Airlines Bend Rules For Pets

We prefer to call them fur parents, as we know the pets own us!

In the wake of the destructive Fort McMurray wildfires whipping through parts of Canada in recent days, countless residents and their pets have had no other choice but to flee and many have to fly.

Thankfully, at least two airlines, West Jet and Canadian North, have been bending the rules- so to speak- to make this easier for all parties involved (what a concept!)  They’re allowing these temporarily homeless  pets to fly in main cabins along with their owners (or as we like to call them- their fur parents!)

From the DODO:

Animals traveling by air would normally need to be contained and kept in the plane’s cargo hold. But with so many passengers unable to return home to grab their crates, it’s been crucial for them to have the option to cozy up with their pets in coach.

“It’s definitely unusual to carry pets in the cabin, but due to the unusual circumstances we were able to bend the rules to accommodate these animals,” a spokesperson from Canadian North told Huffington Post Canada.

The airlines’ decision has been met with much praise across the internet and social media outlets, where scenes of pets aboard the planes have gone completely viral.

And it’s easy to see why from the photos alone.

While there have been plenty of completely heartbreaking photos capturing the destruction and devastation from the wildfires, these images show very clearly that, with a little help from the big airlines, we can fix it and make it right and bending the rules can be a good thing (even a great thing!)