I’m unaware of any other county in the country, although I hope there are others, who have taken the stance that the Allegheny County Board of Health has. In July they voted to pursue an education and information campaign, which would promote the HPV vaccine, INSTEAD of mandating it to boost the number of children vaccinated in the county.

Allegheny County HPV Vaccine Mandate

However, before we get too excited it should be noted that board member Joylette Portlock wants to be allowed to revisit the HPV vaccine mandate should their education and information campaign not increase rates of vaccination. But, baby steps.

(For the story about HPV, start around minute 1:44.)

As you can imagine, a few medical doctors spoke in favor of mandating the vaccine. I’m curious, do any of them know what’s going on with this vaccine? Or do they just not care?

The CDC wants ALL CHILDREN, aged 11 or 12, to be vaccinated against the virus– even after we’ve seen what the vaccine does. Even after the fact that it’s given people the same cancer it’s supposed to protect them from.

From the article:

IT’S UNFORTUNATELY A GOOD DAY FOR CANCER AND A BAD DAY FOR PROTECTING THE PUBLIC,” said Karen Feinstein, director of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, an advocate of HPV vaccination.

In an analysis of Allegheny County claims data from three local health insurers, the foundation found vaccination rates vary, with 28 percent to 55 percent of boys ages 14 to 17 having received at least one dose of the vaccine. Three doses are recommended. The analysis showed 44 percent to 68 percent of girls had received at least one dose.”

The proposal got a lot of attention and of the people who provided comments to the Health Department, 641 were in favor of the mandate and 510 were against it, with the number one concern being that of parental choice.

We will watch how this story goes and hope that IF rates of vaccination do not go up, the board will still not mandate the vaccine.

Source: Tribe Live