‘Ancestors are with us’: Wild buffalo stampede North Dakota pipeline protest

As demonstrators at the Dakota Access Pipeline faced off with police this week, an unexpected blessing happened; herd of buffalo thundered through, giving the Standing Rock protest camp just what they needed to continue. Cries of joy could be heard coming from the Standing Rock Sioux- their ancestors had heard their pleas. 


Buffalo are important symbols of sacrifice in Native American culture and indigenous people believe the animals, known also as “Tatanka Oyate” or “Buffalo Nation,” sacrifice themselves in order to supply their meat and their hides for people.

From the article:

“In a statement from the tribe’s chairman, David Archambault II, the leader condemned what he called the recent “militarized law enforcement” against protesters.

“Militarized law enforcement agencies moved in on water protectors with tanks and riot gear today,” he said. “We continue to pray for peace. We call on the state of North Dakota to oversee the actions of local law enforcement to, first and foremost, ensure everyone’s safety.”

Thus far, at least 117 peaceful demonstrators have been arrested in North Dakota. However, peaceful protest continues against the construction of the pipeline because it will cut through Native American land, destroying sacred sites and have a negative impact on the region’s water supplies.

Source: RT

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  • David

    First off, there are no wild buffalo left in ND outside of Theodore Roosevelt National park. 2nd. It’s nice that these guys are so worried about the environment, so when they are BURNING tires, BURNING privately owned farm equipment, and BURNING service trucks that are sitting on a bridge OVER a RIVER, we all can truly get on board. 3rd. It’s great that these people are all on welfare, that way no one had to miss work while they forced the state to redirect the pipeline around the reservation at a great taxpayer expense. Of course now that it isn’t going on their land, they are protesting even harder because they will not be getting any money from the project. (they started protesting because they wanted more money for it to be on their land) (backfired) 4th. Pipelines are many many times safer for transporting oil then trains are. If they were worried about oil spills, they’d be protesting the trains that are currently running the oil.

  • HollywoodDUMP

    you don’t have to use trains or pipes. Crude oil is ridiculous. Our home has been solar since 1977 David.

  • Crissy

    How do you know that there aren’t wild buffalo in North Dakota? There ARE wild buffalo in South Dakota, who’s to say that they did not migrate north? You don’t know.
    Also, they deserve to be on welfare or whatever our government will give them and then some. This is NOT our country. This is Native American country. Our ancestors stole everything we live on from them, sent them to reservations and now the government is allowing a company to destroy what little they have left. They deserve way more than welfare(which isn’t much, I am sure). They deserve to live on the land that was left to their ancestors and never have it destroyed by our government. They deserve at least that. I am ashamed of what our ancestors did to the Native Americans. I am ashamed that our government is not doing something about this issue. I am ashamed that our government does not recognize the Native Americans for what they are. The ORIGINAL founding fathers. They deserve to have the upmost respect, in my opinion.

  • David

    Your entire comment is hilariously wrong, misjudged, and malformed. Normally I wouldn’t bother to answer such hilarious idiocy, but I’m feeling a bit chipper tonight. I currently live in Bismark ND and have for a long time.

    1st: Re-read my first sentence for the answer to your question. This isn’t the last great frontier you idiot, that would be some parts of Alaska, Yukon, and the Northern Territories. All land in North Dakota is owned and controlled, I’m not going to spend the time educating you on what that means.

    2nd: Going by your logic, because you posted a snide comment about me and my post, I deserve to get defamation payments from you for the rest of your life. Pay up you liberal chicken.

    3rd: (you’ll need to open a big intimidating book called a dictionary for this one) Who’s country was this before the indigenous came here? Which of the warring indigenous nomadic tribes owned the land? I’ll give you a hint: This question was publicly answered by many of the great chiefs during the early stages of the frontier movement. If you have any real grasp on history like you pretend, you’ll know.

    4th: Please explain just exactly what it is that the government is “allowing to be destroyed” by a “company”. This proves your total ignorance of the subject above and beyond everything else you have said.

    5th: You admit in your statement that you have no idea how the welfare or reservation systems work, I suggest you look into this, then come back and list the number of additional rights and privileges the average native has over the average US citizen. (i’ll give you a hint it’s over 30)

    6th: Know what you are fighting for and against. Nothing in your entire comment shows any actual knowledge about what is being supported or opposed. Go take some time off from your part time fast food job, do a little academic research to find out, then feel free to come back and spew your vomit. Meanwhile, I’ll be enjoying my coffee and laughing at your hoards of zombies who are trying to halt the upgrade of a current broken system.

  • David

    Oh really? Tell me, are the any synthetic materials in your house? Do you travel via means other then foot? Do you shop at a grocery store? .. Idiot. My house is solar too. Knuckle dragging zombies like you really need a dose of reality.