Breaking: Another Holistic Doctor Killed

Dr. Harsch Death

Another Holistic Doctor Killed

We are so sorry to break the tragic news that yet another holistic doctor has been killed yesterday Wednesday April 6th. Dr. John Harsch described himself as having a “holistically medical approach”. See more quotes about him below in this developing story:

NBC 12 reports on the story:

A well known holistic doctor was struck and killed in Henry County Wednesday evening, April 6th.

Around 6:40 p.m., Henry County First Responders and TRAFFIC Units responded to a serious accident with injuries involving a 2002 Infinity and a bicyclist.

The bicyclist, John A. Harsch, 59, of Hampton sustained serious injuries and was pronounced dead after being taken to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Investigators said the preliminary investigation revealed the driver of the Infinity was negotiating a curve on Lower Woolsey Road approaching Hwy 19/41 in Hampton and came upon a group of bicyclists.

Harsch was struck from behind. Reports state the three other bicyclists were not injured whatsoever, only holistic Dr John Harsch MD.

The accident is still under investigation and the findings will be presented to a Grand Jury to determine if charges will apply to the driver.

Here are a few quotes from Dr Harsch’s website:

 Dr. Harsch’s interests as a Physician reside in helping people maximize their own existences. He focuses not only on treating illness, but on making his patient’s lives better by kick-starting their actual life participation. With this mindset always in the forefront of all his patient interactions, Dr. Harsch intends to help his patients set themselves up for the greatest life possible.

From his examination rooms, you will hear phrases like “Less medicine is the best medicine.”

Another quote is “You can’t have a complication from surgery that you help yourself avoid.”

Here are yet more quotes from Dr Harsch’s site:

I was an avid soccer player until sidelined by arthritis in my hip at age 47. After getting seriously out of shape and developing what my wife lovingly refers to as paunch, I developed a passion for bicycling. I now cycle over 100 miles a week…. even competing statewide. So far, I have been last or nearly last in every event, but that has not discouraged me yet.

I also enjoy old time banjo, chess, politics, horse eventing, traveling and spending time with my wife, Mary Carol.” To experience an amazing, classically-modern, holistically-medical approach to Primary Care, come enjoy an appointment with Dr. John Harsch, and experience the difference at Southeastern Primary Care Specialists.

Our hearts go out to friends and family.  Obviously we are glad that the other cyclists traveling alongside Dr Harsch were not harmed whatsoever, but sad that he was struck and killed.
Many questions remain unanswered and we’re receiving many incoming tips by the hour.
Please stay updated here with our newsletter on this unintended series.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Alan Cecil

    Knew John since the mid-60s; lived across the street from me on Oakdale Rd. Sad.

  • Sandra Pecorino

    My heart goes out to this wonderful Dr. that passed way too soon and my condolences to his family

  • bev


  • Lynn

    Sending love and prayers to Dr. Harsch families. Yes, it’s heartbreaking to hear this news. We have to accept however that they served their purpose, to serve humanity and to awaken us,that it is time to wake up,wake up from the dark cabals hypnotic controls over us. They control us with deceiving reality on this planet, from our beliefs, to educations, to health and medicines and almost everything. From the moment we were born they started taxing us up to our deaths. Now that we are awakening on all of these lies, they the dark cabals wanted to scare us, to make us cower back in the corner and put back our blinders. So, they kill our holistic doctors to stop healing us thru naturopathic ways. Don’t ever cower back in the corner and hide. These doctors paid their lives to empower us. We love all of you holistic doctors and nurses and their families. Wrap yourself and your loved ones in the light always and as many times you feel, and asks the Angels and Archangels for protection always, and most of all when asleep too. They somehow attack around 3am most of the time. Always wrap yourself with the light. Our enemies are dark forces, and inhibit a human body. Wake up to reality. The planet was invaded 13 thousand years ago. And we are now awakening.

  • Lover of Truth

    Being suicided is a term coined not long ago. I’m afraid being accidented is next in line to be freshly minted.

  • Annie

    This is so devestating! May he rest in peace. How can we stop these deaths from happening?!

  • Deede

    Wow, so refreshing to see a wide awake person. Yes, we are lied to from cradle to grave, absolutely.

  • Bobbi

    Dr Hahn, an excellent holistic and herbal doctor and acupuncturist in Santa Barbara was murdered 2 weeks ago. Tragic. The medical community is all abuzz about these deaths.

  • Yes I met Dr Han when I lived there and actually broke the news on this tragic death when it happened 🙁

  • So sorry for your loss Alan 🙁

  • Nathan Stewart

    These criminals need to be stopped at all costs. They’ve got it coming.

  • Erin F.

    I sooooo hope, Erin, that you and Dr. M are well protected. And, to that end, it is so, so tragic that you must do that.

  • retired trucker

    I recently was reading an in depth article[s] on the death of so many holistic type doctors and BAM, here we go again. When will it stop, if ever?! I remember long ago reading about many AIDS scientists who were dropping like flies and was more than a mere curiosity then as well.
    I’ll bet the numbers from differing areas of expertise has to be in the hundreds since that first group got suicided back in the 80’s or 90’s?! Apparently that’s how the Big Bad Wolf protects profits! prayers…

  • Patricia P. Tursi

    I have followed the deaths of the researchers who obviously have been murdered and know that there was a connection between most of them concerning vaccinations, nagalase,etc. I have known John since he was a child and his father (deceased) and mother were very close friends. I also appreciate your coverage of the war against holistc physicians. With that said, to jump to conclusions that this was premedicated without citing evidence, is very harmful and stressful for John’s family. Dr M is my hero and I appreciate what you do, but this is not helpful. John said that he usually finished last when cycling, so if he were at the back, the driver would hit him first. There are many holistic physicians and I believe that those targeted have been known nationally, especially in autism research and reversing autism. The amounts of nagalase in vaccinations was a key issue. I would suggest removing this post until more definitive evidence can be presented. For John’s family, this speculation without evidence or correlations has to make John’s death more unnecessarily tragic. Thanks for what you do. I am 100% in agreement that there are fascist murders of physicians and researchers. There are also accidents.and it makes one question whether other murders are really murders…which they are. This is too important to not cite evidence for speculations.

  • Sterling43

    This concerns me as well. I love following Erin. I work with great minds like Stephanie Seneff, Stephen Frantz. I’m friends with people like the Bradstreet family, Tenpenny and Toni Bark. I’m a researcher studying all of this. One of the reasons that I work with Seneff is because I timelined Glyphosate —> low lysine—-> low p5p—–> low b6—-> low DAO/ABP1 (I actually discovered this component) —> low zinc shutting off sulfation causing a rise in nagalase because when glyphosate destroys the microbials in the gut and then you do not absorb these nutrients oxalates then share the same transport system with sulfation and “hog” up the transport system.You will see sulfur wasting in the urine. Nine out of ten chronically ill have this. This shuts off sulfation of D3. So when D3 is low we see high nagalase/low GcMAF. But now we know through D1 25 that when D3 is adequate but all of these other factors are in play, your D3 will not be sulfated and you will then have low GcMAF production. Now when giving all these vaccines with viruses, stealth pathogens and glyphosate in them and someone’s D3 is low or someone’s sulfation is blocked or both, BAM! Autism! Brain swelling. What I see is that Erin is a portal to get ACCURATE information out to us as well as the world and if she if just building a memorial to those who have passed, like Paige Adams who I personally knew and was told through very close friends she was just chronically ill and did indeed pass in her sleep. We need to keep this accurate. Because when this website turns into the “National Enquirer” we then lose credibility as a whole. That is what the system wants and we are feeding them. “Look at all the misinformation” Now what should have been said is that we are mourning the death of this practitioner and this is how he did pass. Love to family and friends. And state “We are not saying this is a part of what happened to Bradstreet but if we do find information otherwise, we will let you know”. And then there are some plants to make this look like a “National Enquirer” site. Will not state names but a “porn star” posing as a practitioner and stating their life is in jeopardy is not making this any better. I respect you Erin but I must state this is what pHARMa wants you to do. Falling right into their laps. So sensationalism journalism is not the way to go. It may gain traction in the beginning but will destroy you in the end. I respect what you do but know without a doubt that we must dot every I and cross every T. They want us to screw up and feed false information. I myself am a part of this and do take it seriously. I have cameras inside and outside of my home and panic buttons because I do know that what is going on is real. We just need to keep it real.
    Help Heal and Love,

  • Renee Godin Webb



    Russia or anywhere else is looking better everyday! We have become the Syndicated MOB of the world!!Brainwashing, GMO’s, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical Spraying, Vaccines…all against us. I’m bailing after the freaky to live healthy here in the States. Peace++Condolences to all the families involved in this.

  • Christopher Hickie

    How do you people even flippin’ get out of bed every morning thinking the whole world is out to kill you?

  • Patricia. I am sorry for your loss and to the family but I never state this was a murder. Perhaps he was the last one in line. I am just stating the facts. I even say in the video it could just be a coincidence. As far as the nag the lace perhaps he was the last one in line. I am just stating the facts. I even say in the video it could just be a coincidence. As far as the nagalase and GcMAF rumors – that would be more tabloid. I have already interviewed the Bradstreet family and I’ve talk to other family members which I can interview as well on video like I did with them two times now to dispel the myth that they were all working together on some kind of secret project. There are a few sales men and infomercials would’ve made that claim and many think that is just for their own gain. Dr Gonzalez wife I have met explained he did not work with Gc Maf. Dr Hendedal – I am told by those closest to him – did not work with GC maf. Can you name one doctor besides Dr. Bradstreet out of thirtysomething who worked with this? Please don’t believe those tabloids. I actually stick with the facts. I am only stating what happened here and never ever do I state that he was murdered or anything more than an accident. Is it mysterious? Do all the deaths add up? No. But my video explains that he was a great man and that we just want answers for all the deaths. I make it very clear that none may be connected or maybe some may be connected or maybe all of them. I have no evidence nor do I claim I do. I only state the facts. I’ll be happy to post a video for you where we debunk the idea they were all working together which That salesman Claimed he was told. But then when the Bradstreet family asked him he refused to name the source and was very rude and Rhoda miss spelled email and didn’t even apologize for their loss. I don’t know how it is tabloid to simply report on a holistic doctor death. I have talked to the top reporters in the United States and they said report on all of them. I actually skip a few that might seem suspicious that I probably should report on. But this is a holistic doctor. He died suddenly and tragically hence my report. I am truly truly sorry for your loss and again, I’ll gladly post those articles or you can find them on the site or YouTube that dispel the crazy rumors about all of them are working with but this is a holistic doctor. He died suddenly and tragically hence my report. I am truly truly sorry for your loss and again, I’ll gladly post those articles or you can find them on the site or YouTube that dispel the crazy rumors about all of them are working with Nagalase gc maf. Smh.

  • Sterling.please forgive mistakes as I have an injury just had stem cell transplant to try to fix the tear in my arm and can barely type. I appreciate you writing and sharing your feelings. Paige wanted to come by and see me and dr M before she died as you know she was living close to us. Unless an autopsy was done – crazy me I like evidence – I don’t think we can assume that she died of Lyme disease when she was just out days before according to her profile out at restaurants etc. It would be unusual and she was very young but it is possible. I stated in my article that it could be Lyme disease but when she was very very close to Dr. Bradstreet and a colleague of many many years as he described her I am not going to skip her – especially when she said


    EYES WIDE OPEN….we all need to keep them open! Thanks for reporting on these deaths. It is apparent to all that there are numerous deceptive practices that occur in the states. Alternative reporting is the only truth we receive anymore. Thank you for bringing forth any information you can provide. Peace+++





  • jay

    What kind of semi-educated moron make a statement like that……….face the reality of the lie is not for people like you…….your kind are a major problem………

  • Adam Kołaczek

    GOD thanks I’m not living in this wierd country called USA

  • Ad hominem: Foolish Child

    Data point: the Conspira-Sea cruise involves pretty much all the alternative doctors being in one place at one time – why not just arrange for it to sink if you want to kill off all the alternative doctors?

  • Christopher Hickie

    Again, y’all are paranoid and delusional.

  • Catherine Edmends

    y’all have no brain ……

  • Patricia P. Tursi

    Tenpenny is a hero to. me. Always wondered if she was able to get custody. of her child after the vaccination fight years ago. I wondered what happened to Bradstreet’s research that he was to present at the autism conference.

  • Patricia P. Tursi

    Sorry to hear about your accident and hope the healing is progressing rapidly. I just watched your video. You asked about other physicians, Dr Yamamoto in NY has a book out. Also, I just watched the third Truth About Cancer series and was surprised to hear one of the physicians interviewed talk about Nagalase and GcMAF. You spoke about the physician who died of a heart attack. Using Rife technology and radionics, Death is easy to induce. I. refuse to be!ieve that Dr. Gonzalez died of a heart attack. I remember when there about 100 microbiologists who were sent to their deaths. It is quite common. Princeton and Yale tell us we are not a Democracy but an oligarchy and we have very little impact upon our Gov and the powers that be. I am a Missouri delegate for Bernie Sanders. But the elections care being stolen. We hope for better days.

  • Margi Coulson

    Yes pl get protection & never be alone completely. Get a German Shipard police dog or an army service one thats well-trained to protect you. Dogs are man’s best friend & have saved many lives. Will be praying for you guys.

  • Sterling43

    I absolutely love you Erin. I just think that mainstream media is going to make this yucky. Keep on doing what you are doing. You are one of my heroes. Just looking out for you lady. We need you around and would love to have a chat with you one day. <3

  • Mom_of_IV

    any updates on the grand jury or even the driver’s name? it’s been almost 6 months since Dr. Harsch’s death.