On Wednesday, the San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera issued a subpoena for the patient medical records of prominent anti-vaccine advocate Dr. Kenneth Stoller. Seems Herrera is worried that Dr. Stoller unlawfully gave medical exemptions to some children. Herrera said, “As a community, we have a responsibility to each other. If someone uses a medical exemption they don’t qualify for and introduces unvaccinated children into that environment, the kids who legitimately can’t get a vaccine – and ultimately the general public – are the ones in real danger.”1


Speaking for Dr. Stoller, his attorney Rick Jaffe said he’s “skeptical” about the city attorney’s legal argument, “We have some questions about how a medical doctor’s practice in making a medical decision could constitute a public a nuisance. I suspect that would be unprecedented.”1


But this is just the kind of thing Dr. Dick Pan is trying to snuff out; he doesn’t want doctors to have the ability to give their patients medical exemptions anymore. And I have a feeling that with the government in his corner, they are going to hound and harass every doctor they can.


Dr. Stoller is a prominent anti-vaccine advocate, a member of the leadership team for ‘Physicans For Informed Consent’, and vaccine injured:

“I spent years trying to find out how I became temporarily paralyzed at the age of four while attending the birthday party of a neighbor who was turning five. Eventually I compared notes with an elderly man who had developed polio in his youth, and then asked my mother if I had been vaccinated with the polio vaccine (circa 1960) around the time of the neighbor’s birthday party. As it turned out, I had been vaccinated two weeks before the paralysis I experienced. Thus, having been vaccine-injured myself, it altered the way I evaluated the efficacy and safety of vaccines.”1

Since SB 277 passed, Dr. Stoller has continued to care for his patients. And according to his lawyer, he’s been giving medical exemptions when the science leads him there, “There is a group of doctors in California that have taken these two senators at their word and are issuing broader indicators based on family history just like these senators said they could do.” 1


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