AMA Issues New Threats To Outspoken Holistic Doctors, in the wake of...

AMA Issues New Threats To Outspoken Holistic Doctors, in the wake of 3 found dead


doctors-murdered-suicideFrom Allison Reed

Note: from Health Nut News Founder: I’ve reported on the deaths of 3 holistic  doctors in the last 2 weeks,  and now 2 MD’s who who have gone missing in recent days. I felt you’d want to see this article that came out yesterday on the subject of the AMA and holistic doctors who speak out below. Oh, and I found 3 more doctors killed in the last month or so. One died  in a motorcycle accident (cancer doctor) one in a plane crash and the other shot. I’ll be reporting on those 3 shortly. I don’t know if those three were holistic and am investigating further before publishing my piece. My heart goes out to ALL their families, patients and loved ones. In the meantime this might interest you:

AMA issues new threat to outspoken holistic doctors

 If it was not already clear that natural medicine was in the cross-hairs of organized medicine, it certainly is now. Recently, the American Medical Association (AMA) began crafting its ‘ethical guidelines for physicians in the media’ to ‘defend the integrity of the profession.’  The new guidelines will target unorthodox medical information that the AMA deems dubious and unsubstantiated and create disciplinary guidelines for doctors who make public claims that do not align with the ‘best available science’.

On the surface, these ethical guidelines may sound like a responsible way of discouraging doctors from making vague or erroneous statements and claims. A closer look, however, finds that the AMA is actually attempting to censor the free speech of doctors in media who draw attention to holistic medicine rather than the traditional Western treatments and medicines typically promoted by the pharmaceutical industry and conventional medicine.

The AMA continues to monopolize Western medicine and silence opponents

The American Medical Association is a powerful organization that uses the brunt of its influence to manipulate healthcare in America. In fact, the AMA spent nearly $20 million on lobbying in 2014 alone. Its roots go deep into American medicine, and it has a powerful influence over the way state licensing boards oversee and discipline physicians in the U.S.

The new ethical guidelines will make recommendations for how state boards might discipline doctors who are public figures or make statements in the media that do not align with the AMA’s stance on medical treatment. Those who helped craft the guidelines call doctors who support natural medicine ‘quacks’, and specifically name Dr. Oz as one of the physicians making bogus claims based on pseudoscience.

Interestingly, a look at the Doctor Oz website or one of his televised shows tends to reveal the opposite is true. Dr. Oz tends to recommend healthy lifestyles and natural remedies. He also encourages his viewers to eat whole foods and avoid processed foods and sugar to achieve better health. Yet organized medicine managed to call him before a senate committee to answer for ‘flowery speech’ and ‘unscientific claims’ he has made on his talk show.

Watch out: The health of Americans is at stake

Censorship is the easiest way for big pharma and organized medicine to maintain their monopoly on Western medicine. These new ethical guidelines will restrict American access to valuable natural health information and funnel people into the offices of traditional healthcare providers who will support traditional medical science rather than holistic medicine. Organized medicine would like nothing more than to continue lining their pockets with the profits generated by Americans who are dependent on medications rather than taking charge of their own health and wellness.

What will happen to doctors who stand by their beliefs rather than cave to the AMA? Will a physician be stripped of his license for deviating from the CDC’s mandated vaccine schedule? Will doctors be fined for recommending any course of alternative medicine that is not considered acceptable to those in power?

It is important to remember that the AMA is not a licensing or regulatory body – the states are. We must remind our lawmakers that freedom of speech is a fundamental right and demand that they not accept the AMA’s ethical guidelines, which themselves are unethical for the American people.


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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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  • OldUncleDave
  • You are among many heroes speaking out. Thank you. God bless & stay safe.

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  • Nut news

    u are a nut, a lot of the so called ‘holistic’ or whatever nonsense they call themselves are complete frauds. Do not trust your health to these frauds. They sell you snake oil and leech cash off you. If you want accurate information, read articles on sites like NEJM and JAMA.

  • Nut news

    This is nonsense information you are posting here and people need to realize that they need to trust their Physicians, they want to help you (most of them!). A lot of the modern medications are manufactured from plants, but they are very strong, where as the natural herbs are very weak, often contaminated with toxins and heavy metals!

  • Kevin

    Keep your head in the sand.

  • Kevin

    Keep your conspiracy theory going, you sound uninformed and dull. What kind of medication are you on ?

  • Lea Rice

    Looks like a lot of people are attacking you please stay safe.

  • Mary

    NOT TRUE. Weak and strong have nothing to do with it. But how about that…. they take from the plant knowledge already time-tested for millennia prior to modern medicine – of which medical journals exist…..
    but Modern medications are nothing like natural plants.
    Modern medicine extracts “derivatives” “believed” -not scientifically all proven, but “believed” – to be the “active” ingredient FROM the WHOLE COMPOUND that heals OF the plant .
    They then take its molecule and manipulate it, like removing electrons, etc., to transform it to a SYNTHETIC to PATENT, the structure of which does not exist anywhere in nature and responsible for the horrific side effects it would otherwise not have and responsible for how differently it then works with our natural organism’s algorithms, creating OTHER unwanted and unknown and unpredictable effects in the body AGAINST nature’s engineering.

    THAT is what makes medicine dangerous (not “strong” – DANGEROUS).

    And the fact is that the first grouped medical organization GAG-ORDERED all natural means and knowledge of Botany and herbology and homeopathy, and osteopathy, etc, in the 1800s and ruled that only a synthetic would be allowed to be used as treatment for the body….. and thereby illegalizing naturals for treatment.
    THIS is why no natural studies are allowed to be peer-reviewed and published unless it benefits their synthetics.
    THIS is why the public only knows conventional medicine.
    THIS is why natural medicine was stricken from medical college curriculum.
    THIS is why there is so much misinformation and confusion about natural.
    THIS is why no MD doctor “prescribes” natural medicine.
    THIS is why they do not tell you natural medicine works far better

    And they went even further…. medicine is also responsible for the allowance of all the toxic ingredients in our foods and for allowing GMOs into our mouths – for not defending and upholding the truth about our organism and science itself…. as to its innate scientific relationship with Earth’s produced bounty designed for our organism’s survival and nurture. Medicine is responsible for the monstrous growth of the pharmaceutical giants as it is the MEDICAL ORG who RULED medicine to BE SYNTHETICS ONLY….and going on to pollute our lands and waters….. and to poison our agriculture.

    All because of SYNTHETICS BEING ALLOWED TO BE CONSUMED in every which way!!!

  • Mary

    Yeah, she’s nuts about health (psst… that’s in her title)

    Here is some info you are lacking for lack of interest to know truth:

    Naturopathic Physicians – titled: ND.

    ND’s are required to be licensed as a primary care, general practice physician by a state or jurisdiction, which requires licensing. 17 States license and board certifies Naturopathic Physicians. (Plus Canada and Europe)
    They are required to take a national board examination:
    Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Exam (NPLEX) in 3 parts:
    Part I – Biomedical Science Examination,
    Part II – Core Clinical Science Examination – over the course of 3 days,
    Part III – Clinical Elective Examination in minor surgery and acupuncture.

    Here’s a good description of education:
    drmattnd com/ naturopathic-medicine/ naturopathic-medicine-curriculum
    (add dots and remove blanks)

    If taking drugs is what you call medicine and is your concern… then the answer is yes, ND’s are licensed to prescribe drugs just like conventional doctors – the big difference is that that is not their first line of treatment and SELDOM, if never, is needed

    And there are additional natural doctors like Osteopathic Physicians and Chiropractors, and Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.
    Not to mention a host of other effective natural means that you have never heard of but many use thanks to word of mouth.

    The truth is that the medical organization is terrified of Natural Medicine’s effectiveness, that they keep their own medical students and the public in the dark about them.

    If you want to know about natural medicine, do NOT consult with an uneducated medical doctor – he will have NO knowledge or training about it. That’s like asking a bee about bamboo.

    Plus if you READ…. you would see that most of them were CONVENTIONAL MEDICAL DOCTORS using holistic medicine – in pursuit OF TRUTH.