If you received a flu, whooping cough or hepatitis A vaccine made by Location Vaccination, it might not work. “And on top of that, it might have actually infected you.”1

In late September, the Mount Sterling company started providing vaccines for businesses in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. However, shortly after that, “some people started noticing swelling and lumps at the injection site.”

According to Kentucky’s health department, the vaccines were contaminated because they weren’t stored properly. The company has halted distribution.

But here’s another huge issue: symptoms can show up three months after getting the vaccine.

If you live in any of the three states where the vaccines were distributed, call the Kentucky Health Department at 502-564-3418. And If your business used vaccines from Location Vaccination, please let your employees know immediately.

There are health experts who think that anyone vaccinated with those particular vaccines should get another round but we have health experts who state otherwise. Thanks, but no thanks! (I grew up in Columbus, Indiana after being adopted in Chicago as an infant. I lived there through high school and then attended four years of college in Indianapolis.)

Robert Scott Bell interviewed an RN from the midwest named Michelle who says she called the Department of Health in Kentucky when she couldn’t get any answers in her own state of Ohio. She stated on the show yesterday that she talked to the top epidemiologist and they said people were infected. It appears the people have microorganisms and might have to be on antibiotics for months. Maybe even years. We are thinking of these people and just shocked at the alleged improper handling of these vaccinations. We must ask ourselves how often does this happen? I personally don’t want to find out and take that chance.

 XO Erin Elizabeth


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