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Singer Avril Lavigne comes out publicly that she was bedridden for 5 months with Lyme Disease but she is a “determined warrior” Fellow Lyme Warrior Yolanda Foster offers her support.

We had seen months ago that Avril Lavigne was sick or possibly bedridden with a mysterious illness.  My friend (a doctor who has Lyme) told me that once you become diagnosed (I was diagnosed through a positive blood test less than 2 years ago) you become very intuitive and pick up when others have the illness.  Avril and I share the same birthday. And when I saw the initial article about this fellow Libra falling ill, I commented that I had a sinking feeling it might be Lyme and sadly, it is.

Avril’s Lyme Disease Diagnosis

Avril Lavigne says she is a “determined warrior” though.   I agree that is the right (and really only) attitude to have when faced with obstacles and serious challenges like a positive Lyme diagnosis.

It’s great to see the fellow Lyme battler Yolanda Foster has come forward and offered her support  to Avril.

From the article on E online.

The 30-year-old “Rock n Roll” and “Girlfriend” singer revealed in aPeople magazine interview published on Wednesday that she has been battling the ailment, which had left her bedridden for five months. Foster, 51, suffers from a chronic version of the illness, which began as a bacterial infection obtained from a tick bite, for more than three years.

“Love my friend and fellow Lyme warrior @AvrilLavigne for sharing her story,” she tweeted. “#chroniclymedisease #WeMustFindACure #AffordableForAll.”

Foster has occasionally posted updates about her own battle on her Real Housewives blog. She published a new post on Wednesday.

“The path forward isn’t completely clear,” she wrote. “As I turn each corner, new obstacles arise, but I am a determined warrior, and even though this has brought me to my knees, I know God often uses our deepest pain as the launching pad of our greatest calling. So even though my life may not be perfect for now, I try to find a blessing in every day. Watching my children grow and establishing themselves into the world is my greatest joy and drive to continue to fight until I find my cure.”

I think it’s also so crucial that we support one another.  I admit I get more emails than I can handle sometimes and wish I could sit and help each individual person (man and woman) who has had a positive Lyme diagnosis. I offer my book (for free always) here to download for those who want to know how I survived Lyme and what I did to fight it. 

I think the number one thing is to keep a positive attitude and to find a reputable LLMD (that’s a Lyme Literate Medical doctor) in your area. I’m fortunate to have two of the best in the world and even then it’s still been a tough battle but I’m so fortunate to have come so far and overcome so much.

I wish Avril and Yolanda and all the people out there fighting Lyme or any autoimmune illness (or any illness at all) the strength and courage they will need -especially diseases like Lyme as many still do NOT take it seriously (even in the medical community) and am glad people like Avril Lavigne.

e have come forward publicly so more people realize this is real. This exists. This is not BS and this is not going away. And we must respect the people who are affected and know they are not making it up in their head. It is very very real. The sooner we realize that and bring the much needed awareness to autoimmune illnesses like #lyme the sooner we’ll help the people recover who have it. I have been there personally and know it’s not easy… E XO