American Airline Employees Share Real Photos of what Happens after Wearing Their New Uniforms (or just being around them)

Just one of the many reactions American Airlines employees tell us they are having with their new uniforms

Many of you will remember the story we did, back in Dec 2016, about the Amercian Airlines employees who were getting sick because of their new uniforms. << (Please click for details on the uniforms and our longer original story ) Well, the madness hasn’t ended; people are still suffering because AA won’t recall the new uniforms and the flight attendants wearing their old uniforms are suffering being around those wearing the new uniform.







A uniform showing high levels of dangerous chemicals.


Risking their jobs and careers, a number of employees reached out to me and one brave woman even gathered together some pictures for us to share.

First, they forced employees to spray pesticides on flights, sometimes when passengers were on board, and now they are making them wear uniforms so laden with chemicals that it’s causing serious health issues.

From our brave source:

“Ok, I’ve attached a bunch of pics. Also some key points; 1. We think heat is exacerbating the reactions, so we are VERY fearful for the warm weather. 2. Many of us are wearing out old uniforms, but are having terrible reactions when we go to work and others are in new uniform. 3. Injury on duty is being denied for everyone, there are many who cannot go to work because their Dr won’t let them fly around (sic) the uniform. There are many single moms with no income. People are having all types of reactions in line with toxins; chemical bronchitis, chemical pneumonia, hives, rashes, severe eye problems, headaches, hair falling out, etc. Thank you so very much from all of us, there’s about 4500 now, for helping us have a voice. We love you for it ❤❤❤ Sincerely,”


Of course. We will continue to speak out until this problem gets resolved. Stay strong and as healthy as you are able. XO- Erin






Here are some photos sent into us with just some of the reactions AA employees have privately and publicly stated they are having from these uniforms which many call toxic:







 Irritated, red, inflamed and damaged skin.





A face that has been marred by chemical reaction to chemically laden uniforms. 







The effects of wearing new uniforms/working around new uniforms.


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  • Jabezabella2013

    What is the fabric of these uniforms made from, and what chemicals are they treated with?

  • Mary

    Unbelievable – what is their problem? Why are they not concerned for the health of the attendants? Wouldn’t they be concerned about lawsuits? Thank God they have you Erin to expose this tragically harmful company!!!

  • MaybeYes

    What about passengers? Are we going to get sick too by being exposed to these toxins? It’s bad enough that the wifi is microwaving everyone in the metal tube (plane). And now you have this. So stupid.

  • Lucio Vero

    Sue the damn bastards, ffs!!!! So many people file frivolous lawsuits these days, and then you see a genuine life-endangerment case like this and apparently employees are scared to do anything. SUE THEIR ASSES OFF. #abusiveamericanairlines

  • Terri Hall

    Looks like Bromide Rash to me. Maybe they put a bromide-based flame retardant in manufacture of the uniforms.

  • Stephen Abbott

    The meters here and the readings weren’t explained in the article. It would be good to include this HERE even if it was covered in previous stories, which I’ll certainly go and check out.

  • David Allen

    where are the captions? why not write a proper story?

  • see link near top of story : )

  • The photos are sent anonymously by real AA employees (some verified) but they don’t exactly tell us details and cannot talk to the press (or aren’t supposed to) so we are unable to provide captions, but top link has ALL the info you would need.