ABC: Homeland Security Releasing Chemicals Into Air for “Terror Attack” Test, Even Politicians are concerned.

Coming this January, Homeland Security is planning to conduct chemical and biological tests near the border between Kansas and Oklahoma. Obviously, people are upset and concerned.

The location of the test is near the Kansas/Oklahoma border, “about 6 miles south of Arkansas City and about 55 miles southeast of Wichita. Wind typically blows out of the south, which could carry airborne particles into Kansas where it could affect, humans, nature, and wildlife.” 1

Department officials plan to execute a “low-level outdoor release” of “chemical and biological simulant materials at the old Chilocco Indian School in Newkirk” in January and then again in June so they can determine how well protected someone would be inside should biological weapons be used during a terror attack. 

The government has assured everyone that “low” concentrations of particles will be released and that the tests won’t have any adverse impacts on human health or the environment. (How can they be so sure of that?)

I cannot even begin to explain how I feel about this and how patently irresponsible this is, on the part of the government, to even consider doing something like this.

“U.S. Rep. Ron Estes of Kansas said Thursday he has ‘numerous questions’ about the tests. He says federal agencies ‘need to be 100 percent certain this test is safe for the residents of south-central Kansas.'”2

We applaud Rep Ron Estes for asking questions! Why aren’t other representatives doing the same thing? Is everyone asleep??

“For the particle test, the federal government plans to release titanium dioxide, which it describes as a ‘white odorless powder that is chemically insoluble in water, nonreactive, nonflammable, and nonhazardous.’ It also plans to release urea powder mixed with a CL Fluorescent Brightener.

(FYI, Europe thinks of titanium dioxide as a carcinogen-meaning it causes cancer.)

For the biological portion of the test, it plans to release genetic barcoded spores of a biological insecticide known as native Btk, which is sold under the trade name of Dipel. Dipel is not considered a hazard by the Environmental Protection Agency when handled appropriately, according to the assessment.”3

(The EPA has been caught lying and cheating the people numerous times by law enforcement officials.)

People have 30 days to submit comments/concerns about the tests to Homeland Security by email at or by mail to the Department of Homeland Security:

S&T CBD Mail Stop 0201

245 Murray Ln SW

Washington, DC 20528-0201

The deadline for comments is Dec. 8. We’d suggest you make your feelings known.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Georgia Girl

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really tired of being used as a guinea pig.

  • BC

    This needs to be stopped. I just emailed my reps in Kansas and asked them to stop this. If everyone would it might carry some weight.

  • I’m sure you can trust the government.

  • Peggas

    Every one needs to write them!! Don’t set around thinking your neighbor will! Do it now!!!

  • Alleged-Comment

    Why don’t they test it on government officials? Why are we always the guinea pigs? As far as I’m concerned, they are the real pigs.

  • Derek Whitman

    That’s an adorable sentiment…maybe, if we say “please”, they’ll stop poisoning us on countless fronts.

  • Brad

    When those in the highest positions with unlimited power, wealth and resources state on record they want a population reduction of 90%, you better pay attention because they’re talking about you!

  • There was a tiny bit of titanium dioxide in my dog’s white “dental” treats. He is 80 lbs, and one tiny treat would make him super light sensitive, confused, groggy.. unable to stand straight, swaying, sinking… like a drunk on psychedelics for 2 days. I asked the manufacturer about the ingredients because titanium poisoning has all the same symptoms. The white variety of this bulk treat was pulled off the shelves shorty after. If a tiny single dog treat containing titanium dioxide can do that passing through the digestive tract of an 80 lbs dog, I can only imagine what it might do to humans in the vicinity of an airborne release. :'(

  • Rhonda Shepherd

    Of course this is EVIL and INSANE and meant to do harm but my GOD , what about the chemtrails that they are spraying over our heads EVERY DAMN DAY???

  • amuncat

    EVERYTHING is facked up!! Our economy, our government, our society…EVERYTHING!!! Things have gotten so out of hand that the things they use to hide they do it completely in the open. They knowingly poison us, and since we don’t drop dead right away, they blame it on something else. This will simply be referred to as collateral damage! And just to cover their azzes, they probably have a provision where you can’t sue them for what results from their wrecklessness!!!! YOU NO LONGER MATTER…GIT IT!!! Hey, and too late! As that Isley Bros song says, “…You shoulda been down long ago!”

  • amuncat

    Well, do something! Oops! Too late! We’re done!

  • amuncat

    Get REAL!!! Congress already knows they have a single digit approval rating…and are making $$$ hand over fist! The trains gone!!! You thought there were dems and repubs…No longer! Just separate wings on the same bird!

  • amuncat

    As I say, there is no way that “climate change” can be addressed w/o including geoengineering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep separating the bottles from the cans…and cow farts and we’ll be fine! Right!

  • amuncat

    It won’t be the fault of the test, trust me! They’ll do EVERYTHING to have their scientist prove it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amuncat

    And they’ve been talking about this for a long long time…and acting on it!!

  • amuncat

    Hear! Hear! Bro! Hear! Hear! I feel better already! Thanks…I neeed that!

  • Karmw1

    These people, our government, are truly insane. I wonder if something happens that is not suppose to, will they say we’re sorry, our bad!

  • Inretrospect

    Putting aside all the heavy metal aerosols that have been being sprayed in our skies for the last 25-years, I wonder how many times our Government has conducted these “alleged” safe test drills, without informing us BEFORE they did it?

  • Dick Tracy

    The Nazis must have won WWII because they are continuing medical experiments on the people without their permission.

  • Ginger Galloway

    Didn’t they use this same line on the public when they were doing the tests in the desert? Address anyone’s concerns with ” the tests won’t have an adverse impact on human health or the environment “.

  • Cynthia

    Don’t you mean their ‘wickedness’ and not ‘wrecklessness’? Sometimes, I wonder, are they even human?! What kinda humans do these things to other humans?!

  • Regina Eason

    There practicing. For another terrorist attack our government is responsible for all the attacks on America and all the diseases and wars the FBI CIA homeland security and courts and even local law enforcement are covering for them

  • Frank Energy

    I think your proposed “test” is irresponsible. We do not need to add toxins to our
    environment. There is already plenty
    enough science on aerosol dispersion. Your
    response is requested.

  • Regina Eason

    They are practicing for a real terrorist attack on us don’t yall know our Goverment is responsible for all the attacks on America

  • Hidayat Rizvi

    likk a Saudi prince dikk now!!! To contain Muslim hatred!!!

  • TruthyLucy

    I keep thinking I’ll wake up from this and it’s all been just a bad dream. Never happens, I’m still watching this nightmare unfold in real time and it just keeps getting more & more disturbing.
    I never imagined that we would be witnessing the blatent slow kill of humanity. How do you knowing & willingly go along with the posioning of the American people like it’s business as usual? There is something wrong with these people there all sociopaths or not human.

  • SteveO

    False flags