ABC: Holistic Doctor & Family Killed in “Horrific” Triple Murder at Santa Barbara Estate

Holistic Doctor Deaths

Holistic Doctor & Family Killed in “Horrific” Triple Murder

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Editor’s note: There are additional videos further down and here is a recap on all holistic doctor deaths (not including the last few, will update soon).

It saddens me to break this tragic news to my readers. I actually met Dr. Han when I lived in Southern California (where I just was three days ago, speaking at a holistic doctor event).

Dr. Weidong “Henry” Han, 57, his wife, Huijie Yu, 29, and their daughter, Emily Han, 5, were found dead Wednesday in their home in the 4600 block of Greenhill Way. Authorities said the trio were homicide victims and that the killings were not random. Therefore, the authorities have concluded the public has nothing to worry about (even though holistic doctors keep being found dead at an alarming rate).


“Forensics workers from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s office and the state Justice Department continue to process the scene of three homicides, described as “horrific” by law enforcement. It happened in an upscale home less than a mile from the Sheriff’s Department headquarters in the hills above the Goleta Valley.”

We first heard the news from one of Dr. Han’s long time patients.

More from ABC News:

“A news release from the Sheriff’s Department said detectives believe this “was not a random attack.”

A family friend who arrived on the scene told a reporter Dr. Han, his wife Jenny and daughter had not been answering phone calls or texts. Isaiah Oregon described how he was involved in the daily life of Emily. “I pick her up from school and do our regular thing,” he said, visibly upset as he stood outside the crime tape blocking access to the scene of the killings at 4640 Greenhill Way.

Dr. Han’s office, the Santa Barbara Herb Clinic at 3886 State Street, was closed with a handmade sign posted in the window.  People inside did not not come to the door to speak.”

Here is a video of Dr. Henry Han at his holistic clinic. I can attest to the fact that he was a kind, gentle man with a pure soul.

Reports say he was supposed to be at an important meeting with a very big company for CBD/cannabis oil (it is legal in California for medicinal uses) that morning and didn’t show up. That’s allegedly when his staff knew something was wrong.

Update: An arrest has been made. Reports say American born Pierre Haobsh was arrested and “little is known about him nor can be found online”, except that he lived with his French-born father “Frederick Smith” or Frederick Haobsh, who is a former CIA AGENT.

We do not know if Pierre Haobsh was involved with the CBD/Cannabis (legal) business meeting that Dr. Han was supposed to attend. Again, when Dr Han didn’t show for this very important business meeting that morning—reports say his staff knew something must be wrong.

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Source: ABC News

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  • Jennifer R.

    So horrible.

  • Terry

    What’s the holistic dead docs body count up to now? This is unbelievably tragic, and the implications are frightening.

  • 34 I think

  • Hi guys. I have to update the last few. Such tragic news but here’s the list

  • DontCensor MeBro

    OUR GOVERNMENT IS KILLING THEM, to hide the fact that cancer is a BIG FAT LIE
    this is NOT CURED BY CHEMICALS but only health and Nutrition

  • DontCensor MeBro


  • whodowetrust

    I wonder if they will say it was a murder/ suicide?
    Too many murders and odd deaths to not raise questions.
    May they rest in peace.

  • whodowetrust

    Thank you.
    Stay safe.

  • Lori Cote

    Snopes dismissed the whole theory last July, can they still claim there is no connection?

  • guest

    Erin, I do greatly appreciate your work in keeping us informed of these tragedies. This seems to be a space the universe has created for you. I have to say, before I click on the bookmark for this site-I always take a deep breath. Keeping you surrounded in light.

  • Shawn_Siegel

    Peace to their friends and loved ones – and peace to you, Erin.

    Awareness to us all.

  • Dutch Uncle

    People with Medicare must pay for it out of their Social Security. I am told that the projection is that soon people will have no Social Security because it is all going to pay for their Medicare.

  • Blizzy Snow

    our government is killing these doctors.

  • Gay Luke Skywalker

    I’m not entirely convinced that this is an unusually high number or that there is a global conspiracy to rid the world of hucksters and quacks.

  • Shine

    snopes is irrelevant.

  • Valerie Murfin

    Exactly how can they determine, that it wasn’t random and that we are all safe,if they haven’t found the killer? Unless THEY were the killer…..wait what?

  • Lover of Truth

    I used to think we we better than China, N. Korea, Russia, etc. But the reality is we are far worse. Fascism has entrenched itself into every aspect of government so that when serial murders of doctors like this continue they are passed off by the authorities as suicides, accidents, or at best unsolved homicides. It’s absolutely disgraceful. What can we do?

    I’d say the most effective thing you can do is be very weary of where you spend your dollars. Just how do you think these economic powers got so powerful that essentially they can act above the law and create unchecked misery upon the public.

  • Lover of Truth

    Yeah a husband wife team who have opinions as well as their own agendas. They couldn’t possibly be subjective.

  • Yvonne Delet

    “They” can’t get away with this forever…

  • Raymond P. Kot II, Esq.

    Maybe a bit of an overstatement, cancer is generally prevented by health and nutrition, but curing it does generally take some form of chemical intervention, even if the treatment is alternative medicine, it still requires some chemicals or elements, like banking soda, ozone, Essiac and Carnivora. (just examples, but not meant to be anywhere near an exclusive list). Don’t count out some secret elements within the Illuminati who may have a dedicated hit squad that targets alternative medicine practitioners. This group could be paid for by the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Andrea Utsava Erhart

    Another one…how many were killed nationwide Holistic doctors who found a cancer cure? About 40? this is our pharmaceutical companies they murder the competition.

  • blindjustice

    My opinion. The only thing standing between us and this massive all fronts poisoning going on are the holistic MD’s, herbalists, in a nut shell the true healers. You dam right this is not random.

  • Stephanie

    I feel like “they” are trying to get rid of all the alternative doctors, so the new world order plan could carry on. It makes sense since people are turning to alternative doctors and are being cured or have better health- lifestyles. That is what the big pharma is scared about too. Big pharma will start running out of customers and I think they are blaming it all on the alternative doctors. So their solution get rid of them. Wow money is the root of all evil…sadly.

  • r1ckJames

    Just look into who owns Snopes; therein lies your answer…

  • Ari

    I am a native of Santa Barbara. Henry Han worked his magic for me many times over the years.
    He was gifted, kind and gnerous with his care.

    This is sad. Very, very sad.

    Does anyone know why the state dept. Of justice is involved in the case? Is that standard procedure with multiple homicides?

  • Alleged Comment

    But on the other the HUSBAND murdered his holistic doctor wife. No conspiracy there as he seemed GREEDY and JEALOUS of the wife’s success.

    Let’s see what happened here first.

  • קרן ששון

    CDC FDA drug companies???? Government is the one we all know nothing more to hide you guys just makes it worse people aren’t blind stop murdering holistic DR it won’t prevent from the truth to come out!!!

  • Warning Signs

    Yes they can. Just ask Hillary.

  • thinkingforyourself

    are people really dumb enough to automatically assume that because he was a holistic doctor he must have been the victim of a government/corporate conspiracy? LOL, thats just ridiculous, talk about confirmation bias…. People are murdered every day, guess what, some of them will be doctors, some will even be ‘holistic’ doctors.

  • Ben Franklin


  • Louise

    John D. Rockefeller said “Competition is a sin.” Big Pharma agrees.


    Remember this, please, when you vote. Serious times ahead even for those that think they are exempt… one is. Conservative or liberal, republican or democrat. I fear for our children and future generations if there is such a thing….


    He’s the kind of doctor I’ve been searching for:-(

  • no1uknow1

    most of the people who are murdered every day are not in their homes along with their 5 year old child. most murders are not mysteries, the assailants are apparent. Even the article says it was not random; who would break into this family’s home and kill them? Seems like you’re the dumb one around here.

  • no1uknow1

    his patients didn’t seem to consider him a huckster. i’m not entirely convinced that you are a human being.

  • 787878781

    my count is 32 or 33 since june 16…

  • Truth

    Khazarian Mafia! That’s who runs the world.

  • vassey

    wrong…………………………look around, troll. Every day, eh???? Do some research.

  • v

    THANK YOU!!! That previous commentator is a fool of a troll. Maybe even a pharmie rep!!!

  • v

    Get a grip, snipes is bullshit.

  • Terry

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    |   |
    | | What’s the holistic dead docs body count up to now? This is unbelievably tragic, and the implications are frightening.Read more |
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  • Gretchen

    Thinkingforyourself? Seriously, you are just vomitting forth whatever your Big Pharma boss told you to say. You most assuredly are a troll. This type of murder is a complete rarity. The fact that the whole family was murdered was a warning to all other naturopaths. This is about big money, and these people play hardball.

  • Ruby F Brown

    “LOVE” of money, is the root of all evil. Nothing wrong with having money if you use it right. It’s when people let it become their god it becomes evil. Loving it over other things causes it to be wrong. It is so sad that our government and Big Pharma loves money over people.

  • Ruby F Brown

    The herbal supplements are NOT cheap. Some people with autoimmune diseases have to be on 6-10 different herbal supplements for years. They are around $40 per bottle for a month. No insurance or medicare will pay for them.

  • Ruby F Brown

    I understand George Sorros owns Snopes. So they cover up the truth.

  • barbarakelly

    I have NO DOUBT that they were killed on purpose. Do any of you people realized or read how many natural herbal dr. have been killed. Found dead by sucide or other means but may have has a bullet in his head. There are people who are trying to remove any other means for us to get well. The want us to go to their Dr. and get vaccines and shots and their pharm. pills that have reactions on our body. Have you noticed how many reactions to their pills that people are having. Yet when you go to the natural there is no reaction. Because people it is Gods medicine. Remember this if things go south you better find other means to get well. Don’t go NEAR ANY HOSPITAL. UNLESS IT IS ABSOLUTE. LIKE SURGERY.

  • Hi Andrea:-) the link is near the bottom of the article. It’s called the recap. Thanks for reading:-)

  • I have talked to Santa Barbara. It is already been shown by the evidence that it was definitely not possible to be a murder suicide. It is a triple homicide. Evidence already proves that as a national news. I admit that crossed my mind until I saw it– Unless of course authorities are lying.

  • A massive loss for so many.

  • Lori. I did a video where they tried to discredit the story by simply trying to justify the five murders. The problem was they flat out lied when trying to debunk me in their article and they got caught. My video called them out for an anointing themselves as the king and queen who think they can debunk other people when in fact, they were wrong. I can find a copy of my video for you from last year. Again, they lied about actual facts in the article and then quietly corrected it when they were called out by me.

  • Great response to the troll. These basement dwellers with their fake photos and ridiculous names really need to get a life and try forming friendships and finding a good psychologist. Most are paid anyway. But very little which makes them angry

  • benjamin

    Snopes is a JOKE

  • sarah

    What kind of POS can kill a 5 year old child?

    The loss of this family is tragic.

    My condolences to the family.

    I am sorry for you loss.

  • genesis667

    When are Americans going to wake up and realize we are an occupied country being run by a criminal cabal…

  • gary

    I wonder how i beat cancer, oh yeah… Chemotherapy.

  • gary

    I was close to death. With lymphoma, chemo and radiation kept me alive and cured me. Lets not act like science doesn’t play a big part in curing cancer

  • MVPappas

    No ! we’ve never ever been better than any other Country it’s just that everything has been well hidden for decades at least all the other Countries were up front about what they were doing, it just so happens when the internet began to explode with info. that is when people really started to take notice about this Country and how people have been lied to through the government controlled news and everything else, we will only get half the story when piecing together the lies and separating the truth from the lies. We are only free in Jesus our Lord and Savior God is truth always and forever, you will never find the truth in this beast system. God be with you

  • Smith

    Good for you, but I hope you are looking over your shoulder. That cancer will show up again at some point in time. Guaranteed! If chemo is all you rely on, I would suggest you start looking for additional resources to help fight the cancer in your body. If only stage 1, and no spread, you might just beat the odds.

    For your information; National Cancer Institute’s secret documents that were “wrestled” out of their hands in 1999 by a government watchdog group through a FOIA lawsuit, clearly states that their research concludes that chemo therapy, radiation as well as surgical solutions were not much help in fighting cancer.
    On the contrary; they rather help spread the cancer throughout the body. Once metastasized, it will always show up again – sooner or later.

  • Smith

    its normal that FBI gets involved, which I am sure they will be in this case.

  • the one

    If you even had cancer. Your doctor may have lied to sell you a treatment you may not have even required…

  • the one

    Still looking for me agent Smith?

  • Jaclyne

    the general public needs to get in their and just sue the hell out of the government to stop this… suewrongdoers . com is the best place to learn how to save money, by learning what they forgot to teach you in highschool

  • Concerns_of_a_Father


  • Trudy

    The news said that the killer would have gotten financial gain….some kind of business deal. What a shame!

  • Smith

    ah, there you are!
    I’ll be the person next to you in a few seconds. Better run.

  • Anne-Marie Bland

    chem trails
    @blindjustice ?? is not the poisoning already happening? basics alone: Sugar: a known cause of some cancers! GMO’s: now banned in many countries!
    I could go on and on!

  • tamar

    This is just some of the people being harmed, There are tens of thousands of unknowns who are being murdered on a regular basis. I know of a scientist who had 3 attacks on her life and about 4 people who worked for her ended up dead or paralyzed from a brain toxin.

  • Truther222

    The Royal bloodlines created the savior program so that people won’t make changes themselves. That is why every religion has a savior but Buddhism, probably the only religion that empowers people and doesn’t denigrate them to a weakling that needs to wait for a savior.

  • tamar

    add in all the doctors and scientist on the Carnicome Institute website, which exposed how the chemtrail toxins effect our bodies. And see the tribute page to all the dead doctors and scientist who were exposing this.

  • Courtney Scott

    Is it normal for the FBI to be involved in a local homicide?

  • doctor__d

    The “saviour program”? So men who didn’t know each other over thousands of years penned books which were largely prophetic (at the time – most has already been fulfilled) compiled into what we now have as the Bible, and the Jewish leaders at the time who hated what Jesus taught were all part of some grand conspiracy to create a “saviour program”. Well… That’s interesting. Care to elaborate?

    I knew a charismatic who unwittingly got sucked into Budhism which was (and still is) a gateway to shamanism and it ended with her suicide by .410 in a very violent way – not very empowering if you ask me.

    The Royal bloodlines are only interested in the Lucifarian religion and tend to meet at Bohemian a Grove to worship Moleck if you want to get into bloodline conspiracy.

  • Ronald Baird

    you are still asleep if you think voting will change anything,

  • Right on! Questions people should ask are… What year was Snopes established? Who owns it? Does anyone even consider these questions when viewing their website of misleading and bias information? Snopes is ran by a husband and wife, with no college education and had no prior investigative reporting history. Ask yourselves what makes their truth superior? Then ask ourselves how influenced their truth is by third party bribery and incentive bonuses? Snopes has been caught lying, many times. Snopes has been snoped before.

  • Dove777

    The logical culprit would be Big Pharma hand in hand with the government for the purpose of population control via Monsanto poisoning.

  • Tony

    Impeach the BOze……

  • Pam Wolf

    I am a perfect example of the cancer spreading through Chemo and radiation. I refuse to take any again and will try natural remedies.

  • Smith

    yes, “they” will try, and the battle will be heating up as more people become more educated about the dangers of today’s food and food sources and the drug companies’ push to sell their “wares” through the MD’s. What most people do not recognize is that this IS a war, and only educated people who follow up on their acquired knowledge will survive. The rest will die from the MD prescribed drugs, cancer, heart disease, overeating and anything else that is out there.

  • Smith

    good for you Pam. Find a naturopathic doctor (Find references before you choose which one!!!) that will help guide you and help set up a program that you can work with. I’m telling you this Pam because I care about you and respect you for your decision:; my princess, my precious daughter passed away due to cancer last year. At the time we got the news about her cancer I was ignorant about this disease. I thought that the doctor that she had found and that she liked would help her fight this disease in her body. I was wrong, and much later started realizing that he did not have any solution to her healing. I had wasted much time by trusting this doctor, and this special program at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas. She only got sicker, and the excruciating pain that seared through her body cut me to pieces!
    I started doing research on cancer and soon found out that cancer is a one-way-trip if you put your life in the hands of MD’s! I know it sounds harsh, but that is a reality that even NCI recognized in their “secret” documents that they did not want to share with the American public. And the more chemo and radiation, the harder it is for the body to fight the cancer. Every time they (the MD’s) says they beat the cancer, the harder it is to combat it when it comes back. THEY do even acknowledge that fact!
    I found a surefire way to beat cancer – was not free, but effective. However, by the time I was able to convince my daughter to try it (she was so set on these doctors!!!), and convince to hospital to let us bring her home (for this alternate treatment), we only had a few days left (5) to help her. She died within 5 days, but we know it had already started beating back the cancer (it was all over her body!), inasmuch as we did an autopsy. The conclusion that the MD came to that did the autopsy, was that cancer was all over her body – including in her bones – but where it started (in the colon) there was no trace of cancer!!! And the MD could not explain it, yet we could, we knew why, and had we only had another week or two, I am convinced she would be with us today!
    So decide to live Pam – and not die! That is the first very important step, say to yourself (in spite of every neysayer out there, “I will not die I want to live! Then start doing your own research, diligently(!), and don’t give up! Keep looking for answers, because I promise you they are out there.
    Find people that have survived cancer and who live healthy lives, free from fear. That will be very encouraging to you. Find someone, your family to be your cheer leading person or squad, that will greatly help you. Start taking charge of your disease, opposed to being a victim. And then be filled with confidence that YOU WILL FIND THE SOLUTION TO THIS! Because you will. OK Pam? I’m with you in my mind and in my heart. Then when you start your journey in a program that will bring you back to health, let me know (email address That will encourage me, that another precious life has been saved from this evil disease! If we’re gonna die, which we all will someday, then let us die for a good reason ;-)! Cancer is not a good enough reason!

  • Smith

    only if it is seems linked to a homicide in a different place – and this one is!

  • Smith

    YOU are ridiculous! You and your out of the air comment! Typical know-it-all, smart-ass that has little or no indication of brain waves.
    Get educated if you want your comment to count as intelligent!

  • Smith

    no, whatever kept you alive I can guarantee you that it was not chemo, or radiation. The two treatments kill your body; your immune system is destroyed through the application of these treatments. You should know this, you should have done the research. You mention nothing about time line, but I have to inform you, because I know(!), that your cancer will come back – that is a guarantee! Unless you “plug into” a different kind of life style, different diet, educate yourself on cancer, and take steps to prevent it from showing up again, you are destined to be revisited by your cancer, and then it will hit you twice as hard (ask your MD!).
    Don’t fool yourself, all the statistics on cancer indicates that cancer is a one-way-ticket, it is simply a matter of time, 1yr – 3yr -5 yr, it will return – with gusto!
    And I doubt very much you were “close to death”! If you were close to death, the MD’s would have told you that this is not worth the pain, you are too far gone. The chemo alone would have killed you!!! I have talked to too many people with cancer, heard too many stories of people with cancer at all stages, my daughter started at stage 3 adn went to stage 4. She died, mostly because of the chemo and radiation!
    So please, give me another more believable story, yours is not!

  • Smith

    you do not have to be, your air headed opinions do not matter, you have forfeited your privilege to be heard, just by the phrases that you use. Quacks was a phrase that Rockefeller’s agent (an MD!) pinned on the people – including doctors, that used natural remedies to heal people, and successfully so airhead(!). They were called quacks by this corrupt agent, to drive them out of business, so that Rockefeller and the Getty people could start up their med schools for MD’s, Md’s that would from then on be controlled by the pharmaceutical industry – that was mostly owned by Rockefeller’s and Getty. They later induced the government to ban anyone using natural remedies to heal people (including from cancer!!!) That was over a 100 years ago, and you can see how much power and money dictates the alternatives given to us for healing!!!! Yeah right. You are one of those lambs for the slaughter, eventually killed by money interests whose only interest is the bottom line and more power.
    MD’s have no business peddling or pushing chemical drugs developed by the pharmaceutical companies, they know little or nothing about pharma, they are NOT educated in pharma during their years in med school.

  • David Mowers

    On a long enough timeline any prophecy becomes true.

    Moloch ain’t so bad if your into ritual burning of toddlers, kinky sex and violence against the weak.

  • nats

    It is around 15 (!) holistic doctors being murdered within just over one year that I know of…the comments above say it is 30 holistic doctors already that were killed within a short period of time, but I have been too busy to follow it up!!!

    Bit like the witches’ trials…but without an actual trial…

  • Aj Hollis

    You reverse what is so, Budhism reverts back to shamanism only when the self is carried by the now and does not simply pass through it in joyful reverence.

  • Aj Hollis

    The evil that stalks has been manipulating humanity in it’s present guise for hundreds of year. Until we recognise that the manipulation is in our culture, our language and in our DNA, we will be helpless to chalenge its dominance over us.
    Recognising our own programming is the first step, and for most it is like Reaching for the sky. Those that are least entenched in the delusion are those that live the simplest of lives. The poor for the most part.
    Look for the generous of heart, and you will find the truest of men. For grasping for that which you cannot truly use is the surest way to shackle your thought and limit the scope of your actions.
    True prosperity comes from a community that bases its value on what it gives to others. Be vigulent that ask you to trust them for they seek to gather power to themselves rather than empower others. Do not be over generous for you will attract thoughs that only want to take.
    Live simply and conserve for another day what you would waste by giving yourself over to over indulgment. Above all look and listen for what is true in the quite of just being.

  • Aj Hollis

    Live them, dont try them

  • Aj Hollis

    It is estimated that up 250 million natural healers were murdered by the witch hunts


    I still am going to vote. Even though I realize voter fraud is acceptable. I’m sure it happened in my state. I hope you will vote, too.

  • orgorg

    When you have to use the unknown boogieman “Fascism” or “Naziism” or “just like Hitler” to make your point then it is usually because you have no point.

  • guest

    Here’s a question for you Erin:
    Should the late Dr. Mayer Eisenstein be added to this list? It seems his death came out of the blue.

  • LarryNC

    OMG…I thought that it was more like eighteen. Jesus. A very good friend of mine was a student of Dr. Han. I am really wondering if I need to be worried about him.

  • LarryNC


  • LarryNC

    Fortunately, Dr. Han trained a good number of students.

  • Scooby

    I call Vaccines the Mafia……..M for Mercury…….A for Alumminum………F for Formaldehyde……….IA for Inhuman Act

  • Elspar Goodings

    DId you really just post on NaziNews ( the HealthDanger’s site) that Obama has never produced his birth certificate? I would have replied there but because I’m sane and rational I always get booted by the Gestapo working for the fraudulent and corrupt Mikey Adams. It was produced a long time ago and is legitimate. Get over it.

  • Elspar Goodings

    You should fear a president who has no self control, buddies up with Russia, makes enemies of the Muslim community, has been involved in 3500 lawsuits ( woops- make that 3459 because the woman who accused him of raping her when she was 13 just revoked her suit due to receiving death threats), cheats the system, mocks disabled people and veterans, openly advocates the use of nuclear weapons and wants to expand their availability, plans on building a “wall” to keep out illegal immigrants though most come into the country by water or air, openly admits to sexually assaulting women, has had multiple extramarital affairs, raped his wife, displays an incredible level of ignorance by stating that Clinton and Obama founded ISIS, can’t articulate a plan to do anything except build a wall and cut corporate taxes which will only benefit him, acted as a peeping tom with teenage beauty contestants, incites violence at his rallies, filed for bankruptcy multiple times although he claims to be an entrepreneur, refuses to disclose his tax returns by using an irrelevant excuse, wants to separate children from their parents by deporting them overseas, and does not believe in religious freedom. You’re damn right I fear for my children.