It brings me no joy to announce that this morning, Tuesday, June 30, 2015, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 277 into law today in California. That means there is no longer a personal or religious exemption for parents to opt out of vaccinations. Some remain hopeful, saying the parents could get a medical exemption for their kids from doctors who aren’t pro vaccine,  but several vaccine skeptic experts say the state won’t give these doctors carte blanche to hand out medical exemptions as they please. Especially when most of these doctors have mostly under or unvaccinated patients.

Mandated Vaccine Bill #SB277

From the ABC article just out:

I lived in California many years and have some great friends there. One saved for years to buy a Santa Monica condo for about 800,000 (That’s a bargain in Santa Monica)  They aren’t even especially close to the  beach, but paid so much for a 2 bedroom because they loved the school system for their kids (who have to share a bedroom)  Now they cannot afford to move and cannot afford to homeschool and their healthy young kids have never been vaccinated.  They are shocked and not sure what they will do.  Their children would require dozens of vaccines each before being able to legally go to school now. They could try to go to their doctor who is  being overwhelmed by his patients who are mostly unvaccinated. How will he just write medical exemptions for all of them and not lose his license? The dilemma is real.

Senate Bill 277 strikes California

More from the article:

Senate Bill 277 strikes California‘s personal belief exemption for immunizations, applies to public and private school students and children enrolling in day care. It’s among the strictest vaccination guidelines in the country.

While medical exemptions would still be granted to children with serious health issues, other unvaccinated children would need to be home schooled.

Again our heart goes out to the many families who choose not to vaccinate or do a limited schedule.  What a shame for the strangers who write me daily asking what they can do as they cannot afford to move and so many just bought in the area for the good school systems or to be in a safe neighborhood for their families.  One MD said that the wealthy might be able to get exemptions (though even that task might not be easy) but the ones who have little money who don’t vaccinate or do limited vaccines? They cannot afford to do anything but now give their child many vaccinations in order to continue to get an education. Some would say “home school!” but that requires one parents staying home with the kids. In many households it’s impossible to live off of one income.   My heart goes out to those people today.  I fear for their family’s futures. I fear for other states as mainstream news says this “trend” will follow to other states soon. I believe every parent should have a choice whether to vaccinate their child or not. People say they could potentially put their child at risk if not vaccinated. My reply to them is: we let our children drive and put themselves and others at risk every day, yet when it comes to forced shots of a child or they cannot have the right to go to school? That seems perfectly fine with the majority of the people and lawmakers.



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