The Stunning Results from Rubbing Baking Soda On Her Cheeks 3 Times A Week!

Results from Rubbing Baking Soda On Cheek

The Stunning Results from Rubbing Baking Soda On Her Cheeks

It is likely that women are the only ones that care about dark under eye circles, but they happen to everyone. I know with the recent injury and being in a cast that it can take its toll. That’s why I was so excited to read this on my friends (David Wolfe’s) website.

While while most people assume that they are caused from a lack of sleep, the truth is that there are many more reasons that under eye darkness may plague you. They can be inherited, be caused by allergies, a lack of sleep, even nasal congestion. Those conditions can, “cause blood vessels around the eyes to dilate and darken”, says David Wolfe.

But there are still other reasons which include things like stress, anemia, eczema, crying, oversleeping, too much sodium, excessive drinking, smoking, sun exposure, mononucleosis and aging. And in rare instances, dark circles could indicate a more serious problem, like  hyperthyroidism or liver disease, but those issues would come with other symptoms. As always, if you are unsure- check with your doctor.

So, what do we do when we have non-serious dark circles? Yes, you can put makeup over them or wear sunglasses(movie stars swear by big glasses), but there is apparently an effective and natural way to not just cover them up- but eliminate them- and all you’ll need is baking soda and water! Check out the video below:

If you love natural solutions as much as I do, you’ll have likely used baking soda as a shampoo (with apple cider vinegar), a face mask, as deodorant, or to brush your teeth. And while there are some who believe that baking soda isn’t good for the face because using it with water as a mask might make your skin too dry or cause a breakout, just make sure you test a small area first and pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Source: David Wolfe

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Jen S. Jones

    The black stuff under the skin is due to nanotechnology that the population has been poisoned with for thousands of years. Carbon nanotubes. It’s in all the foods now, air, water and prescriptions as well as bath products, makeup etc.

  • proteus

    Right … people are lazy creatures and instead of taking responsibility for growing their own food and using natural products, rely on science and industry to provide their every need. These people are stupid and need to be eliminated from the race…. that will eventually come when the PRNK launches an EMP and puts the west back about 300 years … then those imbeciles who can’t grow a tomato will find out how dependent and useless they are.

  • Jen S. Jones

    Proteus – Remember, it’s really tempting for us to want to call people stupid etc. But, at one time we were all stupid. I still can’t grow a decent garden and my thumb is just not green yet. So hopefully what you said won’t happen. But, remember the words we put out is energy and even though I would gladly like humanity to split in half between those who are really dark, we still have to remember how we were when we too were unaware of what was going on. And many in the so called awakening movement are just as dangerously manipulated into divisiveness and hate as anyone from the dark ages, that I think if you eliminated stupid, you would have less then a million people left. Maybe some Yogi’s, spiritual masters, etc…but, most would not be here anymore.

  • proteus

    it’s really pointless to give freeloaders and dependent people a free ride … this world was not made great by people milking the system and relying on others to feed them … now is the time for people who want to survive to prepare; as in ant and grasshopper …when the first EMP hits, the situation will be quickly sorted out …. and no, i’m not giving my food to someone who took fancy vacations and bought new cars instead of looking out for their families …. that’s plain stupid!