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State senator Paul Boyer, R-Phoenix wants to mandate that parents are told exactly which ingredients and chemicals are in vaccines before their children are inoculated. The bill he’s introduced will require health professionals to provide not just the positive effects of vaccinations “but also the full list of ingredients and side effects before a vaccine could be administered.”1

No more hiding the truth about vaccine injury. #hearthiswell

Although Boyer himself isn’t “necessarily opposed to vaccinations” for children he did say there has been an explosion in the vaccine schedule (there are more than 70 now) and pointed to a list from the CDC stating that “vaccines may variously contain phosphate, bovine serum, formaldehyde, fluoride, yeast extracts or human diploid fibroblast cell cultures (cultures of human fetal tissue).”2

The Arizona Department of Health Services is currently trying to persuade more parents to vaccinate; a new study has shown an increasing number of parents are leaving their kids unvaccinated for personal reasons. (And then health officials blathered on about a 95 percent vaccination rate to create “herd immunity,” which is utter garbage.)

“Boyer said he’s not concerned that providing a list of chemicals in vaccines might work against what the health department is trying to accomplish.

‘I think we should trust parents,’ he said. ‘I don’t think anybody should be afraid of more information and what’s in these vaccines we’re giving to our children.’”3

What a novel idea! Trusting the parents who have to live with a care for their own children!

“But former Arizona health director Will Humble said he worries it could lead to fewer parents agreeing to vaccinate their children. He said parents already are provided with what the CDC has determined they need to know about the vaccines and the side effects (my emphasis), all in a form that is understandable.”4

The actual nerve.

Did you just read and comprehend what Humble said? It doesn’t matter what you think as a parent. It doesn’t matter that you know your child better than any doctor. It doesn’t matter if you are educated or not. It doesn’t matter if you are a physician and have been to medical school and have still decided not to vaccinate. The only thing that matters is that the CDC has decided what they think is important for you to know. Shut up, sit down, and take your vaccine.

The absolute audacity.

And why does he feel that way? Because you are an idiot:

“Inundating parents with technical information that is not meaningful and potentially confusing won’t help, said Humble, who is executive director of the Arizona Public Health Association. Rather, he said, it will result in doctors having to spend valuable time explaining the technical information instead of talking to parents about things like keeping their children safe at home and in cars.”5

That’s right. It’s not a doctors job to explain to you what’s being put in your child’s body (likely because they themselves don’t know or understand).

Boyer disagrees, “Everybody who goes for an operation procedure or anything, they’re informed. They’re told of all the risks that could happen with whatever procedure it is. They’re not given the surgery and then, after the fact, told, ‘Oh, by the way, here are the known adverse effects.’”6

“Humble said he has no problem with altering the law to have that information given to parents ahead of time. But it’s the rest of what Boyer is proposing, he said, that he believes could harm overall public health.

One is giving parents the full list of side effects prepared by manufacturers with approval of the Food and Drug Administration that is mainly meant for doctors. Humble said what’s being provided now is what’s appropriate.”7

That’s right. In case he hasn’t infuriated you enough, Humble says again, what the CDC is providing is all you need. “I mean, you’re lucky we’re even giving you that!’ After all, “a 12-page FDA-approved package insert meant for doctors does nothing to help parents make decisions about the merits of a specific vaccine. Flooding them with data would create unnecessary fears, he said.”8

Thankfully, Boyer disagrees and is standing up for parents. We need more good lawmakers like Boyer.