Another Holistic Doctor Shot In His Clinic, Dies Hours Later


Update: Holistic doctor, Fred Mejilla, did, in fact, die from gunshot wounds. Our heart goes out to his family and friends.

Mejilla leaves behind five children. Police said his family requests their privacy be respected during this difficult time. You can read about all the holistic doctor deaths (many of whom were our friends and many who have families who are still investigating their cases) here and here.

Originally both the doctor and his patient were thought to be victims and local/national news called both men victims as shown in the video. Now they’re stating the second man is the shooter, yet authorities are still looking for tips and suggest folks call the hotline below. We have been told conflicting information on this alleged shooter from close friends o the doctor and will wait as more details emerge.

The patient is currently in critical condition, so not all facts are known.

Homicide investigators are continuing the investigation and have said that anyone with information pertaining to this investigation should contact the homicide tip line at 905-825-4776.

End of update.

Burlington: Two people have been injured in a shooting at a Burlington chiropractic clinic, police say. One is the doctor of the clinic, another an alleged patient.

CBC.CA reports:

“The victims are both in hospital and their conditions are unknown, Halton police said.”

At 12:05 on Thursday, Halton police were called to the plaza that contains Mejilla Family Chiropractic. The shooting caused havoc at the quiet plaza, which includes a spa and a family-owned window and door store.

Shooting at chiropractic office

According to the clinic’s social media accounts, the chiropractic business is owned by Ferdinand Mejilla. Writing on his blog, the doctor said, “I have a passion for healthy living as well as helping my patients to live a pain-free, healthy lifestyle. I want to help people feel and be at their best.”

According to Jerry Levesque, who’s managed the property for about 20 years, the clinic is a peaceful place. The shooting came as a huge surprise to everyone.

Police aren’t releasing any further details about the shooting yet, except to say they are not looking for any suspects and there is no threat to public safety.

Source: CBC

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  • Joel W

    This is getting utterly ridiculous, and its soooo sad to keep reading these reports. One need not be a so-called ‘conspiracy theorist’ (more apt term is un-blind free thinker) to KNOW these are all connected, and they are not random. Not only does the Medical Cartel murder thousands upon thousands of innocent people every year wit their so-called ‘medicine’ and surgeries, but they are obviously murdering anybody who dares go against the Cartel.

    My prayer to his, and all the others’ who have met the same fate, families

  • tessagds

    worst than mexican drug cartel!!!! this need to be stop!!!!

  • Joel W

    Yea at least they don’t claim and pretend to help people. The drug cartels are at least honest about what they are. Fortunately at 40 yrs old, I have been in literal perfect health my entire life, minus maybe 5 times I was truly sick, in which I generally take care of myself (once I ran a 102 fever for 3 days straight and needed to go to the ER due to severe, severe dehydration). Other than that, the only use for them is for things like broken bones or stitches (I can tend to be clumsy and accident prone, usually my own doing). Bunch or legalized drug pushers and murderers for the most part. And most are too blind to even see or care about the endless harm they do. Blinded by their over-bloated salaries.
    Pain, profit & misery is their trade. Plain & simple.

  • Thujan123

    I can’t believe this is happening in Canada too….. I live nearby.

  • Jeannie Hammond

    The article mentions towns and roads, but I don’t see what state.

  • Mike Davis

    Strange, Hand Guns are not sold or allowed in Canada. Strict Gun control country, So much for Bans on Guns. Not as bad as Chicago. Sounds like a Hit, But May be random act of passion or something, You will never know the truth Canada covers as well as the CIA

  • Jeff McDougald

    I would much rather have read about a pharmaceutical executive having the same fate. these mo fo’s are EVIL

  • Lorie Coffman

    It happened in Burlington Ontario. Apparently the Doc was fooling around with the secretary and the secretaries husband shot him then turned the gun on himself. He is the one in the hosp. recovering from his injuries. No conspiracy here, just a lot of bad choices. Yes I agree mysterious things are happening to holistic doctors and Big Pharma is not our friend but in this case I don’t think so.

  • I haven’t ever said there is a conspiracy with any of the doctors. Also since my other half (Dr Mercola) and I know so many of the doctors- we have talked to loved ones who were VERY close with the doctor and say he was not involved with his secretary. Either way, we’ll wait to see how the case unfolds and it’s truly tragic. I make it clear that initially when i broke the story they called the man who allegedly killed the dr a “victim” but now have updated it and we updated as well.

  • Burlington, Ontario Canada.

  • LindaMC

    The pharmaceutical industry and the government will stop at nothing to keep their filthy poisonous drugs on the market. It will stop soon. It has already started.

  • LindaMC

    Do you think we are going to believe this? Are you a shill?


    Serial killer or big pharma? Too many dying to be coincidental. Perhaps the truth about vaccines cannot be allowed to come out.

  • Jeannine Demers

    Please don’t use my friend’s death to advance your theories anout the holistic doctors. His death had NOTHING to do with his practice. He was killed by my friend’s husband (Dr. Fred’s receptionist). I knew all involved. The shooter had several health issues the last year. He wasn’t himself.
    Also, the shooter has since died.

  • Jeannine Demers

    He was NOT fooling around with the receptionist. If you don’t know what you are talking about keep your mouth shut. I was friends with all 3. The shooter was ill and had been for over a year. He was not himself. He recently had his medications changed and unfortunately they changed him. He has also since passed away. Show some respect for the families and don’t spread rumours about something you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT.

  • I’m sorry if your friend’s husband is ALLEGEDLY murdering people, but I have NEVER stated any theory in my hundreds of articles so please do not put words in my mouth .We have won awards on this site for reporting facts. We report ALL murders, alleged suicides and suspicious accidental deaths of these doctors.

    It seems like quite the rush of people whose brother’s cousin or in your case your friend’s husband who is an alleged murderer are running in without even bothering to read what is going on.

    I know you must be emotional your friend is killing people but do NOT shoot the messenger.

    If you bothered to WATCH my video or read my article in its entirety, you’d see that I clearly state that when I made the video they called the second shooter (your husband’s friend apparently) a VICTIM. I think updated the story that reflects he is a suspect. The authorities AND news still are just calling him an alleged suspect too (as of 5 hours ago) so I’ll wait for THEM to say he actually killed him instead of you

    . By the way, I’ve never met a nastier group of people write in than over this doctor and I’ve reported on over 60 in a year and a half

    .And shocker, the only ones who were nice were those that were his actual loved ones who wrote me. Best of luck and watch the video and read next time please.

  • ChickShow

    OK, well, the doctor WAS one within the natural health industry, his IS dead BECAUSE he WAS murdered. Your ‘sick’ friends ‘sickness’ does NOT, in ANY Way, negate the FACT, THAT YOUR FRIEND MURDERED A NATURAL HEALTH DOCTOR! And he is also dead, well, sounds like justice to those of us who HAVE lost a loved one at the hands of an EGREGIOUS MURDERER! Personalizing it, (It’s my frieeeeeennndddd, you mean nasty people) does NOT legitimize NOR cause MORE sympathy for that DISGUSTING PIG MURDERER! And defending him just shows YOUR LACK of compassion FOR THE FAMILY OF THE MURDERED DOCTOR! Shame on you! NO BODY CARES that your pooooorrr sick friend changed his medication….expend this WASTED energy on SUING THE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY! Otherwise, SHUT YOUR DISGUSTING RUDE PIE HOLE and take your EXCUSES for your MURDERER FRIEND ELSEWHERE! And READ THE EFFING STORY IN IT’S ENTIRETY Next time, stop embarrassing yourself with showing how Illiterate you are! Regarding him shooting himself…..those of us who have compassion for the Doctor AND his family, HOPE IT HURT A LOT AND HE SUFFERED IMMENSELY BEFORE HE DIED! That is the least that karma could deal out to that MURDEROUS VERMIN! Hope I was clear, eff your friend! 🙁

  • ChickShow

    ONLY the doctor and his family matter, NO ONE cares about the cry-baby story of a ‘sick’ friend who changed his medication….he’s was a Murderer! And YOU should be ashamed for lacking compassion for the VICTIMS Affected by your stupid sick friend! You are a Very immoral person! Keep your defense of a Murderer to yourself! 🙁

  • ChickShow

    AND LEARN TO READ and to NOT react so irrationally! It demeans you.

  • Erin.. thank you for getting all of this news to us, we truly wouldn’t know or hear about any of this, if you weren’t reporting it. I’m very nervous for my own holistic providers and chiros.. WHY won’t Dr. Oz speak about this, why can’t this make the national news.. I know pharma owns our networks.. by the 100’s of ads for pharmaceuticals show up all the time.. ugh.. but something’s gotta give here. Thank you for reporting.. !!!

  • Willie Hawkins I’m a holistic physician and I can tell you 1st hand that the attacks against holistic doctors are REAL… This rabbit hole goes a lot deeper than many people could even imagine. That includes the murder of the greatest female inventor in the worlds history… I’ve lectured hundreds of physicians and even they are afraid to admit the obvious, but I have proof, including documents that can stand in ANY honest court of law to prove that holistic physicians have been systematically murdered for decades… I’m organizing a major conference soon to talk solutions… Contact me for details…You better listen while you can. Dr. Will Hawkins Jr. Founder of Hip Hop Therapeutics Holistic Hospital

  • Jeannine Demers

    Before you jump down my throat, and maybe you should learn to read. Asking for compassion for those left behind isn’t immoral. I didn’t ask for compassion for the shooter you jackass. I absolutely don’t condone what he did and I was hoping he’d pull through to stand trial for this horrendous crime. I certainly wasn’t defending him. I was countering the rumours with the TRUTH. Those left behind don’t need to be subjected to rumours and heresy. His 5 children already have a lot to deal with. As does the family of the shooter who had 2 kids. They had nothing to do with his actions. They are also victims in this crime. So yes, once again I do ask for compassion for the FAMILIES.

  • Jeannine Demers

    Once again, LEARN TO READ. I was friends with all of them!!! Fred was an amazing man and chiropractor. Shawna was a ray of sunshine and they were both loved by everyone. Before David got sick, he was a person you’d be proud to call a friend.
    No one knows why he did it except the police as they have a letter written by David. All I know is, he completely changed and was no longer someone we recognized. However, NONE OF US COULD HAVE PREDICTED THIS. He was friends with Fred. We all hung out without so much as an angry word between any of us. I do wish David had gotten help before this terrible murder (yes, I said murder). I also wish he had survived to explain why he did it and to stand trial. As far as I’m concerned, he got off too easy by having the plug pulled. Now neither of the families will get the answers or the closure they deserve.

  • Hi Lisa. My Joe (Dr Mercola) and I have been on DR Oz a few times, but don’t think he’s interested in covering it 🙁 XO

  • bodica

    I know of another one, ex NY, who miraculously escaped an attempted abduction with homicidal intent – after a research proposal was passed by 6 committees and then sent to NYU Medical Center for final approval.