Holistic MD John Hicks Has Died

I’m struggling for words this morning as I let you know yet another doctor has died. John Hicks, MD was an alternative and holistic doctor. Our hearts are breaking for his wife, family and friends.

We still don’t have much info about what happened. We know he and his wife, Betsy, were at the Abraham-Hicks conference in Mexico with friends. At some point he fell ill with what seemed to be food poisoning. When he took a turn for the worse, they took him to the hospital (they assumed he was dehydrated), where they found him to have seriously blocked arteries. He went in for surgery, but hours later had a second heart attack and then died.

From his Facebook page:

“There is no one more shocked of his transition than me. John was never ill. He never complained. He enjoyed great health from my eyes, but he was also a terrible patient. Great at giving the advise, but not so much with taking it.


A dozen of my closest friends, and Jessie, filled the room and held me. There could not have been better words offered to me. We cried and even laughed a few times. Where else could that many supportive people assembled for me so quickly? This was no accident. His parting gift.”

In the last couple of years, the doctor began to expand his focus onto energy medicine and it became his main focus. For more information on that or the doctor’s clinic, you can visit this page.

His wife, and business partner has asked any who want to share just how Dr. Hicks impacted your life, to do so– with pictures too if you have any– in the comments section on his personal Facebook page. And, she directed people there as well if they want to truly know who he was.

Again, our hearts go out to everyone affected by his sad passing. We will update you as we have more information.

Source: Facebook