I applaud Meghan Trainor’s song and video for embracing a curvy physique, but why did she have to thin shame in her lyrics AND video with negative images of a thin girl?  She says she’s bringing booty back so “tell the skinny bitches” that? Well I got a big booty and I’m skinny. And I’m sick of the stereotypes.

Thin Shaming

Hey I’m all about glorifying your size when you got some junk in the trunk.  But I gotta ask: Why must we  put one group of women put another down in order  to make feel better? Meghan Trainor’s video “All About That Bass” actually show thin models in the video being ostracized by the guys, and calls them SKINNY BITCHES as they’re pushed aside like a tossed salad (and believe me- we  do eat more than salad)  Now I know that was a title of a book by a woman I know (Skinny Bitch)  but I must ask- why must the skinny girls always been deemed as the bitches?  Why can’t a girl of *any* size be nice? Why must we have any labels on sizes at all?

What a ground breaking example  Meghan Trainor could have set if she were to have sung  how awesome it is to be ANY size without stereotyping skinny girls as negative in her uber popular video.  I might be “skinny”  but also  I’ve been obese and one of the best pieces of advice I ever had was from a woman at the clothing store (did I mention I hate clothes shopping) who said girl- EMBRACE it girl. Embrace those thighs and that ass.

I did  embraced it until it took such a toll on my health, I got a DEXA scan that does not lie and my boyfriend (Doctor) gently read me the results of the scan that said I was about 50% body fat. That’s right fifty percent.  My doctors told me I was downright FAT (and only 5’9 160 but no muscle) and needed to get my fat ass in shape. Yes those were the exact words one doctor used. Not the doctor I’ve been dating 5 years, but one I would see who is a chiropractor who is bigger than Meghan Trainer in this video.

So when I first heard the song and saw the video, I thought that is awesome- until about a minute in when she starts showing skinny girls and making fun of them and her downright hurtful lines like  “You know I won’t be no stick figure silicone figure Barbie Doll”  Well I’m silicone free and all natural, but at 5’9 and 128 lbs now I am called, a stick figure, skinny minny, skin and bones, too thin, anorexic, bean pole, and told I should go “eat a hamburger” and put on some weight even though my doctors NOW tell me I’m far healthier.
You see, last year I was diagnosed with Lyme disease through a blood test (which also cannot lie- no false positives)  With that 50% fat I was carrying around (Lymies have a hard time achieving muscle tone) I was not in good shape- literally or figuratively. So when I lost the fat (90 days I went from about 160 to 130) I  felt better for the first time in years!  The problem was now a few doctors (even the one I’ve been with 5 years) now said I was too skinny. So I think the bottom line is a woman cannot seem to win.  Some might say – look Erin, if you’d just lost 15 lbs you’d have been right in between and have been perfect.


I’d been that in between weight and still heard criticism. When I was at that sweet spot people still said (Some) too fat and some said too thin. So now I’m into loving my body and am hear to tell all women no matter WHAT size you are that is awesome. If you are the singer in the video’s size great. If you’re bigger, great, if you’re thinner great but love and embrace yourself and no need to make videos making fun of skinny girls just to make yourself feel better. That does nothing but enforce stereotypes and turn women against each other.

I for one will not stand for that crap. I WILL stand for every woman of every size. Whether 300 200 or 100 lbs.  There is no perfect size nor one size fits all and I hope someday someone has the GUTS (whether big or small) to make a video that promotes such an idea and STOP with the thin shaming (OR the fat shaming)  That’s my message for today. Thanks for listening. XO E