A new report from the USDA has found what doctors and health practitioners alike have known for awhile; Americans are eating far too many fats, sugars, and grains. The new report tracked how food consumption patterns have changed in the US over the last 40 years by examining how many fruits, veggies, grains, proteins, dairy, added fats and oils, and added sugars and sweeteners, per capita, were available.

Check out this chart from the USDA. The inner ring shows calories by food group from the 1970’s, while the outer ring data is from 2014.

Now, it’s not all bad news. Americans have been eating more avocados (I can’t blame them), as well as fruits like mangos, apples, melons and bananas, than in the 1970’s. And they are eating more broccoli and mushrooms, too. But according to the report, we are consuming “more added fats and oils than ever.”


From the article:

“The most tremendous jump in fats is vegetable fats and oils — 87 percent. That includes salad and cooking oils (canola and olive) which are up by 248 percent. (Note, these are the “unsaturated fats” that are often deemed healthier.)”

(Animal fats like butter and lard are down by 27 percent, perhaps because many people still believe the lie that “saturated fats” are less healthy.)

It’s great to see Americans starting to take more of an active role in their food consumption- we are certainly more educated on food in 2017 than we’ve ever been. However, we are still eating TOO MUCH of the things we should be consuming less of and the consequences of that speak volumes- obesity rates have tripled.

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Source: VOX