At the end of May, about two dozen Weston Elementary school kids in Ripon, California, skipped class in protest and demanded that the Ripon Unified School District remove what they believe is a cancer causing agent: the cell phone tower that sits on school grounds.


Kyle Prime, aged 11, who participated in the protest, was diagnosed with a Wilm’s tumor in his left kidney last year. His mother Kellie said, “Having a cell phone tower on a school ground, it’s… in 2011 it was classified as a known carcinogen so that tells me that it shouldn’t be around our children.” 1

Six months later, Mason Ferrulli was diagnosed with brain cancer.

“Both mothers said it was devastating to learn of their sons’ diagnoses. They believe the radiation from the communications tower, which was installed in 2009 on the school’s campus, may be the reason their sons got sick.

‘It’s there. It’s very, very close to the buildings. The kids are there, six, seven hours a day,’ Prime said.” 2

The American Cancer Society says there is “very little evidence” that towers cause cancer. 3 Regardless, Ferrulli said she demanded answers from the school district but has heard nothing, “They don’t know when it’s tested, what the last radiation levels that were tested. How often it’s tested.” 4


Do you know what memon technology is?

Thankfully, both boys are cancer free. However, the families say they may change schools in order to protect their children’s health.

We can’t say we blame them.

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