Holistic MD & Anesthetist attacked on beach by man with sword (another doctor killed there last month)

Holistic MD Brian Melito Attacked



Holistic MD & Anesthetist Attacked on Beach

Erin Elizabeth, Founder, Health Nut News

You might remember, just weeks ago, that we wrote about the death of Dr. Linnea Veinotte. She was jogging in a “safe posh upscale tourist area” near the beach on the island of Grenada (with her dog) when she was hit by a vehicle (allegedly no witnesses) and then buried in a makeshift grave. Her dog survived. A man turned himself in not long afterward.

Now, less than a month later, holistic MD Brian Melito, and his wife, a physician’s assistant of anesthesiology (from the US), were attacked while walking on the beach on their vacation, also on the upscale island of Grenada on Sunday morning, January 26. We do not know if there were witnesses, the beach was empty.

From the article:

Police say (holistic MD) Brian Melito and his wife (PA anesthetist) Jessica Colker  were walking on the beach when they were attacked by a man, who reportedly had a sword. Her husband, 62-years old, reportedly survived.

Colker’s husband managed to escape and tell police what happened. He was uninjured. Colker’s body was later found on the beach, near where she was last seen.

 Officials did not disclose a motive for the attack.

Colker lived in Atlanta and worked at a children’s hospital there as a physician’s assistant in anesthesiology.

“Jessica was a valued member of our children’s team,” Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta said in a statement. “We are deeply saddened by this horrific news. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family during this very difficult time.”

A neighbor of Colker said she had a “beautiful soul” and was a good friend.

The Royal Grenada Police Force told Channel 2’s Rikki Klaus that it is interrogating a person of interest in Colker’s death.

Officers say the man turned himself in Monday morning. His name is David Benjamin and he was allegedly recently released from prison for rape.

This is a similar story to the link above of Dr. Linnea, also on the island of Grenada, who died nearby just a few weeks ago (a man turned himself in after he allegedly hit her and then buried her in a makeshift grave). He too had been allegedly released from prison where sources say he was supposed to have served a life sentence. That part still remains a mystery (as do much of these seemingly endless stories).

Colker’s husband who survived the attack, Dr. Melito, describes himself as a Holistic Integrative Physician (MD)  on his Linkedin page.

His resume is very impressive, but this is what he says in his current bio:

At this point in my life, I’m looking to contribute something of lasting value to my community, whether that community be small or very large. I’d love to collaborate with others from any disciplines, to discover ways to intertwine my many loves- vibrant health, whole foods, gardening, music, fitness, the outdoors, dogs- and create something uniquely beneficial. Sure, I have several decades of clinical practice under my belt. Now I feel it’s time to move on, get outside the clinical confines, and get something done. Oh, and have some fun in the process.

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Again, our hearts go out to family and friends and especially Dr. Melito since he has lost his wife and was also attacked.

They had met at a dance workshop and after sharing a smoothie began dating, married three months later in 2014.

We are not counting this in the official unintended series of holistic doctors since Dr Melito did live and they allegedly have a suspect. Reset in peace to his dear wife.

We are still shocked at these 2 strange cases on the little island of Grenada, just  a week apart, with so many similarities (which even mainstream is pointing out today).

Erin Elizabeth, East Coast of Florida

Source: PeopMagazine

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  • Lover of Truth

    Seems fishy these last two incidences. Maybe someone in power pulled some strings to release these dangerous criminals at just the right, or wrong time and place.

  • M Arfiniki

    It sounds like they found just the right people to be the hit men. These guys were probably given a chance to upgrade their prison situation. I feel like I am watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Devine truth and justice needed!

  • FortheSake Ofanimals

    I was just sitting here reading this story and saying the same thing to my husband.
    Grenada may have a serious crime problem but hey, at least the criminals roll over within hours. No worries, they will not be getting any tourist dollars from me.
    Neither will Aruba since they couldn’t solve the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.