Amish Grandpa Farmer Found Guilty On ALL Counts Involving His Homemade Salves – Faces Up to 48 Years in Prison


We are SHOCKED and saddened to report that on March 2nd, Amish farmer (and father and grandfather) Samuel Girod- who we have reported on before– was found guilty by a federal jury for making and distributing herbal products on his family farm. The FDA requires manufacturers of defined drugs to register their facility with them and the Girod farm is not registered. He will be sentenced by a judge on June 16 at 10 a.m.

Watch this video I made below:

In the end, the government charged Girod with conspiracy to impede an officer, obstruction of a proceeding before an agency, failing to register with the FDA, eights counts of causing misbranded drugs to be introduced into interstate commerce, tampering with a witness and failure to appear. The jury found Girod guilty on all 13 counts, but not only did they find him guilty, “they found Sam guilty of each separate part of each count, even when only one part would be needed to make Sam guilty of that count against him,” reports Health Impact News. It’s almost like it was personal.

From Health Impact:

Sam described the FDA coming to his home in Indiana and objecting to the skin cancer claim so he removed that from the label. Sam asked if they had any other concerns and was told they would like to think about it for a week. They never responded. After a few weeks, Sam contacted them and they didn’t reply.

Sam refuted the claim that the Amish were physically intimidating. He explained that they would never intimidate or threaten anyone. Anybody with even a passing familiarity with the Amish would know that to be the truth. He also stressed that nobody cursed at the FDA agents, as that is something they do not do.

Sam stated that he never harmed anybody and never acted to deceive anybody.

Sam explained that he never threatened or intimidated Mary Miller to prevent her from providing evidence to a grand jury. They had discussed the matter because she had no prior dealings with the FDA and in fact that was the last thing this Amish woman wanted, and Sam felt bad that his actions had inadvertently drawn the FDA’s attention to Mary. Sam followed up with a letter to several customers and business associates in a letter addressed to “Friends”. He stated in the letter that everyone was free to do whatever they wanted to do. From the federal government’s perspective it was inappropriate for Sam to contact them, but he was reaching out to confused and very worried friends with whom he had a close personal business relationship. He was trying to explain what was happening to the best of his understanding. A subpoena from the federal government is a terrifying thing to an Amish person. It was obvious from the testimony of all of the FDA’s subpoenaed witnesses that they did feel threatened and intimidated… by the FDA. They were clearly on Sam’s side, even though they were being compelled to testify against him.

When the problems first surfaced with the FDA, some time around 2003, Sam hired a lawyer and his lawyer hired an FDA approved lab to test Sam’s products. The FDA also tested Sam’s products in their own lab using liquid chromatography and mass spectroscopy. Both labs reached the same conclusions. The ingredients matched the label’s ingredients list, the samples did not contain any drugs as commonly defined or any alkaloids or poisons, and the samples from different containers of the same product were consistent. In 2003 and 2004, the FDA requested more label changes and Sam made the changes, removing all health claims and only listing the ingredients on the label.

We cannot believe the FDA has gone to these lengths to silence someone becasue they are making a natural health product. Do not believe for one moment they are trying to save or protect anyone from harm- they are silencing and potentially putting an Amish man in PRISON for healing people without the help of pharmaceuticals. That is the extent of it. Quite frankly is shameful.

Please consider writing the judge to let him know a) what you think of this travesty and b) that Sam Girod deserves grace and time served:

The Honorable Danny C. Reeves
United States District Judge
US District Court
101 Barr Street
Lexington, KY 40507

You can also sign the petition for Sam Girod. [Here’s a link to copy and share:]

Source: Health Impact News and WKYT

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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Julie Berry Clark

    Even if he is guilty, is there really not enough serious crime out there, that we have to incarcerate an old fellow selling salve? What about the people selling methamphetamines or selling humans? Shouldn’t we use a little common sense here?

  • ettk45

    The judge and DA are criminals and I hope that someday they will be held accountable.

  • ettk45

    Virtually all criminal cases are handled in the same manner including those in your own community. Common sense NEVER applies.

  • Gisselle Manzzo

    Blown away that they think this is somehow a good way to spend tax payer dollars. Leave the old man alone!!! We have enough problems in this country to be attacking a truly innocent, peaceful and honorable population (unlike others we’re freely letting into our country). These people are going to stop interacting with the general population who uses their products myself included. Sad and completely shameful. Ugh!

  • Andrew Lore

    Hope Trump puts a stop to this Obama FDA. So much BS.

  • CoachMaureen

    Another travesty of injustice. While so many brains are dumbed down by vaccines, and drugs big pharma kills people daily… I know I have lived in the trenches with people who trusted the so called wisdom of the prescription drug culture and are dead. I myself almost died from over use of prescription drugs until they sent me home and I stepped into hopefully healing naturally which with the help of some of the herbs spoken of here my diagnosis have been reversed… Too much money is tied up in keeping us sick and too many people hand their health power over to the so called professionals…Its a travesty. Thanks for this article

  • MaybeYes

    Medical Mafia strikes again.

  • MissValentina

    Outrageous, but I am not surprised this is all a conspiracy. They are doing this to make this man an example so no one else will make their own natural herbs. Sadly almost all lawyers and judges are in collusion, it is a business it is not a court for justice. There is no longer a justice system. If any lawyer steps up he will be toast. Outlaws do not like honest men and women, they will exterminate you. Our court systems are nothing more than a den of thieves and a brood of vipers!

  • Garry

    I wonder how much the FDA was paid to take this action.

  • Danielle J. Duperret

    Very interesting… I did not know Federal Agents could not arrest somebody in a state, except for treason, piracy and counter-fitting… I was arrested, because I am an ND-Naturopathic Doctor, deemed “dangerous” for the health of my children because I fed them organic foods and baked my own bread. This is happening everywhere… and we need to take a stand.

  • Charlene Rollins

    The FDA has too much power.

  • Charlene Rollins

    Yes they will put him in prison. Its all about the money.

  • JohnnyUtah ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    Thank you, Miss Elizabeth. You are in my prayers and not alone.

  • Matthew LaRue

    Has he even challenged the jurisdiction of the court to even hear the case? Federal judges only have authority in what is specifically listed in the Constitution as their authority. The 1st amendment guarantees the right to contract. The only business the federal government can oversee is a corporation and only if that corporation does business across State lines.

    “Trial court acts without jurisdiction when it acts without inherent or common law authority, …” [State v. Rodriguez, 725 A.2d 635, 125 Md.App 428, cert den 731 A.2d 971,354 Md. 573 (1999)]

    “No judicial process, whatever form it may assume, can have any lawful authority outside of the limits of the jurisdiction of the court or judge by whom it is issued; and an attempt to enforce it beyond these boundaries is nothing less than lawless violence.” [Ableman v. Booth, 21 Howard 506 (1859)]

    “Once challenged, jurisdiction cannot be ‘assumed’, it must be proved to exist.” [Stuck v. Medical Examiners, 94 Ca2d 751.211 P2s 389] “Jurisdiction, once challenged, cannot be assumed and must be decided.” [Maine v. Thiboutot, 100 S. Ct. 250] “No sanction can be imposed absent proof of jurisdiction” [Stanard v. Olesen, 74 S. Ct.768] “The law requires proof of jurisdiction to appear on the record of the administrative agency and all administrative proceedings” [Hagans v. Lavine, 415 U.S. 528] Other cases also such as McNutt v. G.M., 56 S. Ct. 789,80 L. Ed. 1135, Griffin v. Mathews, 310 Supp. 341, 423 F. 2d 272, Basso v. U.P.L., 495 F 2d. 906, Thomson v. Gaskiel, 62 S. Ct. 673, 83 L. Ed. 111, and Albrecht v U.S., 273 U.S. 1, also all confirm, that, when challenged, jurisdiction must be documented, shown, and proven, to lawfully exist before a cause may lawfully proceed in the courts.

  • Julie Berry Clark

    Nothing about our government surprises me any more.
    But what money? HE was probably selling a jar for a few dollars. It’s no time as though he is breaking the pharm companies. I just don’t get it.

  • Millie

    If only an attorney who believes in natural remedies would offer to represent this man pro bono. This is a witch hunt. The justice system is so corrupt.

  • gene

    we elect the people that make the laws. this is our fault. Do the Amish vote?

  • Grace

    Another evidence that the Constitution is null and void.

  • Kim T.

    common sense is not all that common,especially when dealing with a government agency,at least that’s been my experience.

  • Kim T.

    for profit prisons has added to that.

  • Neither common sense nor money come into it. The government has joined the globalist movement and is attempting to eliminate self-sufficiency, particularly in rural areas. The UN’s Agenda 21 calls for pushing as many people as possible into urban areas. We’re much easier to control that way.

  • DannoDISQ

    Yes, and they voted for Trump this time around.

  • rosebud

    this is all about CONTROL, and MONEY. it is never and never will be about our health and well being or about what is right. Don’t sign the electronic petition, those are ignored. Write and call this judge please.

  • racing fan

    I’m sure they didn’t arrest you for the food your children were eating. there may have been other concerns stemming from your natural approach. Do you vaccinate your children? do you take the to the dr, treat them with medications when necessary? Don’t get me wrong, i’m very much in favor of using natural treatments WHEN APPROPRIATE but it is widely known that naturopathic supporters often refuse to vaccinate or treat with medications which put childrens lives in danger.

  • Wōtan’s Justice

    Those magic words “Grand Jury”, I was looking for them as I read the article.
    You can be sure that whenever the government wants to get a guilty verdict, the call on the Grand Jury, this way if even one or two try to use “Jury Nullification” they can still override with enough votes to convict.
    Meanwhile, no Grand Jury was called to look into HRC, for good reason (in their opinion).

    The fix was in, because the products work.

  • Wōtan’s Justice

    The fix was in, because the products work.

  • Wōtan’s Justice

    There are natural cures for cancer, all over this earth. They can’t be patented, so no real profit can come of it, and the loss in treatment would also drain the coffers.
    There was a doctor who created a natural formula, and had to escape to Mexico. There are dozens of testimonials that his cure works, and fortunately the formula was saved by a nurse.
    If they people accepted that their are natural cures for everything, then it would crash the pharma industry in no time and the people would start paying more attention to the food and water supplies.
    It seems that all our taxes go for, are bureaucracy and the war machine.

  • Jane domes

    At first I thought Mr.Girod was probably in the wrong. It does sound like he tried to comply and correct every issue they brought to his attention. It does take their time and money to address, investigate, and research his goods. So he may be guilty of some things. He did try to correct. The FDA is insidious and in the pockets of big pharma. They need to stop the attack on natural vitamins, supplements, and compounded pharmaceutical goods. We the people, that is what we want, the ability to make our own choices on these matters, not have them done away with to put big money in pharma companies pockets. The Amish are in general horrible to animals, don’t support any stores that sell puppy mill dogs. You are ensuring the breeding mothers a life of loneliness, lack of care and love.

  • Danielle J. Duperret

    Your accusation is intriguing… I had a practice as a doctor of naturopathy and worked WITH medical doctors. My family doctor AND my pediatrician both taught medicine at UCSF and one of my children with a condition was treated by a world renowned specialist. How exactly was I putting my children’s lives in danger? Yes, there were other concerns… of deep corruption in the court system.

  • chris love

    Who do we contact to protest this injustice?

  • ddduke

    Common sense is never a factor when corporate profits are at stake. Those private prisons must have a body in every bunk or the shareholders will suffer.

  • Carle W Riley

    I’d like to see a Presidential Pardon in this case. President Donald J. Trump, please show your compassion to this man, his family, the World and all of the people in the U.S.A. The FDA and its court are out of control.

  • heyhey

    And ARRESTING this woman addresses your concerns? Pharmaceuticals and vaccines are what’s killing us – to the tune of over a million people per decade. Look it up if you don’t believe me – Starfield B. Is US health really the best in the world?. JAMA. 2000; 284(4):483-4

  • gene

    so what does Trump got to do with this story.

  • Donna Whedon

    The Amish are not the God fearing, loving people they portray themselves to be. They are the largest group of puppy mill owners (If unfamiliar with puppy mills google it…..disgusting!) they are abusive to their women and children, they are a cult! Having said that I must say there is probably much more to this “Poor Grandpa Story” than is told here. Wouldn’t trust the Amish!


    He is fortunate he was not burned at the stake. We have come so far.


    They don’t make any health claims about their products


    It is going for $300 a bottle on E-Bay


    Instead our waterways are polluted with chemicals that pass through our bodies and we now have transgender fish whose rights must be respected.


    The Amish rock. I watched them demolish a house. They took it completely apart and saved every board and brick. It was like an army of Brazilian warrior ants. It was a beautiful thing.


    They have been captured by the industry they were tasked to regulate


    The Amish have long been known to have been a secretive violent society dedicated to the most heinous, unimaginable, barbaric acts known to man. Now the internet has exposed the secret manifesto long hidden and well guarded by the minions of satan and the cousins of Beelzebub: The Protocols of the Shameless Amish, now on Amazon.


    I saw some Amish being pulled down the road by a horse!


    He’s Amish

  • Margarita

    We have been brainwashed and cheated for a long time by MD’s, pharmacists, governments and big pharma about their poisoning ‘remedies’. None of them care for one bit about fellow human beings. They caused the (painful) death of loved ones, especially parents, other relatives, friends with their poison.
    Why not start a WH-petition for this gentleman AND for a class action vs big pharma/vaccine/tobacco/alcohol/microchip etc. to get them where they belong: in jail, on a diet of their own ‘cookies’ and liquids. They will surely enjoy it.

  • Macka

    The US has become the sickest nation in the history of this planet!

  • Wōtan’s Justice

    LMAO. funny, tragically, but still funny.

  • racing fan

    vaccines do not endanger lives. I feel sorry for your children. You will learn when someone you love is hospitalized or dies from a disease that is totally preventable!! Measles, polio, meningitis are all very active in society. Disease that were once nearly eradicated are now making a big comeback and putting everyone in danger thanks to you people that have been brainwashed into believing vaccines are harmful. Some people do have allergic reactions, yes. I’m not denying that it can happen. However, someone can have a reaction to natural remedies as well!!d I never said don’t use natural remedies. we do so ourselves. But there is also a safe balance between putting your children’s lives at risk and going all natural

  • racing fan

    Arresting a person who puts their children in harms way is perfectly acceptable. Refusing to vaccinate them and put them at risk for illness, disability and death is just as bad as abusing them. If you saw a parent abusing a child, you would certainly want them punished, no? denying them medical care IS abuse. More people are disabled and dying from measles, mumps, polio, meningitis and sometimes even varicella due to brainwashed people not vaccinating their kids!!!

  • David

    If Trump does not fix this quickly he is not our President. THis is a great case of overreach, if he is not released with the full apology. Sam Girard is OUR issue. He cannot lose and this is more than an outrage.

  • Sally Oh

    Thank you for sharing and reporting on this! #freesamgirod It’s the only sane thing to do!

  • Michelle

    Of course it regards money and control! A bit like communism really!

  • UnderTheBedMonster

    OMG he’s just doing what Amish people have done for centuries….prepare herbs for human treatments. What did the humans do before Big Pharma? Duh. They made their own medicine….but not it’s against the law to even make your own silver water!!!! He will probably be made an example of with a harsh sentence if Big Pharma has their way.

    All the forced vaccinations and useless drugs the Big Pharma push should be outlawed!!! They introduce dangerous poison into our systems causing horrible damage down the road say 10 years or more and no one is the wiser about it.

  • UnderTheBedMonster

    Since WHEN does the govt have any common sense? Not when it comes to infringing on Big Pharma…..the big drug dealers a/k/a big pharma can sell their poison and kill people and the govt does nothing….as it’s supposedly legal to kill people with drugs that harm or kill if you are FDA approved. Look at ant poison errr I mean aspartame for one and the damage it does yet it’s legal!!!

  • Barbara Fuller

    I can’t find the patition on Health Nut News

  • Barbara Fuller

    I hate to say but millions of US citizens should leave the USA until the scums fda is gone

  • Barbara Fuller

    SHAME ON YOU JURORS, fda and cdc’s last 2 are demons

  • dnotes

    I hope this man is soon released on the basis of simply not knowing the regulations of the types of products he was selling, perhaps the judge will know that his actions in preventing access to his facility can be forgiven.
    Sadly, anyone who wants to simply make products to sell for use on the body or for internal use and even as food for consumers must have certification of the facility where the items are made along with complying with laws related to the ingredients, labeling of ingredients, naming and claims and that just touches the surface of the legal requirements! I found this out many years ago when in my 20’s I needed extra income, happened upon a book of ‘Kitchen Table’ ways to make money printed in the 1970’s that included making bakery goods such as breads and cookies and some basic cosmetic products such as lip balms, salves and creams proven to sell well that were legal to make and sell without the kitchen/facility and other certification requirements of today.
    PS:I did find that with Mistletoe being prolific in my area around the holidays I was able to prune big bunches of it as suggested in that book which myself and a friend tied up with ribbon, filled two big baskets with and went to numerous bars and restaurants wearing red Santa hats to sell at $5 and $7 per small and larger bunches earning cash of between $85 and $135 and some change per night up through New Years so with some things earning a little extra can sometimes be done without legal interference for short periods of time.

  • Mark A Girard

    Vaccines put children’s lives in danger and brain-dead pro-vax parents put their children’s lives at risk and cause millions to become autistic and suffer all sorts of other horrific damage. Get a clue!

  • pjbarton404

    so stupid just a waste of time and money some hot shot trying to get a name

  • Mark A Girard

    Racing fan, I’ve always wondered if it hurts to be really stupid, because it’s sure hurting the rest of us. I’m sure you believe that vaccines are safe and that the CDC is honest and the FDA is doing a pretty good job of protecting people….

  • Mark A Girard

    The FDA has nowhere near enough power and it’s run by the wrong people. It needs to be run by victims of damage by various drugs and medical devices, or their survivors, and it needs ten times its current budget. They need to break up BIG PHARMA into a bunch of little pharmas that all do exactly as they are told…

  • Mark A Girard

    Yup, most judges, most lawyers and most FDA people should be lined up and shot.

  • racing fan

    Do not call me stupid. I am highly educated and have much experience both as a medical professional and as a mother. Ignorance of people like you who put their children at risk are causing many issues for other children

  • racing fan

    vaccines SAVE lives, not put them in danger. And they do not cause autism!! There is no known cause of Autism. AND there are plenty of children diagnosed with Autism who are not vaccinated!! You definitely sound like an ignorant conspiracy theorist. you obviously are not raising children in the current situations.

  • his products?

  • it’s at the end of the piece above my pic. i’m on phone so cannot link. erin

  • Justice4AllNow

    how much does big pharma pay you for treason TROLLL??

  • BJ

    if he had sold grass, weed, marijuana, etc…he’d have gotten less time!
    WTH is with this judge?

  • Jimmy Yost

    Oh, so the government is handling the ‘investigation’ regarding the farmer’s ‘guilt’ eh? I can imagine what kind of ‘justice’ they’ll come up with against him. I think the reason they went after him was because he represents freedom from the system, and they can’t have people like him floating around in the economy because he will serve as an example for others to follow, so that his example could have the potential to start a cultural revolution (to get away from the system). They’d rather snuff him out and make excuses for it than to leave him alone.

    The system is evil as hell and the power players in it are proud of it (i.e. people like George Soros, Bill Gates, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, George Bush (either one, or both), Dick Cheney, and so on). But unbeknownst to them (evidently) their comeuppance is just around the corner. I’d hate to be in their shoes when the Lord returns. I can well imagine that when he returns and starts meting out true justice that they’ll be wishing they had never been born.

  • Staceyk

    They are making an example out of him! Trying to scare the rest of us for daring to make a difference in helping others. His family is devistated I donated to his cause on Go Fund Me
    Sam and Elizabeth Girod

  • Dan Themanfan

    You can’t sell, advertise, or make any claims on a product with ANY thing even with a tenuous claim about health benefits without FDA approval! Amish or not. Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense. Yes the headline grabs you. Sorry but he can’t DO this, and that is the law. We haven’t heard his judgment so hold the horses. Hopefully “they” whomever is prosecuting, will not throw the book at him.

  • Windy

    FIt was ok for Bayer to sell their Aids contaminated drug which they knew was bad and the FDA pulled it from the US market but allowed Bayer to sell to other countries. Merck knew Viox was causing heart attacks.It goes on and on.Salve??????

  • Windy

    Children’s doctor in Cool Springs Tn.called his patient’s parents telling them he would no longer be giving vaccines because he had seen the damage they have caused.

  • Jeannie Jade Wickham

    Thank you for giving Sam a voice! This is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

  • Truthbknown

    You really must be either an absolute moron, or a paid shill – which is it? You feel sorry for “our” children? I feel sorry for our planet to have people like you taking up space and promoting BS. More “vaccinated kids” end up sick, unhealthy, diseased or dead than healthy WELL TAKEN CARE OF children with truly responsible, free-thinking, parents – and you are an even bigger idiot if you say that is because of all the “unvaxed” kids because that is not even scientifically provable, or possible. If you are so “sure” as to what happened in some other person’s life, then I’m sure you can explain all the other instances where these mafia-like agencies have gone after perfectly innocent people for seemingly no reason. And I suppose you will “learn” when your child is perfectly normal, happy, healthy and beautiful one minute, and right after injected with a cocktail of toxic garbage, that is NOT proven to even remotely “immunize” anyone or anything (research is a beautiful thing you know), and the next minute the life of that child is completely changed – forever. Seizures, Autism, DEATH – get it? Do you know that a large majority of medical professionals do NOT vaccinate? Do you read? Do you research outside of the box you obviously lurk within? You are a mainstream media programmed fool if you actually think anything you have stated here is even remotely based on truth or close to being accurate. I’m exhausted by the amount of idiots that keep perpetuating the PROBLEMS with this world. You don’t like my words? Prove me wrong lol. Natural remedies…I’m sure you don’t even have a clue what you are even talking about when it comes to anything truly natural. Keep eating your GMO brain rotting food because your masters “tell you it’s safe”, keep supporting the very evil that will eventually inflict you and your own family one day…don’t worry, it’s coming. Keep on thinking you are “safe” behind your vaccinations, labels, pharmaceuticals, GMO food, Geoengineering…like a good lil Sheep… Baaaaaaaaa By the way, you know how many folks are dead or on their way to death due to “FDA approved crap”? Like your beloved vaccinations? LMAO…your cognitive dissonance and ignorance is beyond disturbing.

  • Truthbknown

    OMG…people, this person is obviously a troll…just ignore it and it will hopefully crawl back to the rock it came out from beneath. I mean seriously, NO ONE can be THIS stupid.

  • Truthbknown

    You could not possibly possess an education past high school with the idiotic comments you are making. What’s your major in? Comedy? LOL Tell you what “racing fan”, you keep on pumpin those kids of yours up with all those vaccines that even the CDC admit don’t “prevent disease” and the rest of the decent, intelligent, free-thinking parents of the world will continue to raise healthy children and wave at you while you stand in line at your Doctor’s office making Big Pharma proud of you, k? Wow…and what is even sadder, there are more of you out there…don’t worry though, you will soon be standing alone because of the work the rest of us our doing to help protect YOUR CHILDREN from your stupidity.

  • rkraig

    This is one of those situations where Federal Regulators have regulatory information which is not actively published to the public, which must be purchased through specific organizations in order to obtain knowledge as to the “correct” way to conduct business within the united states on regulated industries. His biggest mistake is that he did not hire a major lawfirm to fight for him because these lawfirms will hire compliance specialists which will tell him exactly which compliance he is breaking and how to come back into compliance within the industry. So the big key here is getting your hands on all the regulatory documentation requires a massive truck or massive access to documentation via systems like Lexis Nexis. That is the problem here. He got played by the government because he didn’t know the rules, and the government doesn’t see it as their job to facilitate compliance, they only enforce law, good or bad. This is why people spite our government because of it’s inability to try to help people.

  • Elsje Massyn

    Truthbknown – Thank you for your informative message. I hope everyone reads it – its shocking how uninformed and misguided the population still are even though the evidence is there that BIGPharma and the governments are supporting BIGPharma quest for money and power/control over all medicine. That Vaccines are the cause of millions of deaths (and when those that were vaccined ends up in hospital) are diagnosed with “other” reasons for being ill by these same so-called doctors and scientists that propagate the vaccines. Its the Mafia out there controlling what comes in and what goes out and were in a war for truth against lie. But, luckily truth is beginning to get the upper hand – plant based nutrition and alternative healing is a wave no-one can stop.

  • andy

    We have sue the FDA and big pharma expose the false claims they make for their drugs and vaccines.time to end the lies.

  • andy

    Hi i know and there are even bigger lies that are in our face everyday,yet people will deny them and hate people like me for exposing them.think the earth is a globe? Prove it without saying “i know”.Earth is easily proven flat and the antartic is an ice wall.look up ERIC DUBAY,he is proving that earth is flat,NASA fakes everything,and many more things.

  • Guy Pinestra

    Stupid, stupid, stupid! If you’d like to prove me wrong, please explain how an unvaccinated child becomes a risk to a vaccinated one?

  • anewera

    you really do sound like a paid shill. Your posts are falling on deaf ears.

  • anewera

    One of the very few brave doctors. God bless them.

  • anewera

    Erin Elizabeth, have you thought of setting up a gofundme page to help him with his appeals and also help his family get thru this difficult time? Also, if you can publish his address to send money to, I am sure every little bit can help.

  • anewera

    I am hoping President Trump will change this. We need to keep him informed of these travesties. His investigations into vaccines with Kennedy is a step in the right direction. He owes nothing to Big Pharma, unlike most of our other politicians.

  • anewera

    I agree completely. Love the Amish and their exemplary way of life. However, I do not like their treatment of animals. I believe this is because they treat animals the way we did years ago. That is one thing I would change about them. Everything else if fine with me.

  • anewera

    And lets not forget that vaccine makers are by and large exempt from prosecution.

  • Warning Signs

    FDA – The same private corporation masquerading as a government agency that approved ASPARTAME and vaccines that cripple as SAFE. Think you are safe from this type of frivelous prosecution? The criminals are running the show, now watcha gonna do about it?

  • anewera

    Wasn’t Hillary Clinton’s defense that she did not know she could not have a private email server? The FBI director said they couldn’t win the case is they prosecuted even though she broke the law. Clearly, not knowing is not a defense. However, the Amish gentleman was far less likely to know some of the rules of law than a woman, a savvy lawyer, who has been in government most of her life. Despicable that this goes on in our country.

  • anewera

    Not so fast. Before you denounce Trump, how about letting him know the story. I hope you realize he has millions of other issues he is dealing with. Do a search on Contact Donald Trump. When you get into the page, type your contact info and your comment and follow the directions. Be specific in your comments. I believe his staff reads all of them.

  • racing fan

    I refuse to argue with an uneducated, ignorant person who wants to insult people rather than have an intelligent conversation. All of you conspiracy theorists are hilarious.

  • anewera

    Thought about it, though now I feel better that Trump is in office. but if you were to leave, where would you go. YOu do know that Big Pharma and the FDA has tentacles that reach far beyond our borders.

  • racing fan

    you are a rude, ignorant moron. all of you anti medical people are hurting your children. vaccines DO work. It is proven. Look at all the evidence how many diseases were nearly eradicated when everyone was vaccinating. Now they are making a huge comeback because you people don’t vaccinate. those of you who refuse to protect your children (and the public) contract and carry measles, mumps, meningitis, varicella, etc. Then give it to babies who are too young to vaccinate. Babies DIE from these diseases. I assure you I have a bachelors degree as well as several decades experience in the medical field. it’s interesting how all of you become so defensive when someone simply states their opinion. Intelligent people are able to hear others opinions without becoming rude, obnoxious and insulting.

  • Bob

    Yes all the other planets are round but us….really?

  • Judy Stephenson Fenton

    Why did we ever move away from England in the first place??? Seems like we manufactured a far worse scenario (and allowed it to snowball) than what we were under originally….or, at least not much better!! America is only for the government, the money mongrels and power junkies and anyone who threatens them in ANY way will be persecuted. America is no longer a “free” country.

  • Shonnah McFalls

    No one should get more time for a label than a murderer gets for taking a human life. This is absurd. Fines, sure. If and only if he was non-compliant with requests from the FDA. (From this story, seems like he was working with the FDA, not against them.)

  • Jane domes

    Good example is Monsanto-Look at all the money they put into covering up studies linking them to cancer. How about taking that cover up money and fixing your shit? Its a crazy f’in world.

  • elaine Ritasdaughter

    I had never heard of his products before today, but I’m sold – where can I buy them? I’m in Spain so is there an online shop?

  • Carol Lundgren

    Do your researcbegire touting that vaccines work if people who vaccinate their children believe in them so much they should not be afraid of those that don’t they are protected in their minds. Just know vaccinations do cause side effects I have a daughter perfectfully healthy and she has been ill since her last set a d that was over eight years ago

  • MissValentina

    They are filled with lust for money that is why we are slaves to them and for them. They will not tolerate any one of their slaves to make a penny that they were not allowed to keep. According to their ruled he disobeyed and had to be punished so severely that the rest of us slaves would note that he was the example of what happens to the rest of us slaved if we would break the rules of the Master(s).

  • SH

    The government just wants stats and fines.

  • If you want all the people around your children to be vaccinated, get together and create pro-Pharma zones where you can all move. That way you aren’t endangering the rest of us with your false beliefs.

  • Jane domes
  • getoverit

    dude…adjust your tinfoli hat. it’s waaaay too tight.

  • Truthbknown

    No, you refuse to argue with a free-thinking college graduate with a degree in toxicology, and people who actually think for themselves and know what the hell they are talking about because you can only regurgitate mainstream nonsense that you have been programmed to believe to support the biotech corps and bigpharma agendas. I’d rather be considered a “conspiracy theorist” by an idiot, than listen to an idiot lol Enjoy your cardboard box you live in, troll.

  • Truthbknown

    I agree, I wish all these idiots would just gather up and go buy an island somewhere so they can all line up and get all their injections together like good lil fall-lowers. I’d give them 20 years or less, more than half of them would be dead or dying – and they would still find a way to blame it on the rest of us lol

  • Wile E Genius

    Trump should pardon.

  • steelarts

    Jesus Christ, that is unbelievable! You Americans have been 100% brain washed into thinking that you live in “The Land of The Free” here’s the news guys, just in case you haven’t got it, YOU DON’T!. US foreign policy is basically, the US does nothing for anyone unless it’s in its own interest. This is well known amongst the rest of the world and now the outside world sees crap like this and how the Native Americans are treated at Standing Rock, all happening within America’s own borders and you know what? YOU AIN’T THE GOOD GUYS ANYMORE! Remember, all it takes for evil to prevail is that good men (and women) do nothing. I don’t pray, but I sincerely hope and wish that common sense will prevail in this travesty of justice.

  • jim

    He’s a troll trying to discredit any real conversation and truth,he’s a paid buffoon,trying to make anyone who doesn’t agree with the mainstream ideas look foolish.I wonder how it feels to be a judas and sell yourself for a few coins.

  • Truthbknown

    Awwwwe does the truth butthurt that badly? No dear, vaccinations are NOT proven to work, and you need to research history a little bit more before barfing up mainstream propaganda and BS. Advancements in modern day conveniences such as plumbing, and communicable disease preventing practices such as washing hands is responsible for the decline in these diseases – not your beloved vaccines. Do you know that “Polio” thrives in fecal matter? Did you know that once cultures discovered how to keep feces out of drinking water and other advancements in sanitation that all these “diseases” you fear so much were already starting to rapidly decline way before the invention of these high profit vaccines? Did you know that there are more deaths and adverse, life-long diseases now associated with vaccinations than there are from these diseases? LOL, I don’t give a crap if you have a degree from Harvard University or if you worked in the “medical field” LOL, you sound like your education came from the Ronald McDonald House. Your “opinion” is asinine, and letting people like you spread your idiocy is more important than your feelings. I recall your comment being pretty damn rude and insulting yourself, so practice what you preach – some of us are just better at putting people in their place, get over it.

  • Rick Lord

    Salve is a gateway drug that can, potentially, lead to raw milk

  • Anti Everything

    Maybe. But that is a side issue and not part of this conversation.

  • Anti Everything

    You have stumbled upon a conversation that is not part of your interests. WE are conversing about a guy getting screwed by a criminal CORPORATION known as the ‘UNITED STATES’. It is a ‘for profit’ corporation that is ‘defacto’. Now, back to health and freedom

  • Anti Everything

    WHO WAS HARMED!?! his guy joins a long list of great people that have come up with ‘cures’ that harm the ‘GREED MONSTER’ (BUT CURE PEOPLE) that controls the medical industrial complex. If his stuff didn’t work or the FDA was not “intimidated” by the conclusion that it does/may work they would NOT have made such a deal out of this. This is a matter of ‘control’.

  • Organiclifegh

    Ive been manufacturing and selling homemade salves for all forms of skin conditions including skin cancer with all organic ingredients and i thank my ancestors that im not in America. Damn you people are free range prisoners. Ghaddafi didn’t do even a quarter of what your government is doing to you to his people but the west overthrew him. You people are too passive. Is it the fluoride in the waters or the chem-trails? you better wake up and fight the government cuz they don’t represent you but their sponsors.
    wake up people!



  • Ed Scott Barnett

    The Government wants their cut, Watch and see if they don’t steal his salve and start marketing it themselves. They want to control every aspect of people lives, and a lot of remedies do help people but that also cuts into the Pharmaceutical corporations of making big money. This is not freedom, nor justice this is about control and slavery to Government and Corporate entities.

  • don sheets

    The best product promotional possible: ” Not approved by the FDA”.

  • Truth seeker

    You are either extremely blind or extremely stupid and gullible. I know more children that have been hurt and killed in the end from vaccines than I care to. How cold blooded are you that you are unwilling to see the truth. Or are you one of the FDA’s shill as they accuse you of. As to being uneducated, you obviously are or you would know the truth. In the end the truth will win, for the truth shall set us free. Thank God.

  • Truth seeker

    You definitely are a shill, that is obvious. You keep regurgitating the same garbage. You are exposed so you can stop your ridicules scenario of how concerned you are. The only thing you are concerned about id to protect big pharmas $$$$$$$$$ You are enough to make any person want to vomit. Sad that there are people like you out there.

  • RedNekTex

    The wrong guy was on trial. It should have the gestapo thugs at the FDA and the Judge who sentences an old man to 48 years, essentially a death sentence for growing & selling natural herbs none of which are illegal. The FDA should be dismantled. It has become a huge adversary to healthcare.

  • Gaelicgal

    I would like to BUY his products were can I obtain them?

  • Susan Dunn

    Maybe he should sell Pot it is legal in several states. I wonder if the people selling pot have to list everything in it? Coke use to be sold as a cure all…….now we drink it all day long…and it has been proven to be very bad for every one. So now we have an older man going to jail because he is making something that works? My best friend’s mother was suppose to die in a very short time due to cancer. My friend was buying the weirdest stuff I had ever heard of. I felt for my friend, I knew what her mother meant to her. She was spending money, on what I thought was stupid, but she would not stop. Her mother lived many years longer then she was suppose to. So who is this guy hurting…….I will tell you he is hurting the big companies that sell us all the crap that does not work. I believe there is cure for cancer, but why let us know, when we spend billions of dollars to fight it. I think this is one of the worst things I have listen too. I do need a drink after this……leave the man alone….or let him sell pot!

  • rwoodin

    This is an absolute disgrace. The FDA actions against individuals and businesses is what first opened my eyes to the absolute evil being practiced on a regular basis by the massive government of the United States. Trump just appointed a new FDA commissioner. It may be helpful to find out (if possible), who at the FDA is responsible for this particular storm-trooper action. At least the FDA people responsible would be outed.

  • Sarah

    This is scary stuff and could probably happen to more people than you think. I sell wool diaper covers and make claims that the lanolin on the wool is healthy for the skin. Never even thought that I could be “breaking the law” by stating something so obvious.

  • Suzanne

    Is there anything we can do to help him?

  • Crystal Stingray

    And you and “the government” are the arbiters of what or who puts children or others “in harm’s way”? Hmm. What do you do behind closed doors? What have you done in your life that might be arbitrarily deemed as putting children or others “in harm’s way”? Have you ever sped in your car? Accidentally blown a stop sign because you didn’t see it? Sneezed or coughed in the vicinity of someone in public without covering yourself? Gone out of the house with the flu? Cut yourself and bled without knowing it? What do you “Google” in private when you think no one is “looking”? What might “they” find on you that they could frame you with if they so chose to? . . . very slippery slope you’re on there . . .

  • Crystal Stingray

    If one is ALIVE, one is “at risk” for illness, disability and death. ;0)

  • LandofDave

    Online petitions are a waste of time and just gets you on mailing list – what’s missing he is Girod fired his attorney and represented him self made a number of legal mistakes and now is looking at time.
    I’m not saying what he did was wrong and I think the charges and conviction is ridiculous but if has half a brain he’ll hire a lawyer for an appeal. If you want to make a difference contact the governor’s office.

  • PeterCottontail

    How in the blazes does this constitute prison time?????

  • There are so many of them that they will need entire states. I suggest giving them California since they are first (that I know of) to try to make accepting vaccinations mandatory.

  • John Watts

    You are a moron.

  • John Watts

    This just isn’t true though is it? If there was a natural cure for cancer, I’d prefer the version made under controlled sterile conditions by a pharmaceutical company and not the one made in someone’s shed in a bucket. That’s the first way there’s profit to be made.

    Further to that there’s more long term profit to be made from selling treatments for chronic conditions in old age than there is from cancer treatments – if you cute people of cancer and they live long enough to get arthritis and dementia you make money from all three. If they die of cancer your revenue stream dies with them.

  • John Watts

    Shame they can’t vaccinate against being a fool because you could have done with a shot.

    Watching YouTube videos does not count as research. Reading articles on this commercial product selling site does not count as research, shouting in an echo chamber does not count as research.

    The fact youI’ve said that un-vaccinated children can’t be scientifically proven to spread the diseases they’re not immune to shows you’re incapable of conducting research.

    You’re a dogmatic idiot and you are a risk to children.

  • John Watts

    They become a risk to the ones who’ve not been vaccinated yet. Please explain that one away.

  • DLH

    I am not a fan of any type of GESTAPO type government!

  • John Gibson

    There is no common sense in a Corporatocracy. The U.S.A and it’s beureuacrats are a disgrace to the Human Race!!

  • Mikey

    There are plenty of “natural” things that can quickly kill, maim or blind your dumb @ss. That’s why we have an FDA and I’m happy to have them.

  • Gaan Thai

    From a metaphorical or even metaphysical perspective your argument is interesting.But literally,simplicity is difficult for twisted minds.

  • Orange Bettaboy

    You are incorrect. First in an emergency get to a hospital.

    Why would you think herbal remedies are “made in a shed in a bucket” sort of dismissive as to how controlled these processes actually are. More people die from pharmaceutical Rx (see below) millions then herbal remedies (which are safe if used as directed just as with any plant. All plants have toxins in them to ward off fungus, other competing plants, animals and insects) One knows NOT to eat Rhubarb greens and only the stalk.

    My first research paper in the 70’s was on “the Myth of Cholesterol” (every cell in your body needs it)… now vindicated as the companies involved stated recently “we were wrong” yet many have damaged hearts due to “cholesterol lowering drugs”.

    (background in both sciences, chemistry of arts and other areas,
    including medical and legal research with statistics, as well my mother
    was in traditional medicine). Decades of herbal Chinese, Ayuvedic
    other research, as well the horrific animal lab testing (worth billions
    to the companies that do so).

    The Rx companies do such nightmare testing – do you really want a product that puts drano in a rabbit eye or down a beagle’s stomach (most all of the pharmaceutical companies make highly toxic products, garden, consumer and industrial. Think Bayer Aspirin Bayer pesticides. There are now skin drafts or computer models (not to mention repeating the same tests due to the billions made from equipment and other sources of revenue.)

    One can take aspirin or white willow bark which is where aspirin comes from. From Harvard Research

    New Prescription Drugs: A Major Health Risk With Few Offsetting Advantages

    June 27, 2014
    by Donald W. Light

    Few people know that new prescription drugs have a 1 in 5 chance of
    causing serious reactions after they have been approved. That is why
    expert physicians recommend not taking new drugs for at least five years unless patients have first tried better-established options, and have the need to do so.

    Few know that systematic reviews of hospital charts found that even
    properly prescribed drugs (aside from misprescribing, overdosing, or
    self-prescribing) cause about 1.9 million hospitalizations a year.
    Another 840,000 hospitalized patients are given drugs that cause serious adverse reactions for a total of 2.74 million serious adverse drug reactions. About 128,000 people die from drugs prescribed to them. This makes prescription drugs a major health risk,
    ranking 4th with stroke as a leading cause of death. The European
    Commission estimates that adverse reactions from prescription drugs
    cause 200,000 deaths; so together, about 328,000 patients in the U.S.
    and Europe die from prescription drugs each year. The FDA does not
    acknowledge these facts and instead gathers a small fraction of the


    There are only (at last count) 11 maybe more or less now states that have or allow “medical freedom” – if not the Rx companies go after doctors to de-liscence them. I was in NYC and wanted to do Oxygen therapies, and my MD Dr. Majic Ali who is now holistic could not until NYC and Oregon passed such a law. H2O2 and other forms of Oxygen are native to our cells (complex) but when one is dying and all cells and inner organs damaged nothing is produced and all other cellular functions cease. When the law passed and we were able to do I.V.s of H2O2 (along with other therapies, my base was Dr. Max Gersons cancer therapy) it was a turning point. I was vegetative, all organs breaking down and internal bleeding – through my pores – many other symptoms – all from chemicals during renovations both at work or apartment and second hand smoke while at work collage and most places – it was not banned yet.

    A major drug company tried to buy the patent and take it off market (maybe successful) but any MD in a medical freedom state can use it)

    You can buy 33% food grade if you can find it at a health food store and use the formula on Dr. Majid Ali’s site for a bath (need to be nearly dead for IV) – and it will enter through the bloodstream and destroy any neurotic tissue without damaging the healthy, gram negative bacteria as well many viruses – this is its purpose in the body anyway. if one is healthy. The H2O2 common on store shelves contains a tiny bit of mercury, allowed by law.


    *I went holistic when I was of age, avoiding open heart surgery and recovering from an end stage after heavy chemical exposures due to a bld fire and other sources. I did the Gerson Max MD cancer therapy as a base (saw it in Oregon, friends grandmother was told by traditional MD to “take her home to die” and she lived another 30 years. “The soil is our external metabolism.” All healthy soils provide for healthy foods, cooked below boiling, juicing and certain additional nutrients. These conditions no longer exists, as well long ago Bayer out of Germany made huge efforts to stamp out vitamins and other nutrients – needed by every cell in the body and although MD.s are not trained in nutrition they do know the cycles of the body such as the Krebs and others whereby these nutrients are chemically illustrated. There are millions of such pathways, including enzyme pathways in our physiology. They key to life is these enzymes – and hence on the Gerson therapy one “stewed” the foods below the boiling point, to not destroy them, as well the live nutrients in juicing.

    A Rockefeller by the way created the American Medical Association… he was part of a chemical consortium and thus the beginning to stamp out any competition. It is much involved but you can search that for yourself – involved with the FDA, EPA and other agencies all a front to eliminate herbal and other plant based and highly effective therapies at that.

    Cancer first was almost rare not long ago (my mothers 53 Merck Manual mentions it as a rarity and it was not due to lack of diagnosis). The environment was not as chemically damaged – did you know your personal care products, created by the Pharmaceuticals are highly toxic. Look up toxins in fragrance. For one of my degrees we had to study the “toxicity” or RX (they are only called “side effects” to not scare people but you can see them on the TV commercials.

  • Orange Bettaboy

    She is correct – Bayer started this decades ago to stamp out natural therapies. Dr.s have to spend millions to defend their practice if not in a medical freedom state. I used to have to pay a German friend to buy a natural peppermint oil blend which helped my lungs while still working in smoking offices (took 8 months after it was banned at one major back bank office – count was 2k cigarettes in a 20 minute time line). Cost was 500 bucks as there in Germany one had to get a prescription to buy natural products – that was Bayer (a German company) intent for the U.S.

    When many (long before computers) wrote a massive mail campaign to stop this (can you imagine a Rx for Vitamin c ) the next tactic was to call them “drugs” and make the companies to the massive spending of millions to pass FDA and other “health” inspections.

    Some knew of the politics (nightmare politics one would have to be a lawyer) and others found out when they were shut down. I tried to buy a dental gum product – a wonderful product and was able to buy the last three. A woman with 30 years experience made the mistake of saying good for gums and the FDA went after them with a vengeance (as it always does led by the AMA and other aligned companies) (* after a local dentist harmed my and other’s teeth – he would deliberately drill into the nerve of the tooth then ignore your calls and later have to extract them. Although this was known, by local dental schools and other patients the news was never in the paper and he was never prosecuted as his father – also draining money from gov contracts) donated millions to local hospitals. His license was silently take away and he fled to another “more welcoming” state to do more decades of damage.

  • Orange Bettaboy

    The older ones were less damaging as they were not combined. We of that older generation had vaccines but they were done in single doses spread over time (mumps, measles so on single). Now they are and contain not only mercury but aluminum and overwhelm undeveloped immune systems.

    I am old enough to remember when the so called new “dis eases” did not exist. The elderly on my block (89 to even 103) were sharp minded until they died with fantastic memories. Arthritis came mostly from mechanical damage (working on lines with repetitive motions much as the computer keyboard now causes “carpal” tunnel damage because unlike the older typewriters there is no push back (resistance)

    See point two.

    The Rx companies have a deal with the Government that they can not be sued for damages.

    1 – have not been subject to toxicity studies for many of the ingredients such as aluminum and mercury, which are known neurotoxins

    2 – have not been studied for adverse effects in the combinations in
    which they’re given (multiple shots in a single day for infants and

    3 – cannot be guaranteed to provide the benefit of immunity for which they are given

    4 – are used to “prevent” benign childhood diseases, diseases which actually “teach” the immune system how to work properly

  • rhett

    Measles have killed 10 people in 14 years…how dangerous is that desease? Pharma has killed more than that in one week!

  • Covfefe

    I would reach out to the President on twitter, snail mail and I would reach out to AG Sessions. It can’t hurt in the mean time I will pray for him. This is so wrong! Good luck and God bless you Mr Girod. *To me it’s due to corrupt Obama people in power, since has been a regime change.

  • kstewskisAZ

    This is an absolute travesty. FDA “thuggery” at it’s finest. Sentencing has been moved to June 30th, so there is still time to sign the petition. Let the FDA know that we won’t put up with them any longer. Covefefe, good suggestion to reach out to President Trump on Twitter, it’s the only way he’s chosen to connect w/ “we the people.” Hopefully the message gets to him, and whatever the outcome, he’ll grant a pardon.

  • Roxann Huffman

    Leave the Amish people alone!

  • petervegetoolian

    LOL you can’t be serious thinking Trump will fix this. He would probably want to deport the guy for having an amish accent

  • petervegetoolian

    Even if he knew about it he would not give an ratz rump about the guy. Trump doesn’t care about people like this man.

  • petervegetoolian

    Naturopathy is just voodoo medicine. I have seen so many old people with cancer get sucked in by Naturopaths, selling them this herb and that herb and the old people think they can extend their lives. So sad that you prey on those who are desperate. Vaccinations have a valid track record of nearly driving diseases extinct but the these bogus quacks suggest it is bad and convince a whole lot of people not to get vaccinated and then all of a sudden Tuberculosis is back. Hmmm interesting

  • petervegetoolian

    I totally agree. Bogus remedies don’t work.

  • petervegetoolian

    You are pulling my leg

  • PBR Streetgang

    This is bullshit.

  • retired trucker

    I want more details on that registration not filed/complied with ?! Is there a cost to do so? And does the registration obligate him to certain things/controls by the entity he registered with ? And does it limit him in any way ? Is there a cost to him from fda, after the fact ? Had he been giving this stuff away as opposed to profiting from it, we may have had, an entirely different case here. !?! eh ?
    I believe that the root cause to this suit originated in the AMA bylaws which are hidden from any citizens scrutiny and are only allowed to be viewed by registered doctors. The important part being, the ama has the right to prosecute people /remedies which may be a threat to the profits of the doctors !! I’ll bet nobody here ever heard of it. Which begs the question of how did they get such a contract in america and approved as well ?! Who exactly did that ? On the face of it seems quite un-american to me, and I’ll bet most folk feel the same, except for the commies of course who don’t believe in God nor real freedom! I believe this and similar issues is coming from the Beast of Revelation that deceived the entire world……

  • retired trucker

    Common sense it not allowed in commerce….only rules and regulations, that need to be controlled, mostly to siphon off profits as being part of commerce but also as a control mechanism, like the fine print on the marriage license that nobody reads or understands!
    Now we can see the fangs on the Beast….. eh ?

  • retired trucker

    a trojan horse snuck it’s way in long ago and I don’t fully understand the circumstances of it either. but we are seeing and feeling the effects today…..

  • retired trucker

    Yahoo has them too, in the health section discrediting options/alternatives in favor of doctors, most likely ama trolls….spread like an epidemic

  • retired trucker

    which means , to the ama, he was a threat to the doctors profits which brought them out of the shadows….

  • retired trucker

    lol @ transgendered fish……just love it……

  • retired trucker

    I believe it did, long before the trojan horse got in…it hides in the shadows from the people like hidden assassins and we seem to be describing the beast of Revelation that deceived the entire world…

  • retired trucker

    because the common law got escorted out of the system in the mid 1940’s

  • retired trucker

    he’s got the full dose of fear, hook, line and sinker……nothing can penetrate that much fear…..

  • retired trucker

    the ama may have whacked his pee-pee over that…..

  • retired trucker

    not stupid, but full of fear, he bought all the fear that was on sale and us mortals cannot penetrate all that fear

  • retired trucker

    hate to tell you, it started with a violation of ama bylaws, which state the ama will defend doctors profits ! and of course, that is repugnant to right thinking peoples, and I believe it is grandfathered in place, and it just catches unsuspecting folk trying to live the best they can…..damn shame

  • retired trucker

    I think it was just part and parcel of the corporations being recognized as people in the mid 1800’s….look it up……