“Girls to dress their age”

Bindi Irwin (daughter of the deceased Steve Irwin) has announced that she wants girls to dress their age. She keeps it classy and conservative herself (good to know)

Irwin is a controversial figure as she is the spokes person for US Sea World which has been under political and public pressure due to the fact they hold whales, dolphins and other marine life  captive who are forced to perform. Some were captured from the wild and separated from their pods (their families) Blackfish the movie has brought this to light in recent years.

Bindi Irwin is quoted in the CNN piece as saying

“A lot of times I want to grab these girls and say: ‘Look, in 10 years you’ll regret this,’ ” she said. “Just dress like who you are. Don’t try so hard. A pair of jeans and a T-shirt is just as gorgeous and even makes you look classier.”

Critics have replied she should be more concerned about whale abuse than the latest fashion and styles or what other women are wearing.

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