(Editor’s Note: I don’t have kids but good for these parents- why aren’t we doing the same thing for our kids? Although in this climate, I’m sure our peaceful but totally understandable – and legal- protest would garner a police presence. But maybe that’s what we need once school is in session again. Especially in California with SB 277.)

Excerpts translated from Spanish:

Today when hundreds of children of Carmen de Bolivar were to resume classes after day holiday midyear, they found their schools closed by several groups of parents of girls who are being affected after being vaccinated by the vaccine against human papilloma virus (HPV) in this Bolivarense municipality.

With banners and padlocks, parents blocked the educational institutions to demand that the government respond on more than 1,000 cases (of HPV vaccine injuries), which according to the associations of parents of Carmen de Bolivar, have been presented in this municipality.

“The girls are in crisis but neither the provincial government nor the national government give us a solution. Our daughters are still treated like they’re crazy,” said a mother who spoke with Opinion and Health and would not reveal her name.

Already two years since the outbreak of this situation in Carmen de Bolivar, today the victims say they have not received treatment, nor a coherent response (from the government.)

“We can not go on like this, without knowing …. how they can improve,” said the mother.

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*Article originally appeared on Vaccine Impact.