chickenNearly 3/4 of  store-bought chicken tested positive for food poisoning bug campylobacter in a year-long study by the Food Standards Agency(FSA).

Food Poisoning Bug – #FoodPoisoningBug

If 73% of store bought chicken in the tiny UK tested positive for this poisonous food bug, I can only imagine what the numbers are here in the US.  We do have the USDA, but they’re pretty much a joke. I’ve written stories before that were covered in mainstream about the proven corruption within the USDA. There was even a  USDA worker caught sleeping with the foreman and they were selling cancerous meat. It gets pretty messy when it comes to some of these government agencies.

from one of the articles on this breaking story:

The survey tested about 4,000 samples of whole raw chickens bought from UK retail outlets and independent stores.

The highly concentrated British chicken-producing sector has been targeted by the agency for more than a decade, with the government body calling for it to improve hygiene. It named the worst offenders last November, despite intense lobbying by the industry to prevent publication of the findings, which sent sales of fresh chicken down by about 7 per cent.

The latest agency survey tested about 4,000 samples of whole raw chickens bought from UK retailers, butchers and independent food stores over a 12-month period ending in February.

Seventy-three per cent of poultry sold was found to be contaminated with the bacteria, with 19 per cent of chickens heavily so. The survey found that 7 per cent of packaging tested positive for campylobacter, meaning that it could cross-contaminate other fresh food in shopping baskets.

We’re not big fans of chicken consumption to begin with, but if you insist on eating chicken- please buy from a local small farmer where you can see the farm, know the chickens are truly pasture fed (not just a short duration today but preferably the majority of the time)  They should be  100% organic with organic feed if they need to supplement with feed for places with cold weather where they have no other choice.

We also hope the food industry will clean up their act, but it’s doubtful. As someone said to me tonight- the only way to truly get clean food that you know is safe? grow your own.


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