In early December we reported the sad news that the bodies of Bernard Sherman, 75, also known as Barry, and his wife, Honey, 70, were found in their mansion in the North York district of Toronto by the police who arrived to answer a 911 call. The well loved and  generous couple were found with their bodies dangling from the railing around their basement lap pool. A coroner would later cite the cause of death as “ligature neck compression”1 and the police called the deaths “suspicious.”2

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But, in an effort to ensure that “no stone” was left unturned, the family hired priate investigators who now believe the billionarie couple were murdered by multiple people, days before their bodies were found. (The family “vehemently rejected”3 an early report by the Toronto Star that said the police were investigating the possibility of a murder-suicide.)

The ongoing private investigation has, at times, contradicted early reports by the Toronto police who, for their part, have remained quiet about the case and still not made an arrest.

However, a source close to the private investigation has commented on the report, which is said to be graphic:

“The team of private investigators believes that the Shermans were, in fact, killed on Dec. 13, two days before they were found. This conclusion is based on the fact that Honey was wearing the same clothes she was last seen in, on Dec. 13, according to the source.

Private investigators also believe that Honey struggled with her killer or killers. She had cuts on her lip and nose, and was sitting in a pool of her own blood when she was discovered. However, there was comparatively little blood apparent on her upper-body clothing, suggesting that she had been facedown on the tile, bleeding, for some time before being bound to the handrail in an upright position, the source said.”4

It was also reported to CBC that the private investigators believed that at one point the couple was bound together and that there was evidence that “their necks had been tied to a handrail near the pool with leather belts.”5

This new news is obviously unnerving and quite upsetting. Our continued thoughts and prayers are with the family. We still hope for swift justice for yet another doctor, known to have fought against Big Pharma, who was taken far too young.

We will update you once more information becomes available or as soon as the full report is released to the public.

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