Ebola Vaccine Doses

Millions of doses of experimental Ebola vaccines will be produced by the end of 2015, the World Health Organization has announced.

That’s right folks. The BBC has reported that the WHO has made the announcement which you can read about here. 

When we here at HNN said that Ebola would hit US soil? People laughed. When we said people would be affected on US soil they laughed more. Then it happened. Then they stopped laughing. Still, some said “it’s just a handful of cases and only one man died” It’s not a big deal.

Then we did the story on the lovely Governor of Texas (Rick Perry- who is indicted on 2 felony charges) where he announced there were containment centers being built (state of the art – ya’ll) to er…. contain all those people who have Ebola or might have Ebola.  It started to sound like a George Orwell novel. George was spot on. He just got the year wrong. Change 1984 to 2014 and you’re all set Georgie.  You were just 30 years (well more really) before your time.

Now we have the WHO (no not the band) but the World Health Organization letting the world know they’re rolling out millions of doses of the Ebola vaccine by next year. (Did I mention Next year is like, 2 months away?) but those millions won’t be ready until the end of next year. At which point you can all line up and get your Ebola vaccine and take it like a man.  Funny, when Melinda Gates bragged about the cool 50 mil she dropped on Ebola she said the first priority was get working on those vaccines. I’ve seen conspiracy theorists talk about the Gates vaccine plan. Now they don’t sound quite so cra cra anymore :-/

From the article about millions of Ebola vaccines rolling out:

It said “several hundred thousand” would be produced in the first half of the year.

And vaccines could be offered to health workers on the frontline in West Africa as soon as December 2014.

However, the WHO cautioned that vaccines would not be a “magic bullet” for ending the outbreak.

There is no proven cure or vaccine for Ebola.

In response to the largest epidemic of the disease in history, the WHO is accelerating the process of vaccine development

It normally takes years to produce and test a vaccine, but drug manufacturers are now working on a scale of weeks.

Ya, we’re in agreement with the WHO (I keep thinking of the band, but this is no time for jokes) that this is no magic bullet. I can also say that unless someone ties me down (Sorry not really into that)  that I’ll be foregoing the vaccine, thank you very much.  What will you do? What would Jesus do? Share your thought 🙂

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