It brings me no joy to break this news or to have broken all of these stories of the holistic doctors who were found dead or murdered the last few weeks -several right here in Florida.

Death of holistic MD

Teresa Sievers, above, was killed in Bonita Springs, Florida and found in her house just over 8 weeks ago.

Very high up sources say they are questioning a man in Missouri for the murder of holistic MD Teresa Sievers. We are told he was violating his federal probation and was spotted at a Walmart the night before she was found murdered. Again he is from Missouri and being detained there.

These sources are also telling me who is going to be arrested but I do not feel comfortable saying that name at this time. He is connected with the man in Missouri and is allegedly from the same area as Teresa Siever’s husband, Mark Sievers. Here is his Facebook account.

According to sources and news reports Mark Sievers had an airtight alibi and was with her family in Connecticut. But again this Missouri man (I don’t want to speculate or go into more detail of what I’ve been told) was seen at a Walmart in Florida (the night before) very near to where she was murdered.

To clarify a few things (as there are so many people on my pages commenting about this) THIS is her ex husband Kenny Cousins’ Facebook account who appears to have absolutely NO connection whatsoever with the arrest, murder, or any involvement of any kind. He also appears to have NO connection to Missouri either. Mr. Cousins is from the northeast from an area where Dr. Sievers was from.

Again, I gently broke the news on the holistic MD Teresa Sievers after she was found murdered in her Bonita Springs home just 8 weeks ago.

Here’s a video I made after Teresa Sievers’ death, but now we’ve lost even more holistic doctors. As I say below- I have no idea whether they’re linked or not.

Now an arrest warrant is awaiting a judge’s signature and local news says it’s sitting on the judge’s desk right now. UPDATE: local news is saying they will be making the arrest in the state of Missouri.

We will keep you updated with more information.

It brought us no joy to break the story on the death of Teresa Sievers or the other 9 other doctors (most of whom were holistic and most from the southeast region of the US—many here in Florida). It’s all happened within a matter of weeks and we knew several of the doctors. We have no idea if they are linked or not.

Chief Scott had said on TV that he felt her murder was “fascinating” and that “books and movies would be written about it when the whole story came out”.

From the article out today:

NBC2 has confirmed through multiple sources that an arrest warrant is waiting for a judge’s signature in Lee County in connection with the Teresa Sievers murder.

We have also confirmed law enforcement officers from Lee County have been in Missouri. We are told the warrant will be served as soon as it’s signed.

My site HealthNutNews.com was covered in a number of these articles and we’re doing 2 national TV shows this week (with people we trust) as an expert on the subject.

Sadly, my picture was confused with that of Teresa Sievers on a very large website and a few relatives saw my picture with murder headlines in Florida where I live. Thankfully it was cleared up but not fun for any parties involved.

We’ll await more info. Here is a timeline below of all the deaths.

1) June 19th, 2015 – Dr Bradstreet, formerly of Florida, now practicing in Georgia was found with a gunshot wound to his chest in a river. The small town locals ruled the death almost immediately as a suicide; but many have their doubts. This same day in Mexico, on June 19th, 2015, three doctors were traveling to the State Capital in Mexico, to deliver some papers. They were reported missing that day. This is the only case outside of the US. Authorities said they found the bodies, but the family says those bodies look nothing like their family members; and they are demanding more proof and more testing. A sad but riveting article was written about those details here.

2) June 21st, 2015 – Father’s Day: We have two dead chiropractors, Dr. Holt and Dr. Hedendal (both reported to be fathers), in Florida; both found on the east coast, both were presumably healthy, and both were described as very fit. We still have no cause of death listed in the articles we can find on either one. A few people have contacted me about Dr. Hedendal, 67, but admit that they were surprised by his death and still find it shocking.  Interestingly, Dr. Holt (33), lived in North Carolina; which is the state where Dr. Bradstreet’s body (the first doctor to be found) was discovered two days prior. Dr. Holt was visiting Jacksonville, Florida, though, when he died there. Dr. Bradstreet (see story #1) was living in Georgia, at the time of his death; and before that, he lived in the neighboring state of Florida. A few mutual friends of Dr. Holt have contacted me who I know. They are doctors and tell me a cause of death that I find rather shocking and cannot confirm, therefore, out of respect for the family I will not list that here. Both were well loved by their patients, community, friends and family.

3) June 29th, 2015 – The beloved holistic MD Theresa Sievers was found murdered  in her home.  Her co-worker says she was known as the “Mother Teresa of South Florida.” Her husband and children, were in Connecticut, at a family reunion. The authorities have been investigating for two weeks “around the clock,” and now say that she was targeted. Her murder was not random, nor was it a home invasion; and when the facts come out: “…books and movies will be written about it”. It’s that big of a story.  On this very same day, June 29th, Jeffrey Whiteside MD a pulmonologist went missing, vanishing when he simply “walked away”. Dr. Whiteside, known for his successful treatment of lung cancer, disappeared in Door County, Wisconsin, while vacationing with family. They say he was on foot and had no vehicle, and numerous reports call it “mysterious”, saying he too, vanished without a trace. They’ve been searching now for three weeks, and even colleagues have joined in (along with bloodhounds, drones, search parties, and helicopters), but not one shred of evidence has surfaced.

4) July 3, 2015 – Dr. Patrick Fitzpatrick MD goes missing. He was traveling from North Dakota, to neighboring Montana (which he did often as his son lived there), and his truck and trailer were found on the side of the road. The search has expanded, but authorities say it’s like he vanished without a trace. He’s 6′ tall, and described as Irish-looking, with a goatee. Details can be found in the link.

5) July 10th, 2015 – Lisa Riley 34 years old, DO (Doctor of Osteopathic medicine) is found in her home with a gunshot wound to her head. Her husband called it in to 911, he has a prior record, and he was actually charged with attempted murder on his ex, Ms. King, before charges were eventually dropped. Evidence showed that there was gun residue found on Ms. King’s hand, and not Mr Riley’s. Riley’s story corroborated this, but King’s allegedly didn’t, and her story kept changing. At least, that’s what evidence showed at the time. (Click link in this paragraph for their story with details on all of this.)

6) July 19, 2015 A month to the day after the first doctor (Jeff Bradstreet MD) was found dead with a gunshot wound to his chest, we have Dr. Ron Schwartz, who was found murdered in his east coast Florida home. Sadly, he was shot to death. We don’t know if he was holistic, but he was licensed and lived between Florida and Georgia. He was a gynecologist who lived in an unincorporated part of Jupiter Florida on a few acres or more and some say he had a side business of an organic lawn service.

7) July 21, 2015 Dr Nicholas Gonzalez, a holistic alternative MD has died suddenly. I’ve met this brilliant man and my other half (also a doctor) had interviewed him several times.  His clinic sent out an email to his patients that read in part: “The cause of death was cardiac related, it appears, as he suddenly collapsed and was unable to be revived. Dr. Gonzalez was in excellent health otherwise so his passing is quite unexpected.” It is reported that he was alone the time of his death. Our heart goes out to all his family and friends (many of which are mutual to ours). In fact, some mutual friends wrote a beautiful piece about him here. I let them break this news gently as they knew him better, hence the reason I didn’t break this story.

8) July 21, 2015  Healthy, fit, holistic 41 year old Dr. Abdul Karim was found dead on the side of the road. They say he died of an “apparent massive heart attack” but his own long time friend, sorority brother back in school and patient, said it “didn’t add up”. He talked about his extremely healthy diet and lifestyle. Dr. Abdul Karim had been training for a marathon and presumably died while training and was found that night by a passerby.

9) July 23, 2015  Authorities announce that the body found is Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside who has been missing over 3 weeks. The article states ”Office confirms the body found in Door County Wednesday is Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside, bringing an end to a nearly 4-week search for the physician”. Chief Deputy Pat McCarty said at the news conference Thursday that a .22 caliber gun was recovered at the scene. Investigators believe the body was there for “some time”. UPDATE: Again, despite having searched that general area before, he was found not far from where he had “vanished”  It took a long time to be ruled a suicide and local press called the investigation a “mess”.  Many who worked in his line of work in the area have expressed their doubts (not to mention local news’ public feelings on the subject). We don’t know what to make of it.

10) August 12, 2015 At about 7am osteopath Dr. Mary Bovier was found dead in her home by apparent homicide and she was stabbed to death. There was a person of interest who sources say was her boyfriend who was also an osteopath, but sources say he was questioned and released. No arrest has been made at this time and we don’t know if her tragic death was connected with the others.


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