Dan Olmsted, Age of Autism Editor Found Dead


Dan Olmsted was a Yale-trained investigative journalist who wasn’t afraid to question vaccinations. He did a thorough job of reporting and was one of my favorites. I cannot believe he is gone, it’s heartbreaking.

In fact, just days ago he wrote an article about people dying in 2016 and now he too is gone.

Our heart goes out to his family and friends. We are so sorry for their loss.

At this time, there is no cause of death.

“Age of Autism”, for whom he was an editor, had this to say about the great man and writer:

“We are heartbroken to announce that our dear friend, our brilliant colleague, journalist par excellence, dedicated book co-author, the heart, soul and leader of our ‘rebel alliance,’ Dan Olmsted,  passed away this weekend.

Age of Autism has been a family for many years, and to all of you, we send our condolences, as we are grateful for yours.

We will share more information as it becomes available. And the rebel alliance will carry on in his name, we assure you.”

We know his great work will live on.

Erin Elizabeth XO

Source: Age of Autism

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Erin Elizabeth


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  • Robert

    Murder Health Care System .

  • deannaM

    another huge loss for humanity

  • Mary

    Awww… so sad! Rest in peace.

  • Beverly

    The more of us that “they” kill off, the more beings we have on the other side (spiritual realm) who are helping us in even more profound ways. “They” may be getting rid of our physical bodies, but it will only serve us as those who cross over help us from a much greater capacity. Yes we mourn the loss and feel the pain of their absence. Yes we feel defeated and helpless against their power, money and influence. But take heart, they are serving to create their own end even faster. Many heroes have given their lives to create needed positive change. All who have lost their physical lives at the hands of the powerful cabal, if they could speak from the other side, would not hesitate to say that they were honored to do so. Because now, they do their work from there, unhindered and with much more light, love and positive power.

  • jimmers

    The Truth is undeniable – vaccines are poisonous to those who get them especially children. Childhood diseases , Cancers , Autism , ADHD etc are overwhelming add in the food all poisoned from Monsanto’s Glyphosate and its pure hell and disaster for the Children & Parents affected by these nightmares.

    We shall see if Donald Trump will be the one to bring us back onto the road to health is he the one? Into thy Light

  • Elaine Michaels

    How many have died as of now?

  • CT

    I was wondering why Robert DeNiro of a sudden jumped out about this. After all, he was silenced about the showing of “Vaxxed” at Tribeca.

  • opinionated52

    the real loss to humanity is the birth of those stupid fuckwits Olmstead & Blaxill

  • opinionated52

    what a total bunch of crap!-What in God’s name were you attempting to say?

  • opinionated52

    so sad indeed, no more $$$ from writing silly books