Are Champagne and Chocolate the new fountain of youth?

A recent article from Traveler magazine says that several studies show our next big meal could be a lot more fun and decadent than we would expect- oh, and healthy too:

According to the piece:

“With Thanksgiving around the corner, feasting is on everyone’s mind. But with so many studies revealing the next food based fountain of youth, maybe this year it’s time to skip the turkey and create one (allegedly life-saving) meal to end all meals. We’ve put together the ultimate menu of dementia-preventing, life-enhancing foods—for science, of course.

(The University of Reading, ranked among the top 1% of universities in the world, published a study in 2013 suggesting that, “…drinking one to three glasses of champagne a week may counteract the memory loss associated with ageing, and could help delay the onset of degenerative brain disorders, such as dementia.” I’d say that’s good news for those who like to occasionally imbibe.

My better half, a holistic DO, has written many articles hi-lighting the benefits of chocolate, (cacao is a super food and researchers have known about it’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich properties for some time) wine, spicy food and the Mediterranean diet. (However a 2013 study out of Harvard seems to go one step further suggesting that chocolate makes us smarter, and that hot cocoa in particular can,”both increase memory and boost the brains blood supply.”)

Heck, studies even show that chocolate is better for your teeth than fluoride.

We always say drink responsibly (and eat responsibly!) but this is interesting to say the least. Source listed below or check out the entire article with links to the studies, here.



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