Autopsy being conducted on 83rd doctor (osteopath) found dead

Autopsy being conducted on 83rd doctor (osteopath) found dead

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the death of the 83rd doctor in my unintended holistic doctor death series. Dr. Tony Starr, an Osteopath, aged 52, was pronounced dead at the residence where he was found by friends after he failed to respond to text and telephone messages. He leaves behind his wife and children.

An autopsy has been ordered even though the sheriff does not suspect foul play, but we’ve seen this before and know that often times the authorities and families of the deceased change their minds.

According to the sheriff, deputies were dispatched to the residence at approximately 2:16 p.m. Saturday after the discovery of Starr’s body. United Ambulance was also requested at the residence in the village.1

Noble County Sheriff, Robert Pickenpaugh, reported that the county Coroner Dr. Alan Spencer ordered the autopsy and the final results could take six to eight weeks to receive.

Amongst many other qualifications, Dr. Starr earned National Board Certification from the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians. (Dr. Mercola has earned the same certification amongst other osteopaths.)

Dr. Starr’s specialties were as follows, according to

  • Family Medicine
  • Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine

It is rare that osteopaths specialize in neuromusculosketetal medicine, especially doctors as young as Dr. Starr. I have to travel several hours to a DO who has this specialty.

Our heart goes out to his family and friends.

We will update you with more information as it becomes available and once his autopsy results are released.

Erin Elizabeth

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Erin Elizabeth


Erin Elizabeth is a long time activist with a passion for the healing arts, working in that arena for a quarter century. Her site is barely 4 years old, but cracked the top 20 Natural Health sites worldwide. She is an author, public speaker, and has recently done some TV and film programs for some of her original work which have attracted international media coverage. Erin was the recipient for the Doctors Who Rock "Truth in Journalism award for 2017. You can get Erin’s free e-book here and also watch a short documentary on how she overcame vaccine injuries, Lyme disease, significant weight gain, and more. Follow Erin on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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Sources and References

  1. Canton Rep, December 18, 2017.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • nivchek

    Can you clarify this:

    An autopsy has been ordered even though the sheriff does not
    suspect foul play, but we’ve seen this before and know that often times
    the authorities and families of the deceased change their minds.

  • Kirk Gair DC

    I dunno if there is anything unusual here. Being board certified is nothing special, we all have to be to be licensed after graduation. Also osteos originally were neuromuscular specialists, so again nothing special. Looking at his face and eyes I would suspect heart attack over foul play.

  • It could very well be that he had a heart attack. I don’t want to speculate. Ann Boroch’s family (Naturopath) told me she died naturally and suddenly. Turned out she was hung in the garage (they just didn’t want to ruin her legacy and I get that) Then there is our friend Nick Gonzalez’s wife (famous MD in Manhattan) who said he had a heart attack. We reported that he did. They did an autopsy and then they said no, his heart was great. Cannot figure out cause of death. I could go on. But now I just write the stories and if then update as needed. It’s unusual for a doctor to have a heart attack and the medical examiner to order an autopsy, but anything is possible.

  • Yes, in the past they have said no foul play, and later said there was (like in the case of our first doctor in the series; Dr Bradstreet)

  • Kirk Gair DC

    Understood. Just this one in comparison doesn’t sound anywhere near what the others were. I get concerned that if we think all doctor deaths are a conspiracy that it will devalue the ones that really look like corporate shenanigans. Was this doctor doing anything big like some of the others?

  • Ronald Martens

    Tony Starr. I will keep that name on mind to follow up if and when autopsy results come out.

  • the one

    Please tell me how you can just “look” at a picture of a man and say you think he had a heart attack because of his face and eyes? I would love to hear this…

  • Kirk Gair DC

    No way to know for sure, obviously, but observation and also stats can clue you in. First, his face is rather puffy and under his eyes looks fluid filled and baggy. It may just be the angle of the pic, but he looks overweight in the mid section. These can suggest increases cardiac risk. Add in male, over 50, high stress job as a physician, and you have a good risk of increased probability of heart attack. That is a more likely culprit than foul play. We will see what the autopsy says, but my odds would be on this, even just from age, sex, and job.

  • the one

    OK Kirk, Are you a doctor or health professional or just a concerned citizen commentator who looks at lots of photos of people who died of heart attacks? Do you have or can you site any statistical analysis to support your claim or is this just a feeling you have? I’m not being factious, I am just trying to determine what your motive is in your statement?

  • Sophie

    Dr.grohl of Cambridge was murdered at one of the lakes shot in the head never heard any more about it all they said on the radio was anything they could bad about him you should investigate that

  • Kirk Gair DC

    I am a doctor of chiropractic with post grad training in functional medicine and functional neurology. As someone in alternative healthcare, the deaths of other doctors under shady circumstances concerned me greatly, especially when those doctors had either large online followings or were very politically active, especially in ways that Big Pharma would not appreciate.

    In looking into this doctor online, it looks like he doesn’t have a big presence, and seemed to be just a normal DO, nothing that would lead to foul play.

    In all my training, we were always taught to start with observation as the patient walks in. That includes things like facial appearance of bloat, eye bags and discoloration, color and texture of skin, abdominal bloating, etc. They can clue you in to what MAY be occurring before you even check labs to verify. A puffy face can be a sign of hypertension, hypothyroid, and many other conditions. Simple stats of causes of death will tell you that males in his age range will have cardiac arrest as one of the leading causes. Besides that, there can be alcohol or drug overdose as another common cause. Add in a stressful profession, and you increase the likelihood of all those. Again, with him not being a rogue doctor attacking the status quo, those are more likely than the possible foul play in the other doctor’s deaths.

  • Don Lovell

    the neighborhood perps bring in ELF/radar boxes guised as a surveillance investigation, pointed into heart area(from behind garage doors, attic vents) just for a minute or two while getting mail, taking out garbage , gardening etc, this will cause a month of heart palpitations that get stronger nightly (three nights), this is from one exposure period, it beaches whales and dolphin after all. Its a very organized human trafficking scheme by crime syndicates, disguised as business’, equip rental, household rental, that way snipers can be supplied in empty houses used as sniper nests. It all over here, use the Trifield 100XE and security cameras for poisoners, same do both poison houses cars , garden tools, etc, very organized like military.

  • 4and20

    I heard that a billionaire “Big Pharma” executive from the Apotex company was found dead in his home along with his wife in Toronto. The authorities say it was murder-suicide but I’m sure that it was murder done by anti-Big Pharma terrorists!

  • Wendy Allen

    The average age of doctors at death is 57 I read, maybe due to using their type of medicine which only covers symptoms with drugs and doesn’t fix the root cause. D.O. may not be the same as an Alternative doctor in how they help their patients and self. Doctors need sunlight. They may be in Clinics without windows and may not get outside enough. Gluten/Celiac may hurt people if untreated. Celiac may cause a crash in health around age 48. I don’t know enough to know. Trump did not like vaccines/drugs/GMO etc…is trying to get people health care. CIA acts on it’s own they said. Sad for anyone to die young/early who is productively helping people in a natural way. Thanks for all your efforts! Seth Rich died…doctors were not allowed to finish helping him…told to stand down in helping him. Hit list for whistle blowers is high in politics and medicine it seems. Coconut oil/colloidal silver and more hurt me and may hurt others. Most people don’t drop dead fast, but a slower death. Suicides may not happen unless they had antidepression medicine which lowers oxygen in the brain making depression/suicidal thoughts worse.

  • Craig A. Mouldey

    Why do you say coconut oil and silver hurt you?

  • Craig A. Mouldey

    There may be nothing sinister in this doctors passing. However, the large number of such doctors dying unexpectedly in fairly short order warrants suspicion and alarm. If workers in my trade started dropping hand over fist, I would be concerned. If I moved to an area and discovered a very high incidence of MS or cancer, I would be very suspicious. It isn’t normal. Something or someone is causing this, at least for the main group.

  • idontknow

    Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action. — Ian Fleming

  • bsroon

    In California, any unattended death (excepting Hospice?) gets an autopsy. This from my son who is cemetery supervisor, and used to help mortuaries pick up the bodies from death scenes…

  • Alleged-Comment

    Until they get Mercola we have nothing to worry about.

  • barbarakelly

    When it comes to the FDA –I don’t trust them. After being a ret. nurse for 25yrs . I KNEW the mistakes that they have made. This vaccines are the devil themselves. And some of their meds have caused more problems then they are worth. I used my own brain and learned all about herbals that don’t hurt you.. Remember this above all else———-GOD put all these plants on earth for a reason and the native indians have used these meds for 1000. of yrs.!!!! They know more then of the today DRs.

  • Wendy Allen

    They did…not all people can have what is currently on health sites. Coconut oil clogged my blood vessels and silver poisoned me in many ways…very scary.

  • mjt11860

    was ur coconut oil unrefined? was ur silver, colloidal & from a reputable company that specializes in micronizing colloidal silver? how many ppm was ur silver? just curious.

  • mjt11860

    i’m not a dr, but i agree w/u on his facial features as clues. i had a coworker that died young & he had facial features that made me wonder if he had some type of abnormality that caused his heart attack.

  • Mike

    They used to use injections that cause heart attacks (probably still do).

    Russian KGB >1/2 a century ago, used to use injections to cause a heart attack in the intended victim, then fill the bathtub with water and place the now dead body in the bathtub (clothed or not). They always said the person drowned in the bathtub or commit suicide. This method is very old news. They didn’t allow autopsies or they threatened the doc who was to do the autopsy. It was the ‘lie’ that was told to the public..

    They also have had for decades, a hand held device (like a computer)that is programmed (if the target has a ‘microchip’ in him/her), to cause a heart attack. It is used to cause the chip to cause the heart attack. They can start and stop the heart attack in progress, if the intended victim decides to cooperate.
    All govts of the world use these methods, and have for some time.
    So,,,, look for a needle hole somewhere on the body or a microchip in the body.
    I have noticed, in these days, they have put the injection in the neck.
    Could also be an injected poison that’s undetectable.
    Remember as far back as the murder of Marilyn Monroe? It was our FBI or CIA that ‘arranged’ that method of death by injection.
    Sinister is indeed, the word. They want medical personnel gone much sooner than later. Especially those medical personnel who have found out things.

  • Mary

    Absolutely agree. I was not a nurse, but a medical bi-lingual interpreter, yet I could see the mistakes doctors made. I was astounded as to the degree of experimentation that goes on in medical consultations. Doctors pretty much just follow a set of instructions and then start switching meds if one does not work or does damage. And then these damages are never reported so the meds statistics are all wrong. Especially when giving out free Pharma samples of new medications – no one is monitored! And NONE of the meds do any actual healing (except for a few like antibiotics, but have their detriments). (Talking here about healing disease or post operation. Saving lives in an emergency they’re pretty good at, but not healing.)

  • Mary

    But obviously from these cases, some are being refused autopsies.

  • Mary

    It has been found that fat does not clog blood vessels but sugar does. Could your vessels have been clogged prior to changing to natural modalities ?

    But definitely not everything natural is going to necessarily sit well with everyone. We each have diverse chemical compositions, so even in the natural world of medicine there are going to be reactions.

  • Mary

    Well… the mayority of Osteopaths (DO – Doctor of Osteopathy) are now trained as medical doctors since they were made to join conventional medicine, so they are not trained in Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy (OMT) any longer. Only those taking a specialty in OMT are musculoskeletal specialists and they are rare indeed unfortunately.

    And you can’t just look at someone’s face and make an assumption – it’s unscientific and just plain irresponsible (even if you were an expert at face reading). There could be many explanations for his eyes looking a certain way.

  • Mary

    If they want to eliminate the field of holistic medicine … they don’t need any big invention in holistic to do so. Enough would be to put the fear into existing professions and prospective holistic students.

  • Mary

    All that is fine , but foul play does not take to prejudice. Foul play could happen to anyone, no matter what their health status.

  • Kirk Gair DC

    Of course foul play it is possible, but not as likely as a natural cause in this case. Where would be the motive? This regular doctor really doesnt have much in common with the outspoken ones who died. Performing OMT is hardly a threat to the establishment.

  • Kirk Gair DC

    That is exactly why I dont think this doctor’s death should be talked about in this way as it is in fact just spreading fear. What happened to waiting to get the facts before reporting? That doesnt happen anymore, and it makes it wasy to spread fear

  • bsroon

    Wouldn’t you suspect that all states would have some similar legal mandate when unattended deaths occur?

    But, obviously there are those who are literally beyond the reach of the law. The rich, those political whores that pass legislation which they exempt themselves from, billionaires, and more….

  • 4and20

    Average age of doctors at death is 57?

    PubMed #11020591

    “Mortality rates and causes among U.S. physicians”

    Among both U.S. white and black men, physicians were, on average, older when they died, (73.0 years for white and 68.7 for black) than were lawyers (72.3 and 62.0), all examined professionals (70.9 and 65.3), and all men (70.3 and 63.6).
    These findings should help to erase the myth of the unhealthy doctor. At least for men, mortality outcomes suggest that physicians make healthy personal choices.

  • bsroon

    Actually, other than some emergency and critical care, one should run from that standard medical system as fast and far as possible if they want to stay healthy.

    There are zero pHARMa (keeping harm large) drugs which cure anything. Every pHARMa drug is toxic. Every drug has a negative biochemical side effect – which may or may not become apparent depending on one’s level of health and immune system capability when ingesting that garbage.

    i say this having just come out of open heart surgery in early November (girl damaged my mitral valve in 87 and it got worse to the point that i would have died in August/September if i did nothing…) and they did use some drugs to keep me alive until i could get operated on and have the mitral replaced, the tricuspid repaired, and a Maze Procedure done to prevent any more Afib. These nasty things did keep me in sinus rhythm after my cardioversion to get out of Afib – but as soon as possible i quit them.

    Took their pain pills (and more) in the ICU – half a day – then 3 and a half more days in the step down ward, and then home. Took one pain pill about every 30 – 36 hours after getting out, and then quit. The thought of getting addicted to anything is very motivating to me, and i really didn’t hurt too much. When their drugs repressed my breathing more than the pain repressed my breathing – time to drop the heroin clones. i think they were overkill for the amount of pain involved to be honest.

    So i know that these drugs can have short term usage, but arthritis is not an NSAID deficiency. Heart disease is from bad health and poor body usage in a society which almost enforces sedentary living. Cancer is totally mishandled in the MD system – except for the mavericks who are probably getting popped off too, like Dr Nick Gonzales of NYC who was successfully treating cancers with WAY MORE effectiveness than any MD you could likely name…..

    Most “standards of care” make patients worse off as far as i can see. Wrong protocols for heart issues, cancers, alzheimers, asthma, arthritis, psychological issues, gall bladder problems (almost all the 700,000/annum in the US) stomach acidity issues done wrong by MDs over 99.99999% of the time – literally…

  • Wendy Allen

    Ionic silver and colloidal silver. First teaspoon gave me precancer and depression etc as it blocked my thyroid…and then more hell. Coconut oil…was normal kind. Each person is different…needs to find out what helps/hurts them. Not all things promoted are ok. I also can’t take turmeric/resveratol. Many assume if it is recommended it is ok, but not so.

  • Wendy Allen

    I have heard the 57 on many sites. I don’t know their source. My Asian doctor was 83 at retirement age.

  • Mary

    We cannot assume any motive because we obviously don’t have ALL the facts. Motive comes after a FULL investigation, and that may take months or even years in some cases….or even never materialize.

    Holistic medicine is always a threat to the establishment, period. Medicine would have never legally restricted and persecuted existing medicine, which was overwhelmingly Holistic at the time, if it did not feel threatened by it, or feel that it would hinder or limit their full chemical profits. Osteopathy is anything but regular, you as a Chiropractor should know this and their history. Osteopathy was heavily targeted when the AMA reorganized medicine in the early 1900s, So much so that they gave in to AMA membership with the condition that they would keep their OMT (Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy) specialty. Now OMT is rare because of that, and most are DOs only (Doctor of Osteopathy – but just about regular physicians not with OMT). Chiropractic kept fighting to maintain their profession, which you only RECENTLY succeeded in becoming determined as medical physicians in the eyes of conventional medicine – the AMA. So imagine that, your profession has been fighting for 100 years to be seen as medical physicians. …..So no one is being threatened today?

    Naturopathic Physicians are board certified physicians and yet they are still fighting for licensure in most states. …. So no one in holistic medicine is being threatened??

    Homeopathic practitioners are being persecuted TODAY (as they have been for 100 years) by mandate…. so no holistic profession is being threatened???

    Mothers are being arrested and charged with abuse for not vaccinating their children – a non legal procedure not federally mandated nor state mandated as required for all humans??… other than to attend public school??? ….So no one believing in natural holistic medicine is being threatened???

    Nurses and medical staff are being illegally mandated to be vaccinated or lose their jobs …. and no one believing in their bodies natural holistic functions is being threatened???

    People selling harmless supplements are being arrested and charged for practicing medicine, losing their businesses and livelyhood and even lives….. and no one in holistic medicine is being threatened??

    Please open your eyes – or are you really a Chiropractor??? Because no Chiropractor I know would say Osteopaths OMTs are “regular doctors.” EVER.

  • Mary

    But I don’t see anything Erin reported being anything but the facts of this tragedy and who in fact this person was. And her series IS about holistic doctors being found dead. Go down her statements and you’ll see there are only facts stated.

  • the one

    I guess that once you have seen enough patients with specific ailments you get a feel for certain indicators of bad health? Interesting concept. I will have to discuss it with my chiropractor and get his input as well. Thank you for clarifying your statement Kirk.

  • Kirk Gair DC

    Mary, these days most Osteopaths are in fact largely regular doctors. Your own explanation explains that they have largely melded into standard allopathic care, while of course there are exceptions like Dr Mercola. I don’t argue at all about the attacks that we in alt health are under, as I still see prejudice all the time, especially since I have been in documentaries that aired worldwide, been talked about in a NY Times best selling book, have written articles on some huge pages online, and have my own little page with 10k followers. I see comments all the time on there about me not being qualified to talk about subjects because of not being a “real doctor”, so I do understand the attacks we get. My only points in this doctor is that he, from all the info I have searched on him online, was pretty much an allopath and had no online presence, which makes him different than many of the others who died. That’s pretty much it. And while you may think that looking at a person’s face and starting to think about potential diagnosis is unscientific, it actually is. Anytime we learned about illness and disease, we learned signs and symptoms. Signs were things we could observe on the patient, while symptoms were what they reported as feeling. Signs included things like a puffy face, eye appearance, skin discoloration, bloating, etc. Again, whether it is at chiro school or med school or naturopath school, we are taught to make these observations as they can clue you in to what MAY be going on inside the person. Thank you for speaking up for alternative healthcare providers, as it is appreciated that we have people looking out for us.

  • mjt11860

    i read someone saying that ionic silver is bad. “normal” coconut oil i’m assuming is just the stuff you’d find in any grocery store. kind of like the difference btwn regular apple cider vinegar (non organic, full of pesticides, heated, & filtered), & raw, organic, unfiltered acv. also, just like anything these days, what’s in the container may not b what’s on the label unless it’s from a reputable company that’s done a lot of research to make it pure & more absorbable. but ur right, everyone is different.

  • 4and20

    That’s what happens when an erroneous fact like this (average doctor death age @57) gets stuck in the blogosphere without independent validation. It didn’t look right to me! Instead of automatically accepting something that might support my beliefs (confirmation bias), I try to find some corroboration elsewhere first.

  • Wendy Allen

    Doctors dying on average maybe low. I don’t know. Many have died right here on this news letter young also. You can research facts and still not find correct information. 73 years old is also lower than other people. Stress/drugs/divorce/gluten/vaccines/GMO and now add mystery deaths etc may hurt people.

  • Well. I’m sitting here going on nine years being with him trying to protect him best I can. Happy new year

  • I don’t know if I already said this because there are so many comments on so many pages, but if I leave him out then it looks like I’m picking and choosing. We may very well find out that it was not suspicious at all and was completely health related. I will update the article when I find out as I do anytime I can. 🙂

  • Please tell me where I do anything other than report the facts. As I have said on many radio and television shows, from Smaller regional shows to the discovery channel, I have no idea whether these doctor deaths are connected or not. I simply started covering them at the beginning because my better half of the last nine years, Dr. Mercola, and I knew many of the doctors. Some of them were in our home. We were in some of their homes. I never intended it to be a series or end up on TV/news. When we do the film for whichever network we decide to go with your shortly, I will say the same to them as well. I am just covering the deaths. You are the one using the word conspiracy. Not me. And now you say I’m not reporting the with facts? I would just ignore these comments and think you are a troll except that you are a chiropractor and I expect a little bit more out of chiropractors and holistic doctors. Please, I expect you to back up your very serious allegation here. Obviously, any doctor, including chiropractors, no the autopsies take time. I’m not the New York Times, but I report the facts to my millions of monthly readers. If there was an update I will do an update. Obviously there will be when the autopsy comes out. Many times, we have found that what we thought was a heart attack was indeed something else , And the families fire investigators or want to know what the hell happened to the relative. Many of them still don’t have answers and more by the day are hiring investigators to figure it out. They are my friends and that’s how I know.

  • Kirk Gair DC

    Hi Erin, I have to apologize to you over the direction this whole thread went. My comments should have been on the facebook pages that shared your post and misrepresented it, instead of here. You did on fact just report what facts you knew at the time, and it was the other pages that shared the article that drew those conspiracy conclusions and presented that as if that was the theme of your articles on the doctor deaths. That was my mistake for thinking they were accurately representing the purpose of your articles.

    It was a couple of pages that shared it that talked about conspiracies of all 83 doctors being basically killed by big pharma. So they are completely distorting your articles. Sadly both are doctors in alternative health with pretty big social media followings who are presenting it this way, which obviously you have no control over. You didn’t say conspiracy, but that was how these other pages were sharing it, which I thought took away from the truly suspicious deaths, which some have been.

    I hope you will accept my apology and hopefully this will make more sense now why I commented in the first place.

  • John Schmitt

    I suggest a Glock 42 for protection…

  • Lisa

    Hi there, I’m from Canada and I’ve been following this thanks to you Erin. I was wondering: do your mainstream news papers or news stations make the general public who’s may not be following health news, aware that this is happening? What is the follow up regarding these deaths, by authorities? Have there been any steps taken (protests, etc) regarding what’s happening? I apologize for so many questions! This is truly disheartening and thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the doctors.


    Remember a few years back when several bio weapons and virus experts were being killed off and yet there was never a report of explanation as to who or why about the incidents…..I think this is the same kind of problem with some difference but as for reports on results……who knows????

  • Mary

    It also all depends what other foods you eat… do you eat out a lot at restaurants?… do you eat packaged foods even if bought at Whole Foods? Etc… do you eat margarine instead of butter. Frying foods? What oils are you consuming in your foods?

    These foods contain omega 6 oils which creates an imbalance even if you are consuming omega 3 coconut oil. So the problem would not be the coconut oil you’re consuming but all the other bad oils.

  • Wendy Allen

    No…I can’t eat 99% of what is in grocery store and eat only at one Asian restaurant that cooks special for me. No….I don’t eat grocery food except organic fruit/vegetables/reverse osmosis water. I don’t use oil. I eat raw walnuts and take fish oil/evening primrose oil oil/lecithin etc. I can’t eat coconut oil…clogs my blood vessels. Celiac people on strict diets still can get hurt by colloidal silver since their liver is not working well. It did not detox orally….almost did not survive it.

  • 4and20

    Why couldn’t a fatal gunshot wound to the head be suicide? Statistically, gunshot is the most common method of suicide.

  • Raeann Hightower

    They call it a practice for a reason…
    That’s what they all specialize in… practice