Author, Healer, Yoga Instructor & Coach to the Stars Allegedly Commits Suicide


Psalm Isadora, a well-known and loved coach, author, and tantric healer in Los Angeles died just days ago. The reason I’m only now sharing it with you is because I waited until I was more certain of the cause of death.

Sadly, her personal friends have posted that it was suicide. We will, of course, let you know as more details emerge, but right now our hearts go out to her family and friends. We cannot imagine their grief.

The outpouring of support, on both her personal and professional Facebook pages (and across the web), is evidence of how much she was loved by the people she touched.

Psalm had overcome many obstacles in her life and was a beautiful soul, inside and out.

This video is chilling (I’ve stayed in this hotel).

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Erin Elizabeth


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  • SF

    So tragic, we so often give that which we are most in need of ourselves.

  • Semi Handsome


  • Milgram_Experiment

    When you feel like committing suicide get away from your cell phone and go outdoors for a run. Visit the countryside and get away from the smart grid. You will be surprised how different things will be. Look up radiowave sickness.

  • Jen S. Jones

    She was abused by her father and then focused on a business about sex. It was the wrong area for a sexual abuse victim to focus on. It’s lower chacra energy.

  • Lemsip

    As long as you have decent weather. It doesn’t have to be warm and/or sunny. Just not extreme weather. When you get to a certain age you can only walk or cycle.

  • Hmm, very interesting! I was just reading her stuff on MBG last year, didn’t feel particularly connected to her wisdom, but it was interesting learn about how tantra is being promoted in the West.

    It certainly shows how much even renowned teachers have to go through, and how big of a burden it can become to try and fix the demon’s of others, whilst still trying to battle with your own.

  • Rissa Usd

    She is a survivor and she committed suicide? She didn’t even take her life years ago when she felt down in the dumps… listen to her lectures, and now she has found herself and is getting people to listen to her lectures and counselling…and she comittedd suicide? I don’t buy this at all!

  • Femme Rising

    To the author and others who did not know Psalm and have commented below, it would be wise to know the facts before sharing your opinions. Psalm didn’t end her life because of being wounded or because of sexual trauma, it was due to the very real side effect of suicidal ideation from coming off the medication Xanax. Chemical imbalance had nothing to do with her “second chakra” or her choice of work (which by the way changed my life and the lives of of thousands).

  • C.K.

    I am sorry but there is NO WAY for me to believe that Psalm could ever commit suicide. Not she who was so full of life and love and energy, and so loving of all that she was doing, and so grounded! This is insane, and sad sad sad…….! Come on!

  • I agree with you. After watching her video after the man tried to commit suicide in her hotel lobby, there is no way she was suicidal. I hope her friends are not falling for a phony story. My guess is murder. She was powerful, charismatic, an activist, and a holder of controversial attitudes and opinions. That is enough to engender murderus hatred…

  • I say no way did this strong and actualized young woman commit suicide. I hope someone is looking into what really happened. She is EXACTLY the kind of charismatic controversial leader who gets murdered. Please hire a detective to find out what really happened and who did it.
    At least report how is supposedly happened. None of it makes sense right now.

  • Sad to see that what she sold to others didn’t work for her. “Yes, yes, yes!” she exhorts us, and she finally gave in to a “no.”

  • And she was on Xanax because her life was such a “yes?” Or was it because she was wounded and needed the Xanax because the “yes” isn’t a real healing technique? It brings relief, no doubt, but it will never create release.

  • Steven O’Malley

    I agree 100%.

  • Zennofobic

    I just learned of Psalm’s death from a mutual friend, the people who knew Psalm before she was this tantric yoga guru instructor. There was a period of time when Psalm and I were inseparable. I met her at a party and we instantly connected and became the best of friends. She was basically living out of her car at the time with her small son Gabe (probably 5 or 6 at the time) and I put them up in my small cramped apartment for a few weeks until she finally got a place of her own. One of the things we bonded over was that we had both grown up in a religious cult like atmosphere – she at the hippie commune and my mother was a devout Jehovah’s Witness and believed in evil spirits and demonic possession, just extreme wacked out spiritual beliefs. When I knew Psalm, all she liked to do was have the occasional drink – I never saw her once take any pills or do any illicit drugs (even weed) and like I said we were inseparable and I even stayed with her for a few months while I was apartment hunting (her way of paying back for when she was homeless). She eventually got into a pretty serious relationship and we hardly saw each other. Then she completely re-invented herself and transformed into this yogi guru figure an stopped talking pretty much to everyone in her life. I was afraid she had gotten brainwashed or something and was really put off by all this chakra spiritual healing talk but then I ran across a video where she discussed her need to rid herself of old influences and people who were bringing negativity in her life and then certain areas of her “backstory” i knew to be completely made-up, I realized that she purposefully distanced herself from people who knew of her previous life because we were the people who knew that she completely created a new persona. I miss her and I’m saddened that her life ended this way, all I can say is the support group she needed the most who helped her out in her most direst moment were the ones she discarded. Psalm was one of the smartest, most able, funny, sweet and STRONGest women I’ve ever met. She was a survivor during what had to be one of the most trying times in her life, it just boggles me that at the moment when she had the most opportunities was when she decided to end it.

  • Zennofobic

    If Dane or Gabe or Carla or Angie see this, you can get a hold of me via gmail using the name I’m posting under.

  • Catlaydee

    To Leckey Harrison, Sad to see that you feel the need to belittle and almost in a sarcastic way, joke about this. What must your character be like? For your information she was Bi Polar (manic depressive) and could not control chemical imbalances. She was in a deep depressive state for months, a dark dark place. No one ever said that her teachings were fool proof, fail safe absolutes. But they do help people live a better life than they had been. At least she was trying to be a positive productive person despite all the things she had going against her.
    What about you? What do you do? Whatever it is, It doesnt seem to be very effective.

  • Melissa

    You make it sound so easy; you’ve probably never had real, authentic feelings/ideations of and plans for suicide before.

  • Audrey Stilwell

    I second this. It can be debilitating. I sat on my couch for 6 weeks staring at the ceiling. I wish that was a joke. But while you’re in it, you need help and support from others just to do daily life chores.

  • Jimmy

    I just saw her piece on Lisa Ling’s show on CNN & I tried to find an official news story on her death but nothing came up. What was her cause of death? Among the several homages that her students, devotees & peers posted, I read only vague mentionings of her abruptly discontinuing Xanax & alcohol but nothing specific about what ended her life. Do you have details about her death that lead you to think that she could’ve been murdered?

  • Trust me, I’m the Doctor

    Suicidal ideation is a fascinating and mysterious phenomenon. I work at a hospital and we’re still trying to figure it out here with our patients. Are you willing to share what the root cause(s) of your depression are/were?