I hope I can interview this amazing woman tomorrow.

The first video, taken by a new bee keeper in Naples, Florida on 07-22-16, shows a thriving hive. The second video, taken on 07-27-16, shows a mostly dead hive.
Collier Mosquito Control District sprayed her area on 07-26-16.

This MUST stop. The poison they are using, Dibrom, is killing more than just mosquitos. We now have proof that the active ingredient Naled (a known organophosphate and neurotoxin!) is killing bees as well.

We. Need. Bees.

The Huffington Post has even done articles on the studies that show the spray can cause birth defects (like AUTISM and microcephaly- shrunken head syndrome).

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  even though it is up for 10-year renewal this year by the EPA (wow, what timing!)
  and is banned in countless other nations!
Stay Safe, Erin

P.S. They are spraying our part of Florida by helicopters 🙁