(Editor’s Note: We love animals and we absolutely hate animal testing. Period. So it is with heavy hearts that we share this story with you.)

Over the weekend, four baboons worked together to ESCAPE from the Southwest National Primate Reseach Center in San Antonio, Texas, one of seven federally supported National Primate Research Centers. However, they were quickly apprehended and sent back to experimented on unnecessarily.

One tweet captured our thoughts completely:

“Officials at the Southwest National Primate Research Center, which is part of the Texas Biomedical Research Institute, say three of the baboons were captured within about 30 minutes Saturday after they managed to get out of their enclosure and beyond a perimeter fence. A fourth animal also was accounted for later.”1

According to releasechimps.org, a group who works for the release and restitution of chimpanzees:

“The SNPRC’s research emphasis is on nonhuman primate models of human diseases, ‘including common chronic diseases and infectious diseases [such as AIDS and hepatitis] and the effects that genetics and the environment have on physiological processes and disease susceptibility.’ They also conduct research involving the evaluation of therapeutic drugs and vaccines against viral agents. Texas Biomed is home to the nation’s only privately owned maximum containment laboratory, a Biosafety Level 4 (BSL-4) lab. This lab conducts experiments on animals using ‘deadly pathogens [such as those that cause Ebola, Dengue fever, SARS, etc.] for which there are no known treatments or vaccines.’ Texas Biomed is ‘the only institution in the country to house both a BSL-4 lab and a national primate research center.'”

We can only imagine the horror these animals endure. This is wrong on so many levels. We must continue to work against animal testing in all its forms. I’m so heart-broken for these amazing creatures.

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