marijuana-medical-mom Marijuana SpeechShona Banda 37, (who published a book about her use of cannabis for her  Chron’s disease and has undergone 17 surgeries) had custody of her son taken away from her after he disagreed  with things being said at a  “drug education” talk at his school.

Marijuana Speech

It’s hard enough being a single divorced mom raising a family. But for Shona Banda it’s particularly difficult right now.  Bonda is the author of a book “Live Free or Die: Reclaim your Life . . . Reclaim your Country!” that recounts her use of a concentrated cannabis oil to treat Crohn’s Disease. Banda had her son taken away from her simply because he made some comments at  “drug and alcohol” talk at his school where they undoubtedly told him that marijuana was bad. They often tout this plant as being far worse than booze or even the habitual use of cigarettes.  Thankfully a GO FUND ME page has raised more than $28K for her legal defense. 

After her son challenged the education talk they went to search the house because, well that’s just how things go in the United States these days. From the article on how they searched her private residence:

“Banda refused to allow officers to search the home, and police stayed at the scene and denied her entry to it until they could obtain a search warrant. A search subsequently found about marijuana and a lab for manufacturing cannabis oil on the kitchen table and counters, drug paraphernalia and other related items, police said. Authorities said the items were within easy reach of the child.”

So earlier this week we had a veterinarian in Texas who shot a neighbors 6 year old pet kitty Tiger, dead in a back yard with a bow and arrow (through his head) and posted it a picture of it on Facebook,  but we cannot get a search warrant on that to get the body of the cat or even an arrest,  but if a child mentions his  mom makes Cannabis oil from a plant for Chron’s disease they’ll sit there at her front door while that warrant is being issued.   Something is terribly wrong here, not just with this incident, but in this country, where a plant that helps people is demonized while the majority of the general public believes that it should be legalized.

We hope Shona will gain custody of her child back and cannot imagine how tough it must be knowing he’s in “child protective services” when he was probably far safer with his mother.





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