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Author: Erin Elizabeth

Former state senator sentenced to 15 years for child sex trafficking

On Monday, the former Republican senator from Oklahoma, Ralph Shortley, was sentenced to 15 years in prison on child sex trafficking charges (he pleaded guilty in November in exchange for prosecutors dropping all child pornography charges). After he gets out of prison, he’ll still have another decade on probation, something he will have to go through alone as his wife divorced him. RELATED STORY: ABC: Catholic Priest in PA sexually abused over 300 kids, church covered it up silencing victims Shortley, 36, resigned from the state Senate in March of 2017 weeks after police found him in the local...

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CBS: Doctors warn of airborne toxins from algae & red tide

Even in areas of Florida where blue-green algae aren’t easily visible, signs are posted warning people to stay out of the water due to cyanobacteria. And Now some doctors are saying we should be wary of the air as well because microcystins and cyanobacteria could cause major health problems for those exposed. Indeed, on the east coast of Florida, FAU researchers found microcystins in 100 percent of people they tested, suggesting the toxins are airborne.1 RELATED STORY: New TV ad blames Rick Scott for Florida’s Red Tide mess. And it’s not even his opponent. And according to Dr. Parisima Taeb, a local...

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Doctors regularly give anesthetized patients non-consensual pelvic exams— and it’s totally legal

This was recently brought to my attention and I wanted to share it with you: It is totally legal, in certain states, for doctors and med students to practice pelvic exams on patients who are under anesthesia for unrelated surgeries. I have no idea who on earth thought this was ok, but like the “husband stitch,” if we don’t bring these issues to light and demand they stop, they will go on. “It is very common for teaching hospitals around the world to have med students ‘practice’ performing pelvic exams on a surgical patient while they are under anesthesia...

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ALDI expands online grocery delivery to all U.S. stores

Another reason to love ALDI: all stores in the US will now have online grocery delivery service! The reasons to shop there just keep piling up! (Check out the video below.) “According to Chain Store Age, the German supermarket company will use its partnership with Instacart to roll out the service to 75 major markets, including San Diego, New York City, Miami, Raleigh and Minneapolis. By Thanksgiving, it will be available in 5,000 new areas in 35 states.”1 ALDI’s partnership with Instacart began in March when they launched the service in greater Chicago (after having tested in larger markets like Atlanta, Dallas and...

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Today: How one man’s brain injury turned him into a math savant

Jason Padgett didn’t have the easiest time in school but after getting attacked in a bar one evening in 2002, Padgett was different. He started experiencing choppy vision, was drawing intricate shapes and seeing complex mathematical objects everywhere. Dr. Darold Treffert, a world-renowned expert on savants, would later diagnose Padgett with acquired savant syndrome. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons! The brain is an amazing, intricate machine. Make sure to set a couple minutes aside to watch the...

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