Tested for Ebola

Tested for Ebola

That’s right. Another woman came back and is being tested for Ebola with a fever. She was not under quarantine and out in public potentially exposing others. We hope she (and anyone she had potentially exposed) are all negative.

From the article about this new health care worker being tested for Ebola.

The second health care worker, a woman who hasn’t been identified by name, did not have any Ebola symptoms upon arrival Friday at Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey health department spokesman Donna Leusner said.

Yet things changed in the hours that followed. According to Leusner, “This evening, the health care worker developed a fever and is now in isolation and being evaluated at University Hospital in Newark.”

That woman is being tested for Ebola, according to a government official who is receiving updates about the situation.

Unlike Dr. Craig Spencer, the 33-year-old now in isolation at Bellevue Hospital in nearby New York City, this second health care worker is not confirmed to have Ebola. (Yet)

We’ll keep you up to date on the story.

Sadly, the 33 year old Craig Spencer  (a medical doctor!) did indeed have Ebola and while he was sick and feeling sluggish and contagious he did go out on a sight seeing tour, a taxi ride, restaurants, bowling in Brooklyn, a jam concert series (with reports of some very angry concert goers he might have exposed)

Thankfully it looks like the government is coming to their senses and putting these health care workers (who are trying to help in Africa but not helping at all when they come back and potentially spread a deadly disease around to one of the most populated cities in the Western World!) but now they’ll be put in a 21 day quarantine when they return.  We imagine that will cut down on the number of people going over to help in Africa which is tragic. But honestly many experts say the last thing we need is them bringing the nasty deadly disease back from West African countries and killing Americans.

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