A group of American Airlines flight attendants has retained legal counsel for a lawsuit against uniform supplier, Twin Hill, claiming their uniforms caused them serious harm. It’s not known if American Airlines will be a co-defendant in the suit as well.1 The group has retained LA-based firms Balaban & Spielberger and Kabateck Brown Kellner.

Back in December of 2016, we reported that American Airlines and the Association of Professional Flight Attendants had jointly tested their new uniforms to determine if the clothing was responsible for reactions that have triggered more than 1,600 health complaints by cabin crews. The story was huge and we were secretly contacted by a number of flight attendants willing to share photos of themselves displaying just what the uniforms had done to them. (See the article just below.)


Although the airline has decided to let attendants wear old uniforms until new ones can be purchased (they are expected to be ready by 2020- why does it take THAT LONG?), the Association of Professional Flight Attendants has continued to receive notice of suspected health reactions. That number now totals more than 3,500 cases.2

We will watch this story and update you as soon as the suit has been brought to court. We are so thankful we could help get the word out and stand with American Airlines employees.

XO- Erin


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