2017 to try to get away from it and heal the health issues that are making me more susceptible to it. It has been very difficult for me to get away from as it will cross contaminate very easily and I could also detox it out of my body, contaminating my possessions. I have not been able to effectively remediate it. Overlapping health issues that the community has that we believe are making us more susceptible are lymes, parasites, a high viral load, high heavy metal loads (this makes us magnets), impaired organ function, especially liver, kidney and lymph, and impaired detox pathways. We probably all have Mast Cell Activation Disorder. There are various doctors and naturopaths that know of this toxin and work to treat it in different ways, mostly by treating the above conditions.


Ozone, oxalic acid, blow torching and horsetail tea all work a bit to kill and wear down the pathogen, but none have worked completely for me and sometimes it comes back much stronger. It is a nanoparticle so there is really no way to contain it. Plastic bags don’t work completely. Metal bins could work in some cases. It bonds to plastic easily and quickly, as well as electronics.

We think there are different strengths and strains of these supertoxins. I seem to have acquired one that is worse than what anyone has ever heard of, because when it comes into contact with certain bacteria of rotting food or bacteria of a trash receptacle, it will “explode” in the air, spreading potentially for miles in a burning sensation that can recontaminate me and render me incapacitated. Sometimes it is not safe for me to drive through a plume that has been created as I will lose consciousness or motor function. I have been able to keep the toxin at bay by not throwing away garbage and not washing clothes—sometimes washing clothes it “explodes” in contact with soap. It is very challenging. Most people do not have a toxin that spreads for miles. Most people have a toxin that contaminates their posessions and perhaps they will contaminate an area like a building or a city block.

Brain retraining programs such as the Dynamic Neural Retraining System and the Gupta Programme have both helped some people desensitize themselves from this toxin. It is probably because when the patient heals their limbic brain, their detox pathways are able to function more effectively again, and the limbic brain is no longer on high alert to potential threats.


I came into contact with this toxin through a mold remediation company, when I tried to have them remediate some moldy equipment that then came back even worse than before. Then that toxin mutated and “exploded” when I wiped down an item from storage with black mold on it with soap. I arrived in Albuquerque with only my license and credit card from my old possessions, and those two items created a huge plume in the city that has contaminated me twice driving through the city. I know of other people who have driven through the city unaffected. Some people can acquire this toxin by coming into contact with other people who are covered in it. Walking into a building or sitting in a car where it is strong. Buying something from a store that is contaminated. Or in my case, just driving by an area where it is present in the air, in a car where the windows are rolled up and the vents are off.

There are people around the world that have come into contact with this toxin. In the US, Albuquerque, and Tucson and Phoenix I know have all been highly exposed with the toxin in the air, while Boston, Boulder and other areas have a prevalence of a more local toxin. Edit: the air toxin is mutating and spreading further, to Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Queens, NY, Ft Lauderdale, and Durham, NC.

People have been separated from their families, have left their lives, their homes and all their possessions, have left the country… and yet still this is an invisible issue. Although we can feel it, the toxin does not show up on any test, including mold tests. We need the help of professionals such as scientists, microbiologists, quantum physicists, and journalists to create understanding, visibility, and advocacy. Perhaps talking to Army officials could help shed light on what we are experiencing.

The more I speak with people, it seems that nanotechnology or nanobots may be what is creating this.

If there’s anyone that wants to run tests on it, the community can help figure out how to finance it and provide samples. Any way we can help bring this to light, please let me know.” 1

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