ABC: Experts say flu shot potentially caused the flu epidemic (Shocker, in mainstream no less)


(Note from Erin: Good news! Not only is ABC news linked here, but so is NBC news who explains why the flu shot is “lousy” in their title, (see below) and basically “useless” to those over 65. Wake up America. Countless MDs (including the head of Cleveland Clinic) are calling out the dangerous adjuvants that can injure, harm and even kill you or your family in this dangerous ineffective vaccine.

You may be seeing some false articles written on the fake site that has fallen from grace this past year: Snopes. Sadly they have not done the research we have. You might be familiar with them because of their court battles for allegedly defrauding their own company, for illegal activity at that! I’m not sure if they are attacking us with so much vitriol because we reported on that (along with many mainstream sources), if it’s because they need money, or if it’s something else (someone even asked me if I had ever dated the guy to deserve all this, uh, no) but their seething hatred for Dr Mercola and me is clear. What we do know is they are pro-Pharma, pro-Big Oil, pro Fracking and anything pro-Business. They don’t support the people and had to beg for money this past year on the internet (yes, they were about to get shut down with good reason). You can read about Snopes begging for money publicly in the New York TimesWe also realize that Snopes has sent most of our detractors and downright vicious trolls to this article as well. No surprise there.

We talked at length with the editor who interviewed the health department official that gave the quote. They confirmed she did make the surprising statement. (HOWEVER, when Snopes reached out to her, they heard only crickets, “…though our request for comment from Treague has not been returned.”1I am not at liberty to share what their reaction was, but let’s just say it was very clear that it was surprising to many. You can see it’s reflected in their headline as well, which raised eyebrows. They too received much feedback about this controversial headline, which many PhDs in science and MDs have said they fully support — minus the part about receiving the vaccination regardless of the inefficacy. Thank you in advance. Founder, Erin Elizabeth)

The original article:

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), this year’s flu is rampant in 49 states, with Wisconsin and Minnesota being hit especially hard. And one nurse thinks she knows why. While part of the blame lies with the dominant flu strain this year, H3N2, which tends to be more severe and causes more severe symptoms than most other strains 2 it also potentially lies with us:

“I believe that the low effective rate of the vaccine this year is due to the mutations that the virus made in the processing of the vaccine itself,said Anna Treague, nurse for Public Health. “That is at LEAST part of the reason that influenza cases are so widespread this year.” 3

(That being said, Treague still thinks everyone should get a flu shot… Really? You’ve got to be kidding us. The cognitive dissonance is shocking).

THIS JUST IN: At 1:45 today, ABC NEWS released this article, “Flu vaccine only 36 percent effective.” In the article, they state, “Manufacturers grow flu viruses in chicken eggs. But the viruses can mutate in the eggs, and what emerges for use in the vaccine is less effective in people.”4 This is what Treague said above. Snopes, in order to be professional, is going to need to do some major retractions!

ABC News also went on to say that “The flu vaccine… was nearly ineffective for older people, including seniors who are most vulnerable. The estimates were published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”5

Again, the Health Department official says it’s at LEAST part of the problem, if not the whole problem, and other experts agree. Dr Mercola (his video is below), who has had the #1 health site- worldwide- for 20 years, agrees, “It’s no surprise at all”, he says. We have countless other MDs and PhDs who concur as well. As doctors continue to give the dangerous shot and the virus mutates, more people will get sick and the epidemic will worsen. It’s like a bad sci-fi movie.

(And again, why does the virus mutate (partially because that’s what RNA viruses)? Well, according to NBC, “Researchers have identified one more important reason flu shots don’t usually work very well — it’s because they are grown in chicken eggs. Flu viruses mutate every year and it turns out the methods used to make flu vaccines cause them to mutate even more, the researchers found.”6 Notice that article is from last year. This isn’t new news and it’s apparently not important enough for researchers and Big Pharma to do anything about either. Let THAT sink in.)

Why does she want you to get it? Because “Even if the flu vaccine isn’t as effective as it has been in year’s past, it does help. Some protection is better than no protection.”7 (Oh and even if it potentially causing the epidemic too?)

WATCH THIS VIRAL VIDEO, TOO. Though not as viral as this article which has now been read by millions.

According to Treague, at both the beginning and end of a person’s life, the immune system isn’t strong, so the body has to work harder to fight off viruses. And that’s why even though the shot is only 10% effective this year, at best, it’s still worth your time getting. (I wonder how the parents and loved ones of those who have received the shot and died anyway feel about that?)


Allopathic medicine will tell you that if you are experiencing flu symptoms to see your doctor so you can immediately be treated with antiviral medication but we’ve seen what Tamiflu does to people and know that it’s only going to shorten the duration by TWELVE HOURS. The better thing to do would be to stay home and not spread the virus. Symptoms normally appear 1 to 3 days after being infected and most people recover within a week.


Just don’t ignore your symptoms, which include fever, chills, headache, dry cough, and aching of muscles and joints.

Once again, for those in total denial, here’s the source: Burnett County Sentinel

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Erin Elizabeth is a long time activist with a passion for the healing arts, working in that arena for a quarter century. Her site is barely 4 years old, but cracked the top 20 Natural Health sites worldwide. She is an author, public speaker, and has recently done some TV and film programs for some of her original work which have attracted international media coverage. Erin was the recipient for the Doctors Who Rock "Truth in Journalism award for 2017. You can get Erin’s free e-book here and also watch a short documentary on how she overcame vaccine injuries, Lyme disease, significant weight gain, and more. Follow Erin on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Susan Ford Keller

    Why no mention of the need to increase vitamin D3 during “flu season”, also known as winter? I think part of the flu fear is the feeling that many unknowing people have that the flu shot is literally the ONLY thing that will save them from certain death from the flu. We really need to spread health information better. Eat organically grown vegetables and fruit, nuts and seeds, beans, meats and dairy. Use butter or coconut oil for cooking and olive oil for salad dressing. Eat 2 to 4 cups of green vegetables at every lunch and dinner. Supplement with quality vitamins as needed. Make your own meals. Get more sleep. Get more exercise. Play more.

  • James J Ward III

    Editor’s note: James the genius didn’t even read the article. He read Snopes. This is a health department expert, NOT a CDC expert which was a different article not on our site.

    This article, with it’s phony title, is a complete mischaracterization of what the CDC expert said.

    (Epic fail James- we link the mainstream article with the same title- same message) stop reading snopes and pull your head out of your @#$(.

  • dan Lindsey

    Editor’s note: More stupidity as Dan Lindsey looks like he read the fake Snopes article that has NOTHING to do with ours. This was not a CDC nurse but he couldn’t bother to read it and now looks so arrogant and ignorant to the world and our MILLIONS of readers- staff.. Here’s his false comment and we feel sorry for him: This comment comes from someone that does not understand plain english—- that CDC NURSE did not say what she interpreted she said—- each year the medical industry along with the CDC attempt to determine the latest mutation of the flu virus to predict ho to make the vacine for the upcoming season here. It normally is a very good educated guess that is most time correct, however, at other times is off base to varying degrees— this year it was sugnificantly off base as to prevelant form of the virus. Therefore it does not work well at all on the current prevelant virus—- hence this lack of targeted protection results in this “Epidemic”. This epidemic is the result of a vacine that is not effective on the current strain of the virus—- the vacine did not cause the virus’s mutation and therefore causing the increase in flu cases as this author alludes

  • Neo

    How do you spread the disease?
    You create a vaccine with the said disease and inject it in people.
    This year’s flu shot clearly is the cause of the out break and spread of the flu, not to mention the deaths it has caused.

  • Neo

    Of course vaccines are causing mutations of viruses .
    No different than with antibiotics
    You can’t inject toxic substances and assume it’s the same as a natural exposure.
    So tired of science playing god and thinking they know what they are doing.
    Pharma science is creating a world of weekend immune systems and the sickest generation of children ever who won’t be able to fight off anything.
    Just look around at all the sick and dying children from vaccines.

  • Matt Flannery

    you’re an idiot, you literally CANNOT get the flu from the shot, it cannot happen.

  • Matt Flannery

    No,the flu has many strains, and mutates all the time on its own, the vaccine has no impact on that. The vaccine trains the BODY to fight the infection. Antibiotics actually do the fighting, so can cause resistant bacteria, which is why you need to complete all antibiotic courses so you kill even the resistant ones so they cannot replicate

  • Jan Woods

    Are you even kidding me? Look at the evidence! The more people get the flu shot, the more people get sick! Every year. Even the CDC admits it is not efficacious (10%, 20%–more like 0%) and now they are admitting it may be causing the flu cases to increase? I am amazed at the cognitive dissonance in some. The inability to look at evidence and data and think critically FOR ONE’S SELF, is growing — another kind of epidemic in this country. Too much fluoride and too many aluminum and mercury laden vaccines, affecting the brain…

  • Jan Woods

    Vaccines do NOT “train the body to fight infections.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Vaccines overload people’s immune systems with toxic ingredients and multiple viruses and organism. The body, coping with that assault on its immune system, is then further weakened and when another virus comes along–the flu virus–and it succumbs more readily, as it is already weakened. All people need to fight the flu is plenty of Vit D3, organic food and clean water and rest. I am 60, never got the flu shot, never get the flu, though I am around sick people frequently, as we all are.

  • Jan Woods

    You not only CAN get the flu from the shot (if only for some because the shot assaults your immune system making you susceptible to catching the flu elsewhere too), you can spread the flu from the shot. For several weeks after the shot people are contagious. After the shot everyone should stay home so they do not spread all the disease they just got injected with. Think. Twenty years ago, the flu was a mild disease. People stayed home, rested, got fluids, survived. Now since they have been pushing the shots on everyone, people can hardly cope, are violently sick and dying. Most of the flu deaths this year were in people who GOT THE SHOT and used Tamiflu. THINK.

  • historychaser

    No telling how many people you gave it too. You are lucky, others are not and can’t even take the shot. People like you are carriers.

  • historychaser

    Probably a small percentage. But they are the ones you will hear about!!

  • Matt Flannery

    no you can’t, it is a dead virus, it can’t spring to life and become contagious. It’s like using test dummies instead of real people in car tests. It is for your immune system to practice on without risk of infection. It takes a couple weeks to reach full strenghth, so you can catch it from elsewhere, but that has nothing to with “assaulting” your immune system, it can do more than one thing at a time. The flu was never a mild disease, it could always kill. No, most of the deaths were in unvaccinated, I don’t “think” I “know” because I have reading comprehension and I know how things work. You’re just making shit up, or spreading what someone else made up. You’re the one that needs to try thinking.

  • Jward

    Hey Dr. Noitall Show me where the evidence is? It sure isn’t in this article or the referenced article as I said. It just amazing how willing some people are to believe anything.

  • Matt if you want the privilege to post on our page to our millions of readers you will not call people idiot just because you have no better argument. Cut it out or you’ll be banned with the rest of the trolls. The health department clearly explains that at LEAST part (if not all) of the reason the flu is so bad this year (aka epidemic) is the vaccine itself, which is dangerous and as we have seen this year, even deadly. Read your flu shot vaccine insert. – HNN STAFF and TEAM for Erin Elizabeth

  • James, your ignorance is showing. This is the mainstream title as well. As our editors pointed out: you stupidly read the fake Snopes article (written by proven liars who are begging for money online) and that was written before ours and is about a CDC expert. THIS is an expert at the health department. We hate to break it to you, but those are two different groups. They are not one in the same. keep up the cognitive dissonance but know that if you give the shot to you or your family you put yourself at risk for death, a worse flu and paralysis, read your vaccine insert and hope you are at least getting paid by pharma for your fake posts and lies. They are not working though and people are waking up (even the health dept) to the real dangers of the deadly flu shot. HNN STAFF and team for Erin Elizabeth

  • What are you doing trolling our page if you’re a fan of the flu shot? Please feel free to bend over and take it up the thigh with your flu shot but do not call people names on our page with our millions of readers or you’ll be banned with the other paid trolls. HNN Staff for Erin Elizabeth

  • Matt, Please refrain from lying and risking lives on our page with your false info. Are you being paid to lie? 7 out of the 8 people that died in under 2 weeks in Santa Barbara had just gotten their flu shot. See here: This little 6th grader died from the flu shot (or just after) and science proved he did not even HAVE the flu. Most others had either the flu shot or the deadly Tamiflu (read your inserts) WE hope you are paid well for your false and dangerous sick posts! Do you really believe it? We doubt it. . STAFF FOR HNN TEAM AND ERIN ELIZABETH

  • We write thousands of articles on that, along with our better half, Dr Mercola 🙂 so true.

  • Diana

    I am genuinely curious–as a nurse who questions vaccines and would like to know more about how to protect my family, I would like to see the article you’re referencing. I can’t find the ABC News article on your site or any mainstream article when I google for it. I can’t find any reference to who Anna Teague is but I’m assuming she’s a nurse for the Burnett County Health department? Can you point me to where it is?

  • James J Ward III

    Thee protests too much

  • rittimcd

    Dr. Mercola goes into detail about that in the embedded video. I wish it wasn’t 10 years old already, I’m sure I’ll get to hear about that when I share it….LOL

  • Rob

    The H3N2 virus they incubated in chicken eggs was ruined…”mutated”. The virus did not mutate out in public to something different because of the shot, they screwed up the vaccine. This article is misleading. The vaccine is ineffective against H3N2, but the other strains in it are effective.

  • nhobs

    extra D3, and elderberry syrup, lots of onions and garlic, and keep the house as cold as you can stand it. (We keep it at 55-60) We’ve been pretty healthy. No flu shots.We had a little round of adenovirus, that’s it so far.

  • Bmac

    I concur with Matt that the flu vaccine is not live virus, but will admit the flu mist that was marketed in past years was live flu that was attenuated. I also agree that I’d like more evidence to be stated for the cause and effect relationship stated in the article. I read the Burnett County Sentinel article and Anna Treague states, ‘I believe that the low effective rate of the vaccine this year is due to the mutations that the virus made in the processing of the vaccine itself.’ My interpretation of her comment is not that the vaccine caused mutations to the circulating flu virus, but that mutations in the vaccine virus caused it to be less effective because it no longer represented the flu being spread through the population. I’m not sure I fully agree with her statement though. The CDC sends the same flu seed to all companies making the flu shot each year so they all start with the same material. My interpretation of her statement would mean that for every company out there, the virus grown for the vaccine mutated in the same way, causing it to no longer represent the virus spreading in the population. That seems unlikely and would mean we should see some flu shots that were more effective than others (depending on the manufacturer). I suspect if you were to sequence the circulating flu strains vs the stains in the vaccine seed sent to all manufacturers the RNA sequences wouldn’t match because the strain in nature has mutated since the last flu season.

  • Sandi Nilsen

    So how much is “plenty of Vit D3?”

  • Heller

    Really and how does the vaccine and antibiotics effect the human microbiome without damaging it’s perfect symbiotic relationship with bacteria?????
    Brainwashed people don’t even know how the human body truest works.

  • No you don’t read enough. You said we wrote about a CDC nurse. If you had bothered to get a grasp of the English language you would know that she is not a CDC nurse at all. She’s a nurse and health official at the Dept of Health. But we realize you’re too busy stalking and harassing pages like ours to actually try R E A D I N G. – HNN Staff

  • Sure the link is right under the author and founder’s biography like always . Our founder called the editor of the mainstream site to confirm the health official from the Dept of health did indeed state the comment and posted a video that he did confirm. You may even call him yourself and ask. Also next time, we do ask that you look under the article for sources. We list ours there in the standard journalism fashion like every other news site on the web 🙂 and All the other millions of word press sites out there since that is how it is listed by default.Thank you . HNN staff

  • Jae Belgarde

    Wow, I’m on your side. But you were a bit rude when she clearly asked politely and stated she couldn’t find it.

  • Carla Toby

    I know of exactly zero people who work, have kids, and deal with normal life stuff every minute of every day who can possibly eat two to four cups of vegetation at every lunch and dinner. Most Americans get less than seven hours of sleep a night. They are stressed, often overweight (and worried and frustrated about it–not exactly a stress-reducer). They can barely remember where they left the car keys, never mind creating a new habit of taking vitamin supplements daily.

    It’s easy to say, “Get more sleep. Get more exercise. Play more.” Fabulous advice; no dispute. Question: When?

    Work/life balance is a bad joke created by insurance companies and their corporate customers to allow companies to pat themselves on the back because they “care,” while the employees work 10 to 12 hours a day (the average American works 47 hours a week), and in their copious “free time” they are caring for their children while eating 8 cups of vegetables a day,taking vitamin supplements on a regular basis, going to the gym, “playing” (whatever that means), and, often, working a second job to make ends meet, getting themselves and family members to doctor appointments, soccer practice, band practice, the Mathletes competition, and getting a solid seven to eight hours of restorative sleep each night.

    Wow! That’s some “multitasking” going on there! And of course many times all this is accomplished by a single parent, living paycheck to paycheck, but can eke out more money to pay the higher costs of buying organic, unprocessed food which–according to you–they also have time to cook at home for their families.

    Your entire post is a typical blame-the-victim illustration of people who are arrogant enough to believe they know what’s best for everyone else.

    I’m never going to base my decision to get a flu vaccine on one *nurse’s* or kooky doctor’s opinion. I look at a LOT of research, information from multiple sources, consult *my* provider. Then I decide for myself, and I live with that decision.

    Yup, I get a flu shot every year. I also got my adult boosters of the childhood vaccines, as recommended by medical professionals whom I trust.

    I’m a child of the 70s. We *invented* the whole organic, natural, recycle, don’t drive when you can walk stuff. And we’d have been THRILLED to have a herpes vaccine.

    Now I’m a grown-up on a limited income; a senior citizen who’s still working because I can’t afford to retire. Ever.

    Yeah, I’ll get right on your program. It probably won’t help my 24.3 BMI, my perfect lipid panels, my excellent general health or my longevity as a non-smoker non-drinker, but at least I’ll be fitting in 32 hours of activities into 24 hour days, and since YOU say it’s what I need to do, I guess I’d better comply.

    Thanks for the advice.

  • Feeling Pink

    Seriously Sir! Educate yourself. Just don’t follow MSM. Try going beyond That Realm and do your Own research. You have to research both sides fully. I think you’d be surprised at what you might conclude.

  • Laney

    ( we are guessing this known harassing troll is probably reporting from mommy and daddy‘s basement and can’t even spell correctly. We will call them out each time and give them a SmackDown they deserve. Learn to spell next time before you criticize us. Go tell your farm lords we said hello. ) mabey if the HNN Staff wants to be taken seriously you would “research” were the shot is actually administered. Your defensive tone in responses is causing you to look like a NUT alright. If you really want to be taken seriously, just present the facts. Answer the negative responses with facts . Keep your anger out of it or you are just providing a feeding frenzy for those trolling your page.

  • RichardW

    CDC has antigenically or genetically characterized 1,365 influenza viruses collected during October 1, 2017 – February 3, 2018, and submitted by U.S. laboratories, including 276 influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 viruses, 695 influenza A(H3N2) viruses, and 394 influenza B viruses.

  • Jenna

    All of the above that you stated is EXACTLY why America is unhealthy. They elite have the middle and low class exactly where they want us- poor, busy, brainwashed and stressed. Population control at its finest!

  • Tommi Sundqvist

    Susan, you nailed it!

  • Lenny

    ( hey Brian – A.k.a. Lenny the troll. Nice try. Go bend over for your pharma lords and stop harassing us. Especially we see people under multiple identities w the same up address) “Lenny says” Unless I missed that somewhere, the credibility of this article is pretty much zero from the start. ( you missed it. The quote is there to the mainstream news and we call the Editor ourselves and spoke to him Friday afternoon. ) No offense to nurses but the whole basis of this article is a quote from a nurse? I don’t exactly look to nurses for major epidemic research and information and you shouldn’t either. ( no offense to your misogynistic behavior, but the nurse is the Health official at the department of health. Try reading next time and spending less time trying to harass us. We know who you are. ) I would grade this article as, Nice try. ( and we would grade you as a failed troll- if they pay you. It is certainly not enough. Your failed attempt to debunk the true article isn’t going to work. – HNN staff)

  • S. R.

    Please, please. I know that folk are a little afraid, a little weirded
    out by this flu season. I know we all, WE ALL–pro and anti
    vaccination–want ourselves and our children to be safe. That is our
    common ground.

    If we can be honest and diligent, calm and
    unemotional, sticking to facts instead of calling people trolls or
    whatever, then we both, both sides, can probably come up with fabulous
    plans to keep ourselves as healthy as possible.

    1) I am not saying folk should or should not get the flu shot. That is totally up to you.
    2) I agree that vitamin D and fresh air and good food are necessary for the body.
    3) I agree that the nasal vaccine (which is not offered anymore) could revert to full, unweak flu.

    1) The nurse quoted in the article was not saying that the flu vaccine caused more cases of the flu. She is saying it did not PREVENT more cases of the flu. If we are going to be scientific, we must be precise.

    2) The virus in the shot is dead. It cannot cause someone to be contagious because it is DEAD. A virus is contagious because it reproduces. A dead virus absolutely cannot reproduce. Just like how a dead tree can’t grow fruit.

    3) People died from influenza WAY before vaccines. And even though they had plenty of fresh air and sunshine and organic food. The world was not influenza free before they made the vaccines. Influenza is a serious disease.

    4) 80% of the children who have died from the flu this year were NOT vaccinated. NOT vaccinated. Now, they might have had underlying health issues. Or not. Again, influenza is a very serious disease more like pneumonia than a bad cold.

    Please, we need to be careful in our earnestness not to spread bad
    information, especially in an emotional manner. It discredits us as a
    gender and as a respectable authority. If we are going to be discussing
    health and scientific information, we have to use logic, reason, fact.

  • Lenny

    Thank you!

  • angel

    not all vaccines are “dead” viruses. some are attenuated, which means weakened. the quality control is not always good, and a batch of dead virus can actually
    be alive

  • Darlene

    One way to get your green veggies each day is to juice your fresh organic produce. You might not get all the fiber but you do get the live enzymes in the produce. I juice (all organic) green chard, rainbow chard, spinach, cucumber, celery, beets, carrots, apples, fennel, etc. The carrots and apples sweeten the juice enough to make it delicious.

  • Cora

    This is a BLATANT misinterpretation of a quote from a nurse. She said that the mutations decreases the effectiveness of the vaccine, not that it CAUSED the flu. Erin Elizabeth (and everyone who posts this crap) this is the real stuff that has caused so many people to die. Making the general public doubt the effectiveness and safety of vaccines has decreased our herd immunity and allowed for the spread and many deaths this year. If you want to put yourself at risk, fine. But this illogical and malicious misinterpretation of information is literally deadly for susceptible people.

  • David Boisen

    Matt are you a Doctor or a health care provider or just a know it all ? I never trust the flu shot . I have gotten a flu shot twice in my life and got sick both times and i will never do it again. I trust none of the things they put in these vaccines these days or the people pushing them or know it all’s like you.

  • fancherflash

    To the best of my recall, there was no flu problem until the vaccination. Does anyone else wonder if no one took the flu shot, there would be little to no flu? Is there anyone who has never had the flu but has always gotten the flu shots? Or another way to say the same thing, is there anyone who always gets the flu shots that has never gotten the flu? I do know of those who has never gotten the shots but never the flu either!

  • fancherflash

    Follow the $$$$ money. It may well be more of a greedy money thing more than a flu thing!

  • When you deal with trolls day in and day out- and there are tens of thousands reading this article – many of them trolls coming here that are Pharma paid – we are going to be firm. The sources right there at the bottom of the article like it is on every other site on the Internet. We were polite and told this alleged nurse that they can even call the editor of the paper. They can call the nurse to to confirm. Thank you

  • ^^^

  • We appreciate your speculation, but we talked to the editor at length about his talk with the nurse. Your assumptions are wrong. Please. You are allowed to make your opinion, but we did our research. Go look at the headline of the Sentinel’s piece. It is very clear. But we understand that people who trust a 10% effective rate at best shot are going to try to twist the words anyway they can to fit their false narrative. Good luck with that 🙂

  • Carla. Did you really just insult a reader for giving simple, easy to follow, health tips? You think it is a “blame” post for this woman to suggest taking vitamin D? You say you are healthy and a senior citizen. Did you have measles? Did you have chickenpox? Did you know those help reduce your rate of cancer? Did you know that is part of the reason why you are probably healthy in spite of getting ineffective vaccines? Did you know that the flu shot is 0% effective if you are over 65? You can see Dr. Bergman‘s video about that on our Facebook page with about 1 million people. You say you wish they would’ve had a vaccine for the herpes virus back then? It doesn’t work that way. You know they still don’t have one. It makes too much money for them doling out the drugs than to make one of it even worked. We are so thrilled to hear all about you, but did you think, for one moment, why the risk of cancer has skyrocketed for younger people not so lucky as you? Did you think for one minute about people younger than you and someone other than you, like the epidemic of cancer we have going on in the younger generations? Did you see children with autism rates or cancer rates like that when you were a child? Of course you did not!! That would be because of the current vaccine schedule. If you do your research then go to 1/2 hour, even 20 minutes of research about Gardasil. Do 20 minutes of research about the flu shot. Instead, you say you ask your provider? They are PAID a bonus when they vaccinate you. Please, come back to our page when you’ve done your homework and actually know what you’re talking about and do not insult our readers ever again. You sure don’t behave like a lady of 21 let alone your actual age . HNN staff

  • Susan Ford Keller

    Dr Mercola and Dr Jeffrey Dasch have tons of info that could help you. Several remedies for herpes.

  • Susan Ford Keller

    True. First timers probably won’t think to do that, though. People who are coming down from public health brainwashing need extra tender care and hand holding.

  • mamacalex

    I didn’t think she was rude at all.

  • Yet we have senior citizens on here saying that they are cooks and that they get all their vaccines because they listen to their doctor LOL. Little do they know that their doctor is paid to vaccinate them. The cognitive dissonance here is shocking. Even more so than usual

  • mamacalex

    Carla, stop making excuses, many of us have very busy lives but it’s all about being organized. If you don’t plan ahead, you plan to fail. Planning ahead also includes preparing yourself to earn a good income, not being a single parent and not being able to retire. You dig your own hole and then complain when you’re not successful. Don’t play like you are the victim of circumstances, we all make our own reality. For those of us who can get our act together, she gives out very good advice on healthy living.

  • Just because you don’t have a valid argument doesn’t mean you get to call us Unoriginal names like “nut” while you hide behind a fake name and no cajones to put up a photo. We know exactly where the shot is administered, and it was a joke. We’d actually like to tell some of the more frightening trolls who crashed this thread to bend over and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Since you are a known troll and continue to harass us? We are going to give you the same advice. We have talked to the Editor of the Sentinel, by the way, and we know exactly what the department of health said. If you go look at the title of their article, of the mainstream site was not anti-vaccine in the least, you will see that. Whether you like it or not, the department of health said that at least part of the reason why this season is so bad and we have a flu “epidemic” is because of the vaccines. If we could do it over? We would’ve made even more powerful headline because ours is far too tame.

  • Mark morell

    Thinning the herd by scaremongering.

  • raptureready

    In the past, everytime I have gotten the flu vaccine, I’ve come down with the flu. Since I stopped, I have yet to come down with it.
    I last had the flu some 35 years ago.

    Go figure.

  • Paula NeedsSleep Johnson

    The “expert” you are quoting is a nurse. Also, later on in the very article you reference in the bottom of your article, this nurse encourages everyone to get their flu shot. Then later in the same article, she says to be sure to get to the doctor and get anti-viral meds if you have the flu.

    It’s one thing to find an “expert” to fit your agenda. But to give credit to an article for your information that includes info that goes against your agenda isn’t exactly very convincing.

  • allthehandsanitizer

    The vaccine manufacturing process does encourage mutation in the flu virus. The medium in which it propagates (which is an egg in the case of most flu vaccines) does cause a faster than normal mutation. Mutations lead to more severe “seasons”, because less people have been around them to build any type of immunity. Ergo, the vaccine did indirectly cause the flu epidemic we are experiencing currently.

    Also, in regards to your comment above that the flu vaccine cannot give you the flu because it is a killed virus… while technically that is true, there have been cases in the past (see polio vaccine history), where viral particles were not fully inactivated, causing outbreaks. Unfortunately, that makes it plausible, albeit a long shot.

  • Laurel Tragle

    You completely misunderstood the nurse’s statement. Nothing she said indicated that the flu vaccine caused the flu epidemic. The virus in the flu vaccine is dead. It cannot infect you because it is dead. Dead viruses are non-infectious, because they are dead. When you are injected with the dead, inactivated virus, your body builds immunity to that strain by making antibodies that can fight it off if you become infected with that strain of the live virus. Her statement meant that the strain of flu virus used in the vaccine mutated to a different strain that did not provide as much immunity as it should have. It doesn’t matter how much elderberry syrup and organic food and vitamins you take, it is still possible to be infected with the influenza virus by coming in contact with the actual live virus

  • Lazer

    Without even bothering to dismantle every part of your ludicrous BS, I’ll point out only one thing – you claim “countless MDs and PhDs occur as well”, yet, the one and only quote you bring is from a nurse. A nurse! No offense to the nursing profession, but most nurses understand almost as little about the flu as you do. That’s like me quoting a Private who washes the deck on an aircraft carrier as “proof” that the F-35 isn’t a good airplane. It’s an outright stupid thing to do. It goes so far beyond clutching at straws that it does less than nothing for your cause – it actively makes you look like someone desperate to be proved right in the face of literally ALL known science, which is precisely what you are.

    Also, PhDs in maybe five fields have any relevance here. Your uncle with a PhD in basket-weaving has an even less meaningful opinion on the matter than a nurse. And the guy running “the number one health site” or whatever has less sway here than anyone, and approximately 99.99999% of MDs would readily call him a quack.

    Of course, this will all fall on dead ears, because, in the only truth you wrote, cognitive dissonance is a powerful thing, and responsible for the collective delusion present in you and your followers.

    PS – I wonder how the loved ones of the 300,000,000 people who died of smallpox in the 20th century alone would feel knowing that thanks to vaccines, there would have been exactly zero deaths.

  • keriore5

    Matt, apparently you don’t understand the difference between a Virus(the flu) and a bacteria which antibiotics are used to combat. Antibiotics can be effective on secondary infections that result from the flu virus but they don’t help fight the virus(that would be called an antiviral)

  • Natalie

    I’m really confused, how did the flu shot cause the flu epedemic? I am in no way for or against the flu shot at this point, but curious how it could have caused the epedemic. I had the flu shot, my boyfriend did it. He got infuenza A that lasted over 7 days. I took care of him all 7, of course washing my hands like a crazy person to the point they are bleeding, but I never got the flu.

  • Natalie

    Just to clarify, he did NOT have the flu shot and got the flu.

  • Neo

    My exact thoughts.

  • Neo

    I haven’t seen anyone with a trained immune system from Vaccines Matt.
    That’s impossible for that to happen.
    I know that’s a 200 hundred year old theory and practice that didn’t work then , and does not work today. Injecting a toxic concoction that overloads ones immune and destroys it is not training it Matt.
    It’s called a crime against humanity!

  • Neo

    No you’re right Matt.
    You just get flu like symptoms, but that just means the vaccine is working right Matt?
    Yeah.. .it’s called the flu via injection!!

  • pegasi

    Viruses are neither dead nor alive. And I doubt that they have a test that could verify whether a ‘dead’ virus will become an ‘undead’ virus after it is doused in formaldehyde and other nasty stuff to ‘kill’ it. Sure it is weakened for a time and accompanied at least by aluminum which keeps recycling it in the body and makes a great environmental friend for viruses. The rest of the soup is exactly what you need to wear out an immune system, making you more vulnerable to infections of all sorts. Most of the science of vaccination that ‘makes sense’ to you has been debunked by more recent research done by independent scientists who are not beholden to or employed by the pharmaceutical industry and other toxics industries. They use much higher power instrumentation to observe the behavior of blood cells, microbes, neurons, neural pathways, etc when assaulted by heavy metals and other toxic substances found in vaccines. They have discovered that the dose does not necessarily make the poison. They found the cellular immune system which is damage by vaccinations as well as the gut microbiome that is damaged by vaccines and other toxins. Our bodies are made up of more microorganisms that perform vital tasks in our bodies than there are individual human cells. You really need to read “Dissolving Illusions” which includes a lengthy history of vaccine usage. Most of the deaths, especially recently, were people who were vaccinated or were under immunosuppressive treatments like chemotherapy.

  • pegasi

    If you use a Nutribullet or Vitamix you will end up with the fiber along with the juice. And the vegetables and fruits will be broken down nicely for easy assimilation.

  • pegasi

    Make sure to take Vitamin K2 with D3 to utilize it adequately

  • chellethesouthernbelle

    Erin don’t miss the study that came out saying those who were vaccinated and got the flu were 6.3 times more contagious…so I agree the flu shot caused this mess…vaccinated people spread aka shed more virus just from breathing!!!

  • Randy Wilson

    They’ll never admit that the virus is in the Chemtrails they keep spraying all over us, this is murder

  • Dj

    This is great

  • kay

    being a single parent is not something planning ahead can help…

  • kay

    agree. i got the flu shot every year as a kid and every year i was horribly sick with the flu. when i turned 18 i said no more shots and im 29 now and have not gotten the flu since. my children are 8 and have never gotten the flu shot and have never gotten the flu. this year we have been surrounded by people with the flu but yet we still havent gotten it so explain that people who say you must get the flu shot to not get sick!

  • Ben Briggs

    My theory is the flu shot is just a big money grab for the medical industry and the pharmaceutical companies. When I see commercials saying that the flu epidemics is bigger than ever, I can’t help thinking, Oh, sales must be down. For the record… I didn’t take the flu shot this year and I haven’t gotten sick yet.

  • Thanks Chelle. A real person 🙂 Do you have a link or I’ll go look it up XO E

  • Many experts (doctors, nurses, health dept officials etc) are explaining that A) the adjuvants in the vaccines are dangerous and can be deadly and cause paralysis (true, even the manufacturer admits this in the vaccine insert) AND that because of the vaccines (see below Erin’s bio for link) the flu is potentially much stronger this year. Why? Because the flu shot is like a bad science project. It might protect a few strains (at 10% effectiveness) but cause others to go hog wild like this year. HNN STAFF
    (PS this reader states it best – The vaccine manufacturing process does encourage mutation in the flu virus. The medium in which it propagates (which is an egg in the case of most flu vaccines) does cause a faster than normal mutation. Mutations lead to more severe “seasons”, because less people have been around them to build any type of immunity. Ergo, the vaccine did indirectly cause the flu epidemic we are experiencing currently.

    Also, in regards to your comment above that the flu vaccine cannot give you the flu because it is a killed virus… while technically that is true, there have been cases in the past (see polio vaccine history), where viral particles were not fully inactivated, causing outbreaks. Unfortunately, that makes it plausible, albeit a long shot….

  • we added it in there about vit D after one million reads.

  • We love that book. Dr Suzanne Humphries (Who wrote it) is a friend of ours. HNN TEAM 🙂

  • One of the smartest things I’ve read this year 🙂 Thanks!

  • Um. Nope. Actually, we called the editor of the paper who interviewed the health dept official (RN) and we understood it quite clearly as did he. It’s only linked in there 4 times so that you can see we did not mince her words and she meant what she stated. So please don’t try to twist her very clear statement. Please there is some basic science you might want to look before posting on our page. Vaccines are not ‘dead’ and you must not be familiar with the attenuated “live” virus flu vaccine. HNN STAFF

  • The nurse is an official at the public health dept. Do you insult all nurses? We also quoted two very well known doctors (an MD and a DO, both vaccine experts) with over 50 yrs of experience between them. We were very open that she still says get the shot even though (and we called and spoke to the editor who interviewed her personally) she stated that the mutated flu shot is potentially responsible for the stronger flu season (aka epidemic) we have this year. You cannot take that away no matter how much you argue, cry stomp your feet, or play semantics. HNN STAFF

  • chellethesouthernbelle

    Look for Dr Dale Brown, he gives links to the CDC article and statistics etc… in the mean time I’ll look for the link myself. I posted it on FB somewhere.

  • “Cora” with No picture. False. We spoke to the editor at length on the phone who interviewed the nurse and he concurred she stated that the flu is potentially much stronger this year (a freakin epidemic as your own govt has admitted) because of the vaccines. Just go look at the title in the mainstream link (we stayed much more tame in ours!) You can play semantics all you want, but the flu shot doesn’t work and if you want to inject your family with an ineffective virus which can kill and paralyze people (as it has this year) go right ahead. But your post is the dangerous deadly false info on this page. Methinks you might just work for pharma as you and your fake no pic basement dwellers have come here in droves with nearly identical false posts. good luck and goodbye. HNN STAFF

  • Thanks for being better than most of the trolls on our viral article. (no pun intended) But A) no vaccine is “DEAD” so please, if you want to post here, let’s stick with science and not made up facts. Secondly WE personally spoke with the editor who interviewed the nurse and health official AT the health dept and he confirmed she DID indeed state what we shared above. Not only that, but if you go look at the title of their article it’s less tame than ours and very clear. The mutated vaccine is responsible, at least in PART, for a stronger flu season which is now an epidemic. It’s dangerous, has killed and paralyzed people this year, is less than 10% effective and 0% effective for people over 65 as Dr Bergman just pointed out. So, it’s not a “DEAD” virus but is leaving people dead. Thank you HNN STAFF

  • Thanks to SR for saying a vaccine is “dead” when it’s not and we talked to the editor who interviewed the nurse. SR is wrong and doesn’t even get their basic science right and alas, doesn’t have up a real name nor a photo, as do most of the people here posting false statements. HNN STAFF

  • It’s less than 10% effective and doesn’t work at all for people over 65. It has killed and paralyzed people (not rare) this season so not sure what part of that is not clear but we’re making it clear now. HNN STAFF

  • Rachael Master

    author, your writing is atrocious. who pays you? seriously asking, bc i can remember sentence structure better as an engineering student 25 years ago.

  • um no, she is not a cdc nurse. Please read article next time before commenting. SMDH

  • Thanks for the ad hominem attack. You don’t like the content so you attack like a dog. lol. We have worked for free for 4 years and won awards for our Truth in Journalism to our MILLIONS of monthly readers. Feel free to join one of our pages on Facebook. We are at well over a half million likes.

  • Christopher Marsh

    The FluMist has live virus but attenuated. Flu shots have dead virus and are safe for chronic disease groups, babies, elderly, pregnant women etc.

  • Christopher Marsh

    Of course a batch of polio vaccine had not dead virus in it. Cutter. Killed a few kids.

  • Christopher Marsh

    Well in 1918 nearly a million Americans died of flu. Go back further in U.S. history.

  • Christopher Marsh

    Salk polio virus. Dead. Roll up your sleeve. A batch of Cutter vaccine did have live virus and killed some kids.

    Sabin polio virus. Weakened. Bottoms up.

    Flu Mist. Weakened virus. Not for everyone.

    Flu shots. Dead virus. Usually. OK for very young very old pregnant and chronically ill.

  • we have newer videos as well embedded

  • In case you are wondering why all the DELETED POSTS BELOW. That would be because of a stalker and harasser that did not have the cajones to show a pic and went by “Lazer” The lil’ guy deleted most of his own posts (shocker).

    This person is writing harassing posts (the person above) and deleting them as you can see… We didn’t censor any of their posts and DID write a reply. They must feel guilty as they are deleting their posts.

    Lazer wrote to Erin Elizabeth
    Also, you’re a shameless piece of shit for going in and editing MY OWN post, instead of replying. How perfectly, fittingly corrupt and despicable.

    1:04 a.m., Sunday Feb. 11 |

    (of course they’re wrong and we DID reply and didn’t edit anything out of their post) Frightening to think people like this work in the real world and talk like this to women or to anyone.

    We should call him out, but he’s now threatened to sue us after calling us these horrific names. #Minimetoo #minisomethingelsewesuspect

  • Brenda Amos

    Do the onions need to be raw, or can they be cooked? Also, can the garlic be in cooked form or does it have to be raw? I have not had a flu shot in 4-5 years, maybe longer. I would get sick within 7-10 days after getting one, every year. I would be sick for a couple of months. What does the Elderberry syrup do for a person? This is the first I have ever heard of it. Thanks for a reply

  • yeah , she is right flu in US is a killer been through hell totally immobilized for week and then month or two to fully recover . I moved to a different country and tell you what, such weak flu bug just 2-4 days by end of the week you back your old self, never taken any flu shots in US or anywhere else.

  • Pop

    I know someone who turned down the flu shot their whole adult life. They caved in four years ago, got one. I came down with the most evil case of hives… Went online to research hives and it’s relationship to the flu shot. I found a shit ton of people who experienced the same outcome. My friend said that doctor told um that there is no way that can happen. Yet the internet has large amounts of people with the same claim who has never had Hives before in life.

  • No it is not a cdc nurse. Please read article before you start harassing readers and us.

  • John Vice

    The level of misinformation in this comment section literally makes me sad. It’s an example of rampant anti-intellectualism and the misconception that people can become experts on any given subject just by reading some articles they find on conspiracy theory websites.

  • mewillie

    The new strain of Canine Influenza is also H3N2. This strain came here from Korean imported meat dogs. So, the question is: Is H3N2 a zoonotic disease? In other words, can it be passed from dogs to humans – or vice versa?

  • They are so drugged up on their vaccinations, prescriptions, and genetically modified food, it’s a miracle they can function at all

  • John. You have the right to call us a conspiracy theory website. But, I know you can’t handle real science, but we are reporting a headline from mainstream news. This health official at the health department, who happens to be a registered nurse, really did make the statement. Not only that, we called the editor of the mainstream news paper to confirm that she said this to him verbatim. He confirmed it. Many are surprised but it is true. The flu shot is not even 10% effective this year. There are actual real scientists, unlike you, that have come forward in droves explaining how dangerous the flu shot is, how ineffective it is, and how they do not recommend it. Medical doctors have come forward as well. A large percentage of pediatricians now do not recommend the flu shot at all. Come back after you do some basic science classes and thank you for insulting our readers. We are many million strong. Unlike you, we have a big following and we are proud of It. STAFF

  • Lenny

    Did this website just edit my post? That’s not shady at all. You never answered my question, why do you have ABC in the title and not The Burnett County Sentinel? “Misogynistic?” so you are saying nurses are only women and woman can’t be Doctors? That’s pretty sexist.

  • Laurel Tragle

    You are not contagious after getting the flu shot. The virus that is used for the vaccine is dead, therefore, inactive. You cannot get sick from a dead virus. The dead virus cannot suddenly become alive and infect someone else. The flu vaccine works by allowing your body to build antibodies against that particular strain of the dead viris

  • Laurel Tragle

    How recently had they received their flu shot. It takes up to 2 weeks to build immunity. Yes, this year’s flu shot targeted the wrong strain, therefore it has been ineffective in preventing the flu for most people. But it does still provide some immunity.

  • Laurel Tragle

    No, you get mild symptoms because that is you immune system building a response o the viral antigens

  • Laurel Tragle

    There seems to be no use trying to talk some sense into these people. There’s is no real science or medical knowledge behind any of these comments

  • whynotv2

    The funny about the underlying message of “vaccines are horrible, don’t get them” is that we are able to have these discussions, educated or not, because vaccines do work. If not for the various vaccines of the past smallpox would still run rampant as would polio. Diphtheria, whooping cough and measles would be far more prevalent than they are. Then again, these aren’t disease that keep popping up with new strains and cause those doctors/immunologist to guess at how the current strains are going to mutate. All in all, we’ve been too far removed from the time when these disease were a real problem and now have the luxury to cherry pick which articles and which “doctors” to believe when they say this or that. Just remember folks, only one or two scientist say that climate change isn’t real, yet the hundreds of other ones state otherwise so those couple must be right. Stay healthy people and be courteous to others by wearing a mask, carrying hand sanitizer and practicing other methods of proper hygiene when out and about.

  • Charlotte Pendragon

    Is there a link to the original story from ABC news? Thank you!

  • Amanda Louise Amacher

    Yes you can. Flu shot in the morning, flu symptoms within 4 hours and super high fever(104). Feeling perfectly fine before that. The flu slowly drains you, unless you get sick from the shot. Than it comes on much quicker and hits harder. Even the nurse said this when we had to go to the er.

  • Amanda Louise Amacher

    You havent seen the package insert to a flu shot? It says “not scientifically proven to prevent”…..
    If you still want it, go for it. Me, i will do what i have always done. Try to stay healthy, eat somewhat healthy meals, and rest if I do start to feel like i am getting sick. It has worked for 36 years. Had one flu shot in basic training, as we didnt have a choice. That was the only year i got sick for more than a couple days, was put on quarters for 2 weeks!

  • Amanda Louise Amacher

    Off topic question: i am on an avoidance diet due to chronic migraines. Nothing with 4 or more preservatives, no pork, high protein (chicken and beef mainly, minimal on turkey), and other stuff. I dont get any shot i dont have to. I do work in a hospital. They did just send my consult for acupuncture. Did have a sleep study, no apnea or terth grinding. Any suggestions?

  • Vunderkint

    Just be careful of certain areas in your house that get cold spots that your pipes don’t freeze or you will have a expensive mess on your hands, it happened to us.

  • Mike Stevens

    There seems to be widespread misinterpretation of what was said.
    A Health Dept spokesperson says that at least part of the problem why there is more flu around is because the vaccine has been less effective this season.
    Now that just means that had it been more effective (like most other seasons) there would have been fewer cases than at present. Flu vaccine prevents flu, it doesn’t cause it.

    What next….?
    Because a spokesperson says that one reason there is more skin cancer is because the brand of sunblock they used was less effective….So, suddenly we conclude that: Sunblock causes skin cancer!!!!11!! Nope, I don’t think so.
    If that’s what you and Mercola think, then you need to think a bit harder.

  • Mike Stevens

    The 10% effectiveness rate is for the H3N2 vaccine in Australia over the last winter, and is therefore expected to be tsimilar to what happens in N America.
    Overall, flu vaccine effectiveness was 33% however, since there are other strains covered, not just H3N2.
    In the UK the prevalent strain is Flu B this year (covered by the vaccine quite well).

    You will only know how effective or ineffective this season’s vaccine was after the season is over.

  • Mike Stevens

    It was 10% effective for H3N2 strains in Australia.
    You won’t know how effective it has been for all strains until the season is over in N America.
    It was overall 33% effective in Australia btw, so stop saying “less than 10%”, would you?

  • Mike Stevens

    Well I am a doctor with nearly 40 years experience in vaccines. Does that mean you will believe me rather than your DO?

  • “Planning ahead also includes preparing yourself to earn a good income, not being a single parent and not being able to retire.”

    How exactly does one do that? This post was absolutely ridiculous.

  • I find it interesting that ever since people started refusing vaccines that all types of new diseases have shown up. Yep! I got all my vaccines and I’m good. Everyone I know who got all their vaccines is good. Then you have these kids that got one or two, no others and all of a sudden have all these problems. What you have are parents who have kids with birth defects looking for an excuse.

  • Few people do get sick after getting the shot, but scientifically speaking, it isn’t the flu. It’s a cold. That is true. The way the shot works is that it puts a small amount of said virus into your system allowing your system to fight off the virus without symptoms. The reason a few get sick is because they have a weak OR a compromised immune system from having diseases such as HIV, AIDS and others like it. The VAST majority of those who get the flu shot do NOT get the flu.

    Is there a problem with the vaccine this year? PERHAPS. I have had the flu shot many, many times and it has NEVER made me sick. I got the shot a few months ago. I can tell you it did not make me or my toddler sick. HOWEVER, we are BOTH sick right now and both of us have ridiculously STRONG immune systems. So, I do believe there may be some discrepancy or human error going on with the vaccine this year ONLY due to the above stated issues and also due to the new deadly strain of the virus.

  • My advice is to Fact Check this information.

  • FallsAngel

    So you’re going by second hand information from a newspaper editor, not a health care provider.

  • FallsAngel

    Here’s a package insert:
    Here’s what it says WRT your post:
    “5.5 Limitations of Vaccine Effectiveness
    Vaccination with AFLURIA may not protect all individuals.”

    Quite different from what you said.

  • I’m the same way only I get the shot. I don’t get sick whether I get the shot or not because I have a healthy immune system. It’s as simple as that.

  • Dont you find it interesting that every time they try to offer up proof it’s a cited article from THIS SAME WEBSITE? Fake news or just fanatics?

  • FallsAngel

    Here is the original article.
    The nurse is a public health nurse working for a tiny county (14,000 people) in northwestern Wisconsin on the Wisconsin-Minnesota border. I’ve been there. It’s God’s country. Beautiful, very rural.

  • FallsAngel

    You talked on the phone to a newspaper editor, not anyone with a health care background.

  • Vanessa

    You are completely misinterpreting this quote. the quote is not saying that the vaccine has caused the outbreak. the quote is explaining why the vaccine has not been effective against this strain. it is saying that the vaccine has not been effective because the virus mutated while the vaccine was being developed, so the vaccine turned out to not be a good match against this strain, hence the low effectiveness rate. however, getting the vaccine still provides some protection, and even if you do get the flu, it can lessen the severity of the symptoms (potentially avoiding hospitalization or death) because you will already have similar antibodies built up.

  • mvogell

    If it stinks then it’s good. The oils are what’s good for you- if they are cooked out then most of the goodies are gone.

  • Brian

    Do you really believe that?

  • Brooke

    How can you continue to speak to others so disrespectfully throughout your retorts, yet try to get them to not speak that way to the other commenters? It discredits your feeble attempt at sounding educated and compassionate, which is what I would suspect that someone who is distributing this article would want to come across as. This whole thing has turned into a ridiculous argument, with you right there alongside everyone else. It’s embarrassing and causes me to question your post and company. Someone who cannot have a discussion without engaging in the same antics that other people stoop to causes me to question the professionalism and integrity behind everything posted in the first place.

  • Something I don’t hear much about is the effect on behavior that treatments, vaccines and cures, have on behavior. Many people would agree that the availability of birth control brought about a separation of sex from reproduction, and a change in behavior, causing the spread of diseases, and some associated cancers. Likewise, the availability of treatments and vaccines has vastly affected the quarantine behaviors and cleanliness behaviors that were formerly employed to prevent disease. The environmental care in hospitals is going downhill, causing more extensive need of antibiotic prophylaxis for surgeries. People take pills for diabetes instead of regulating their diet. The list is endless. Some medical professionals disparage the nutritional product advocacy sites. This is an error because those sites are pushing various parts of the concept that behavior affects health, and therefore they are useful. If health care costs put it out of reach, we will fall back entirely on preventative medicine and naturally available treatments.

  • The quote says that mutations of the virus which occur during processing are reducing the effectiveness. The mechanism of this is unspecified. Unmentioned is the possibility that vaccine can cause a person who gets the flu to have a milder form (instead of severe disease). But still that person in influenza prodrome, or exhibiting mild symptoms could be shedding virus, and spreading flu to others. Hmmmmmmmmmm. One could conclude that the vaccine is allowing, or even exacerbating the spread of covered strains of flu to those who are unvaccinated. You might have to get vaccine to defend yourself from the vaccinated. The Japanese are trialing a drug which prevents the virus from taking over cellular machinery to replicate itself. Maybe this will help protect people from the vaccinated. Health care employers coerce their employees to be vaccinated. It helps keep the workforce at work, but is it really mitigating the spread of the flu to the unvaccinated? In times of vaccine shortage, who should get the vaccine first? Makes one’s head spin, doesn’t it?

  • Aaron Krenz

    outted years ago

  • Andrew Fedder

    What a load of Dingos’ Kidneys!!

    Your headline basically states the vaccines caused the flu. Sure you used tricky and clever wording that really doesn’t state this, but is clearly intended to bring the reader to the conclusion that the vaccine causes flu.

    Before hurling “Fake News” jibes, I would ask you to examine your own integrity. If you are as you claim an “Activist” who is looking to help, you should try to pretend to be a little responsible for the words you write and how they could be misinterpretted.

  • Planning ahead can reduce the overall chances of becoming a single parent, but sometimes life throws a curveball at you. Every parent can observe and study the various factors that bring about single parenthood, and encourage their kids optimize their chances in life.

  • rittimcd

    Sure he is, like so many others who speak out against the mainstream medical community and Big P. I’ve been reading his newsletters for many years now and I find him to be spot on, on every single subject that he writes about. I definitely trust my own common sense more than I do people and/or groups who have a financial interest in “outing” medical experts who are not just falling in line with the mainstream medical establishment.

  • :)

    why should it be kept colder? does this somehow help your immune system? I’ve never heard that before.

  • :)

    I’m pretty sure raw is best. Garlic has to be chopped up and left to sit for a minute to develop the acid allicin, which is what makes it effective. I always have to eat a little something, personally, if I take raw garlic. It upsets my stomach otherwise. Not sure if others have that issue, my aunt eats straight up.

  • :)

    Hey there, so one thing I just wanna say is in your comment u say HHN lost credibility for saying its 0% effective. She said it was 0% effective over the age of 65. If what she claims is accurate, I cannot say, but just wanted to point that out.

    Also, the woman who gave health advice did not say to JUST eat veggies cooked in oil. I am not sure where you read that. She did mention veg but also nuts, seeds, fruits, meats, and dairy.

    Also, I did not see the woman say that we should eat the same thing every night. She didn’t give a list but like you said, there are numerous healthy options.

    While there may not be ONE specific miracle food to prevent the flu I can say from experience with my own body that what I eat makes a difference. There are lots of foods and herbs that are naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and/or anti-viral.

    I grew up on the “SAD” Standard American diet. I began experiencing health issues as a TEEN. By the time I was 20 I realized my folly. WHAT WE ARE CHEWING UP AND ALLOWING TO BE CHEMICALLY BROKEN DOWN AND INTEGRATED INTO OUR BODIES MATTERS! I’m 25 now and my health problems are almost completely resolved. Couple more years and I’ll be as good as new! 😉 WE ARE GEARED TO REGENERATE NOT DETERIORATE. I never thought I would want to eat veggies either but this American LOVES HER VEGGIES and I would hate my life if I had to go back to eating the SAD diet.

  • :)

    Carla, I feel for you! I understand that it is difficult to make changes, especially when you lived your whole life a certain way. It isn’t easy. I understand that there are many obstacles that can make it seem impossible to accomplish “being healthy”. Money and time are big obstacles for many. As JENNA below said, it is set up this way. I am convinced of that.

    That being said, nobody is forcing anybody to do anything. It sounds like that woman just was giving some advice to anybody who WANTED to listen. She probably has experienced health benefits from switching to organic food and increasing intake of veggies. I have too. If you are happy where you are at, then be happy! If you are not happy, then maybe start with one change and when you are comfortable with that, change something else! Like maybe just add a small pile of “leaves” as a side to one of your meals a day. Then it just becomes routine. If salad is too expensive, grow it? Don’t have a garden? Learn to forage in nature! Don’t have nature? Maybe see if you can start a community garden! I’m not DEMANDING you to do this, but i believe that where there is a WILL there is a way!

  • mvogell

    Only the fools who follow what they are told they “must have” or “must watch”. Unfortunately, thats 80% of the population.

  • mvogell

    Good post, just wish she’d told me that 30 years ago…

  • Brandon

    It’s blatanty obvious the author doesn’t understand the science of a vaccine or the nature of that quote.
    It’s like dangerous journalism at it’s finest.

  • peanut butter

    I will never take another flu shot. Every time (3) I took one I got symptoms, or the full blown flu, for two weeks. That was a few years ago. But doctors and insurance companies try to scare you, telling you that if you don’t take one and you get the flu, you will be responsible for the doctor bills. At least that’s what my doctor told me. A short time later my insurance called to quiz me about things and when they asked about my shots I told them that I don’t trust serums. The man said, “Well, let me make a note of that.” So I expect it’s the truth.

  • mvogell

    Some people get mild symptoms, some people get no symptoms, some people die- all according to the individual. Every symptom you get of having the flu or cold or a 9mm bullet is your bodies reaction to the event.

  • lorraine

    You can’t sue any of those people. Big pharma made sure laws were put in place decades ago so that even if a vaccine they produce kills you THEY CANT BE SUED. They can’t be held accountable. Now why would they do that?????

  • Daris

    These people are fucking Morons. I read the article and I don’t agree… me a study done that supports your claims that uses the scientific method and then I will entertain your thesis…But there is no such study….I wonder why?

  • Daris

    Baseless assertions with out doing any type if research at all…..I’m think this is why this is happeneing……..that doesnt mean shit.

  • Steven Armstrong

    REAAAAALLLYYYY???!! So, kids just pop up out of nowhere?

  • Steven Armstrong

    I’m guessing you eat/feed your children SOMETHING during the day. I don’t find eating healthy to be any more difficult than eating any other kind of diet. I also work hard/long hours, have a ton of responsibilities to keep up with, and yet don’t find it all that difficult to remain healthy. It’s my responsibility to take care of this body (and NO! No flu shots!!) and I’m certainly not about to shake my finger at someone who offers advice on how I could do better. Unless it’s another quack pushing the big pharma lie.

  • john dickens

    Viruses and bacteria grow exponentially in the heat. The colder it is the slower they multiple and move. Also UV light helps kill virusus and bacteria.

  • cecilia

    you can’t GET the flu from the vaccine. It takes about two weeks for your immune system to build up antibodies for the three or four strains in the vaccine.

    You either were previously infected with a flu strain before you got the vaccine or you got the flu from a strain you were not vaccinated against.

    A vaccine just increases your odds of surviving in case you get infected.

  • mvogell

    Another way to look at it is that 20% of the children who died from the flu this year WERE VACCINATED. Now they might have died from the flu. Or they might have died from the shots they got.

  • mvogell

    Or (s)he didn’t actually get the flu, but the body reacted to the vaccine in the exact way it would react to the actual flu virus. Semantics doesn’t really matter- getting sick is getting sick.

  • gschneider

    curveballs like death & divorce

  • gschneider

    no, but death of a parent or divorce can result in single parenting

  • Brian Gocher

    Where is the link back to ABC or the CDC published quotes?

  • cecilia

    as your body creates antibodies (something that is completely natural), some people may get a bit feverish.

    That’s never happened to me when I get a flu shot – but everyone is different. My 96 year old mother doesn’t get any sort of reaction either.

    Frankly, I would celebrate the fact that one’s body is busy making anti-bodies. It clearly needed them.

  • kfunk937

    The “original story from ABC news” appears not to exist. The links at the end of the post, as well as the post itself, do not appear to be related to the headline. The headline does invite views though. Some might call that “clickbait”.

  • FallsAngel

    Here’s the original story: http://www(dot)burnettcountysentinel(dot)com/news/influenza-potentially-made-stronger-by-vaccines/article_4bd056da-0c21-11e8-b6ae-533d3d165845.html The Burnett County (Wisconsin) Sentinel. You will find the direct quotes of the nurse in there. The link is at the end of the article.

    For some reason, this showed up on another forum I post on as a “CDC nurse” blah, blah. Now I’ve been to that area if not Burnett County itself. It’s in NW Wisconsin, on the MN/WI border. I have family near there in both MN and WI. It’s beautiful, rural God’s country. No major medical centers there. The nurse is a public health nurse, presumably an employee of the county.

  • FallsAngel

    None of that will prevent the flu. For that, you have to quit breathing. Not a very viable option.

  • FallsAngel

    Susan left off “quit breathing”. That’s the only way to avoid getting exposed to flu.

  • Tony Rosati

    No reason to even argue with this…..their sources are not credible, or thet would properly cite them and not be ambiguous. I don’t work for the government or big pharma, but I’m a healthcare provider; too many selfish whack-a-dos who believe any BS conspiracy theory and not science. By the way, the flu shots do not contain mercury and formaldehyde, or anything that will cause severe issues…they may have in the past, but all they are inactivated, not live.

  • Mike Stevens

    This post of mine above has been edited by the blog moderators.
    It is perfectly clear they do not countenence rational debate and will censor everything that goes against their prejudices.
    So much for objectivity.

  • Mike Stevens

    So what is your “real name” then, HNN “STAFF”?

  • Tony. So you are saying the department of health is not credible? What kind of healthcare professional work or are you? Oh wait. We know what kind . So are you saying you get paid to give a dangerous vaccine that you know is ineffective and could potentially paralyzed or kill the baby or adult who you vaccinate as is listed on the insert? You actually get paid for a living to do this? So funny that people call Dr. mercola the baby killer. Who is the real unethical$:@&? -STAFF

  • Mike Stevens

    HNN is upvoting spam now.

  • shay simmons

    So you didn’t talk to the nurse directly.

  • shay simmons

    If you get a flu shot or get your child a flu shot you chance paralyzing and killing you and your child.

    Facts not in evidence.

  • shay simmons

    “we are reporting a headline from mainstream news”

    No, you are misreporting.

  • shay simmons

    “To the best of my recall, there was no flu problem until the vaccination”

    Google “Spanish Flu Epidemic, 1918-1919.”

  • shay simmons

    You keep admitting you didn’t speak directly to the nurse.

  • Mike Stevens

    I liked this bit of HNN’s editing of my post:

    “And another thing, his name is Dr. Mercola. Unlike you he is a physician and a surgeon of over 35 years.”

    That’s less time than I have been a medical doctor (and I have a proper “MD”, not just a “DO”), I specialise in infectious diseases, and I have more publications than does Dr Mercola, and that includes all the ones he counts as publications such as his BMJ “rapid responses”, which are not counted as publications in the medical literature.

  • Mike Stevens

    “Who is the real unethical$:@&?”
    Can you explain why the FDA has cautioned Dr Mercola several times about making illegal claims about products sold in his online supplement store? Would you regard such behaviour as ethical?

  • kfunk937

    Carla, you may want to know that the moderator/”editor” has modified your comment. It appears to have had words added, and may or may not have had words deleted.Is this how an honest website would run its comments section?

  • kfunk937

    @LilithaVain:disqus You have pretty good instincts.It may also interest you to know that the moderator(s)/”editor” modified some of your comments. It appears that they have added some words, and may or may not have removed some of yours.Is that how an honest broker would moderate?

  • Matt Atchinson

    Except the vast majority of Flu vaccines administered are inactive (read: dead and/or incapable of replicating). Thus, they are absolutely incapable of “mutating” in your body when you get the shot. Any first year Science major who took some basic biology classes could tell you that. Article is yet another crock of garbage, intent on spreading hysteria, panic, and mistrust. It shows zero knowledge of virology or pathogenicity. For what it’s worth I majored in Biochemistry and helped with a year long research project in pathogenicity. It is utterly impossible for an inactive virus vaccine to mutate and attack your body. A live virus vaccine, possibly, albeit astronomically low. As I said though, almost all flu vaccines administered are of the inactive type. I’m certain there’s going to be big pharma, conspiracy, hysterical, name throwing, and generally quite ignorant comments responding to me here, doesn’t alter fact though.

  • kfunk937

    @matt_flannery:disqus You may be interested to know that the moderator(s)/”editor” modified your comment(s), adding unmarked “replies” within it, and may or may not have deleted material.I ask the readership: is that how an honest, ethical, professionally-run website would run its comments section?Thank you for your efforts, in any case. Perhaps lurkers will benefit.

  • Chrystina Achuff

    Now I know I’m probably gonna catch fire for this but, I feel it needs to be said.

    Guys… the pharmaceutical industry can be pretty messed up. They capitalize on treating people rather than finding cures. Ever notice how, when cures are found, they’re EXTREMELY expensive? So expensive that even insurance doesn’t cover the bill? Ever notice how when you get one surgery, you need another surgery to correct something from the previous one and it just becomes this endless cycle of hospital visits and pills?

    It’s just sickening to think there’s a whole industry meant to capitalize on the lives of the ill, the elderly, and the disabled rather than curing them as they make it seem like they’re doing. The fight to cure cancer, for example, is too sluggish compared to the number of all the studies they’re supposedly doing. I’m hoping I’m not the only one who’s taking notice of these things. I’m not typically against vaccines, but this particular vaccine should be avoided. Something CLEARLY went wrong in the production of this vaccine. Until the flu clears out, don’t get it.

    Take plenty of vitamin C, wash your hands, and if you’re suspicious of being around infected people, wear a face mask. If you’re sick, STAY HOME. Don’t spread the virus, and PLEASE don’t cough or sneeze on people (that’s just nasty, anyway). Take plenty of fluids, rest up, keep your fever down, and eat light foods (like saltines). I’ve had the flu 3 years ago, so I know heavier foods don’t like to stay down.

  • shay simmons

    I noticed they didn’t bother to italicize or bold their comments, which could mislead someone to think you’d made these statements.

  • shay simmons

    Who is the real unethical$:@&?

    Well, you work for him and of course you won’t risk your paycheck, but someone who sells $5mil worth of tanning beds by claiming they help prevent cancer isn’t going to win any awards for honesty.

  • ciaparker2

    I didn’t follow this. How much of the above was yours?

  • ciaparker2

    Really? What a puzzle you have set me! Are there only two of you?

  • ciaparker2

    Can you explain why the FDA lets the vaccine companies do their own fraudulent non-testing of vaccines? Why Julie Gerberding went through the revolving door from head of the CDC to head of the vaccine division at Merck? Can you explain why the pharma cartel in all its guises doesn’t want anyone to know about or use healthy and beneficial supplements and remedies? Would you regard such chicanery as ethical?

  • HeartBurstTimetoSmile

    80% of kids who died from the flu were not vaccinated per official CDC statements.

  • Hannah

    “Planning ahead also includes preparing yourself to earn a good income, not being a single parent and not being able to retire”

    That is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read. Not to mention it makes you sound incredibly judgemental.

    I guess all teachers didn’t do a good job of “planning ahead” to secure their huge salaries. Heaven forbid one chooses passion over salary when picking a career.

    Single parenting may be a result of poor planning, but can often be the result of death or divorce. No one plans for that.

    My mum will probably never retire. Five years ago my dad had a massive stroke and never fully recovered. He was an engineer who owned his own small business. As he wasn’t mentally capable of engineering anymore, he lost his company, and so much more. Therapies, his constant trips to the hospital, and a lot of prescriptions have left them broke. I guess you can say my dads retired now, but it’s certainly not how he planned it, considering he can’t do anything that once made him happy like work, golf, tennis, sailing, entertaining.

    While this is anecdotal, these stories are the case for MANY people in this country, and for you to say that where you end up in life is entirely down to poor planning is one of the most disrespectful things you could say to people who DID plan, but through absolutely no fault of their own ended up in bad situations.

  • Mike Stevens

    This was my post:
    Like I said, polite and factual. The rest of the diatribe is editing from HNN. I cannot edit the post to remove their additions and alterations. Do you think this is how a blog moderator should behave?

    “There seems to be widespread misinterpretation of what was said.
    …A Health Dept spokesperson says that at least “part of the problem” why there is more flu around is because the vaccine has been less effective this season.
    Now that just means that had it been more effective (like most other seasons) there would have been fewer cases than at present. Flu vaccine prevents flu, it doesn’t cause it.”

  • cecilia

    I’ve seen others get their posts edited.

    really quite ridiculous.

  • Alas Lilitha, “I’m going to sue the pharmacy that gave it to me, the doc who gave it to my toddler and the company who manufactured it.” you cannot do that since Congress violated your right to petition the courts for redress (sue) for vaccine injuries and made the vax-drug-pushers immune from suit. Vaccines are an uninsurable risk. That should tell you all you need to know about the “safety and efficacy” of vaccine pseudo-science.

  • tamajam10

    Why inject yourself (or your child) with what is essentially a ‘toxic cocktail’ (seriously, how many of you would even drink a vaccine if you actually read a list of the ingredients?!) when you can keep it simple? For example, a sick body is usually too acidic and requires more alkaline for a proper pH balance Moreover, Vitamin C (along with B6 and E) is essential for strengthening the immune system. So, do this when you feel the body ‘coming down with something’:

    Mix a teaspoon of Vitamin C crystals with a half teaspoon of Baking Soda in a small glass. Poor about an inch of water into it and stir as it fizzes. Then quickly drink it – it won’t taste at all tart. It only takes a minute.

    Do this a couple of times a day. It works – and none of the toxic ingredients contained in those horrendous flu vaccines that only succeed in creating more virulent strains of the flu!

  • Verna Lang

    I would add to that list. Living in a remote wilderness and having no contact with other humans might also prevent the flu. Perhaps a combination of not breathing and living in total isolation is best?

  • shay simmons

    I would like to upvote Mike Steven’s contribution to this email before the moderator abused his/her privileges and acted in bad faith.

  • Jack Sprat

    OMG do you know how much calcium is in that stuff? BTW I have ingested a vial of a vaccine. It was in Sri Lanka shortly before the end of the civil war. A faction was suggesting, with a rifle, that the vials were poison so…
    Still no gots autism 🙂

  • So you have evidence that say, at least, half-a-dozen are paid then, right?

  • Acleron

    Any names for these Health Officials or references to some credible sources?

  • FallsAngel

    As far as the mechanism of mutation, there have been many articles about how the virus mutates as it is being grown in the eggs.

    Everyone who gets the flu is contagious for a day before they have symptoms, vaccinated or unvaccinated. Kids are contagious for even longer, vaxed or unvaxed. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm to you!

    As far as the unvaccinated, I don’t feel much empathy for the deliberately unvaxed. I do have concern for those who have actual medical contraindications.

    We need to protect people more from the unvaccinated, who are the majority.

    There is a list of vaccine priorities on the CDC website.

    My head’s not spinning.

  • JerseyJeff78

    A flu vaccine cannot cause the flu to mutate but rather the flu mutates as it moves from host to host, as it always has. A flu vaccine usually covers 3 strains and the nicer ones cover 4 but the flu is a fast mutating virus that literally circles the globe mutating in which scientists try to keep ahead of each season by analyzing flu strains in other parts of the world at an attempt to accurately predict the most prevalent strains that vaccinations will need to be made for. At all times there are always more strains in action than are possible to vaccinate against. The flu is a very tricky virus with a great ability to adapt quickly through mutation which is also why it is 2018 and science has yet to be able to figure out a way to create a single vaccine to eliminate all flu infections. One should not assume because the vast majority of people get better from a flu infection and that it is an annual event that the flu is somehow simple or fully predictable.

    A dead (inactive) virus used in a flu vaccine cannot cause mutation. Period.
    Mutation happens in replication and replication takes live virus and a host to reproduce in, in addition to some genetic and immune events to align just right.

    I would also be careful of a blanket recommendation of staying home and not seeking medical attention. The vast majority will get better within a week or two but some have immune reactions that can lead to death. Symptoms need to be monitored and a person should seek medical attention if a person has difficulty breathing, fever temperatures get too high, unable to keep liquids in, etc.

  • Is HealthNutNews your birth name?


  • ciaparker2

    Thank you. I’ll have to catch up when I have time: I’ve read several things that said that the flu shot this year had made it worse, and apparently actually caused it. Do I think that’s how a blog moderator should behave? Remember Z and V? They razed pages and pages at each fell swoop of my excellent, politely-phrased comments from MANY blogs. I’d have to read more of what you wrote and what the moderator wrote to form an opinion. We went to Ash Wednesday Mass today and then I went to the stores, now we have to do homeschooling. We’re up to totalitarianism in Europe now, C learned the names of the dictators and major facts, I put on Faccetta nera from Youtube. So amusing that it’s illegal to sing it in Italy, but everyone knows all the words and sings it lustily at every opportunity. I read Hitler’s Furies several years ago, now I have to figure out how to present anti-Semitism, Kristallnacht, concentration camps, Lebensraum, and In Russia, Stalin, gulags, the Great Purge, collectivization of agriculture, five-year plans, and so on. I told her about Germans feeling that they had a right to go east and steal everyone’s farms (Lebensraum), and go hunting for Jews and Slavs on them (I had no idea until I read Furies). At least it’s more interesting than the New Deal, which we just finished.

  • Acleron

    The idea of Parker teaching anything is horrifying.

  • FallsAngel

    my excellent, politely-phrased comments

    You mean like where you call anyone who disagrees with you “SHILL”, ask people how they sleep at night since they vaccinate, and equivalent? Those excellent, politely-phrased comments”?

  • Larry J McNeely

    That was the dumbest thing I have ever heard. 2 reasons. One – you must be addressing rich people because low income (who are screwed already) people cannot afford a damn tanning bed! and two, I got skin cancer from the sun and the sun is not an option for vitamin D. I must say though that every time I got a flu shot, I got sick as hell. Up until then I was fine.

  • Andrew Lazarus

    Sure, common sense is better than years in medical school. The funny thing is no one ever tries common sense instead of getting an electrician.

    Check out Mercola’s mansion. His web site sells sugar pills at huge mark-up. Big Alt Pharma is even more of a rip-off than Big Regular Pharma.

  • You can do a lot of things on our page, but being a miserable misogynistic f$&@ is not one of them. Erin Elizabeth owns the site and works for herself. So stop the women bashing. She does not work for Dr. Mercola. She works for herself. She has also funded this site for four years out of her own pocket. Wow. Do you call women bitches too? #WomanHater.

  • Well, we have been together nine years. I’m waiting to see pictures of the mansion LOL. Please. Show me. The trolls are thick tonight. Every time I see that aerial view of the house we don’t live in, but little children live in, and violent asshole show up at their door because people are posting their house where we do not live and we do not own? It is sad. Back to my two bedroom 🙂

  • First of all, we cite our sources and have all along so lying about us on our site doesn’t fly. If you want the privilege to post here you will tell the truth. Also, our medical doctors I highly doubt you work for the medical profession or you would know about the Mercury parts per billion in the shot. You also failed to mention the dangerous adjuvants such as aluminum, and so many more which are colleague Robert F Kennedy talks about at length.So, keep spreading lies. I cannot imagine with your cognitive dissonance that you truly administer shots, but if you do then it’s clear why you were here posting. You want to make a buck. And you don’t care if you kill a child or paralyze a child, because that is right in the vaccine insert. So you can live at the blood on your hands. You are an unethical baby killer if you give this ineffective vaccine. Again I repeat, anyone here who administers this vaccine is unethical and a baby kille I cannot imagine with your cognitive dissonance that you truly administer shots, but if you do then it’s clear why you were here posting. You want to make a buck. And you don’t care if you kill a child or paralyze a child, because that is right in the vaccine insert. So you can live at the blood on your hands. Are you familiar with the vaccine court? Number one shot to be paid out billions is the flu shot. So you can live with the blood on your hands if you Paralyzer kill a child the next time you give the shot. Shame on you. #Unethical #BabyKiller

  • Let me explain that we have countless trolls here stating that we don’t cite our sources. Then they see the source and they say that it is fake. The newspaper we quoted is very reputable and we spoke to the Editor by phone. At length. He admitted very openly that it was true that the health department health professional did status. And many were surprised at the statement. He is getting calls about it regularly. So, for all those who say it’s a fake source or the source doesn’t exist. It’s been in the article all along. You must realize that there are what are called Astroturf hers who come here by the hundreds to try The newspaper we quoted is very reputable and we spoke to the Editor by phone. At length. He admitted very openly that it was true that the health department health professional did status. And many were surprised at the statement. He is getting calls about it regularly. So, for all those who say it’s a fake source or the source doesn’t exist. It’s been in the article all along. You must realize that there are what are called Astroturf hers who come here by the hundreds to try and disprove anything about vaccines – especially dangerous deadly ones like the flu shot and Gardasil. While there are about 50% on his post on here, there are 50% blatant lies. We will continue to call them out and no shocker, they have different names but the same IP address. Wow. Big revelation. Thank you for listening. The staff

  • shay simmons

    Since I have no idea who the moderator is here, your shock and dismay fall rather short. Nice strawman.

  • shay simmons

    As unethical as editing your comments, which the moderator was done once more. One wonders why s/he doesn’t just post a reply, or is that too straight-forward?

  • kfunk937

    Dear Readers: my comment above has been vandalised by the site moderator(s).

    They appear to have difficulty with reading comprehension*, as well, as I have not claimed that deletions were made, but that they may or may not have been made. Only the original commenter would know, because it does not show to the reader.

    Logic dictates that if the moderator(s) feel free to modify user comments by adding, that they may delete, because they can.

    Does it happen? You have only their word, which is at best unreliable. Case in point: their claim regarding IP addresses of a large percentage of commenters being identical is untrue. Equally counterfactual are their claims of “astroturf” and “paid trolls”. (I can’t prove any of that, but neither can they. Note the absence of evidence.)

    Comment—and read—here at your peril.
    * if the misinterpretation of the nurse’s quote were not already sufficient evidence thereof

  • kfunk937

    So you can link to the ABC News source? Why have you not done so?

    Some evidence to support your claim that commenters have the same IP address would not go amiss either. Do you have any?

    I didn’t think so.

  • kfunk937

    Cia, the moderator(s) here did the same unprofessional vandalism to Ginger Taylor’s comments on the post claiming that the circumstances of Dan Olmsted’s death were questionable. You should have a look at that.

  • Mike Stevens

    Why HNN is altering my posts is odd – as others have said, why don’t they just post a comment in response?

    My post above should read:
    Can you explain why the FDA has cautioned Dr Mercola several times about making illegal claims about products sold in his online supplement store? Would you regard such behaviour as ethical?

    Readers will note that HNN has not answered the question.

  • Mike Stevens

    Why don’t you instead concentrate on giving your daughter knowledge and skills to help her cope with life as an autistic adult in the big wide world?

  • JerseyJeff78

    So post them.
    Do you not know the format for a correct citation?

  • shay simmons

    won awards for our Truth in Journalism

    Which awards and what years?

  • Okay, let me grant arguendo that the CDC is lying. What about every other country in the world?

  • And your evidence that anything in vaccines is toxic at exposure levels achievable by routine childhood vaccination was what again? Be specific.

  • And your evidence that anything in vaccines is toxic at exposure levels achievable by routine childhood vaccination was what again? Hmm?

  • What’s your point, HNN? You do know that after =/= because, right?

  • Acleron

    ‘He admitted very openly that it was true that the health department health professional did status.’
    Does that mean anything? And still no name.

    ‘We will continue to call them out and no shocker, they have different names but the same IP address.’
    A complete lie.

  • Acleron

    The style on Disqus for moderator added comments is (mod:…).

    They can prove their claim by publishing the logs and comparing our own IP address against the log will equally quickly disprove it.

    The mod could have improved HealthNut’s original post by deleting the huge copy paste repeat.

  • Tony Rosati

    (Editor’s note- if Tony wouldn’t blatantly lie about us in the site and say false statements then we would not add our own comments to his post. Easy, stop lying Tony stop trolling the page and we will stop editing your post. Now get a hobby. ) I would just like to say that my posts have been edited to include words and thoughts that aren’t my own, so you are reading 50% my words and 50% theirs.

  • Tony Rosati

    What board? What medical doctors? Stop doubting my credentials. My license is clean, unlike Dr. Mercola. If you want to agree to disagree, I’m cool with that, but don’t call me a jackass or a baby killer. By the way, who am I even engaging with? Staff?

  • FallsAngel

    The newspaper we quoted is very reputable and we spoke to the Editor by phone.

    You realize Burnett County WI has about 15,000 people total. Its newspaper is not one the big media giants. Nor does it have any big “medical centers” within its boundaries or anywhere nearby for that matter. It is 75 miles from Duluth Minnesota, the nearest “large” city, which isn’t even 100,000 people. Now reputable, I’m sure they are. It is a weekly paper.

    I don’t know how ABC News got wrapped up in this at all.

  • Bored Now

    the flu is potentially much stronger this year (a freakin epidemic as your own govt has admitted) because of the vaccines.

    In other words you are claiming that the RN is saying it’s not merely the lack of effectiveness of the vaccine on a particular strain/serotype (due to the virus adapting to egg/culture medium) which is increasing the number of cases. Right?

    If so, then either you misunderstood the editor, or they misunderstood the RN or the RN misunderstood science (and thus doesn’t deserve the title ‘expert’).

    If not, then you appear to be in agreement with most of the pro-vaccine people here but can’t see that for some unknown reason.

  • FallsAngel

    Well, lookit what I just saw on one of my FB pages:
    “Fake News: ABC Did NOT Report Experts Say Flu Shot Potentially Caused Flu Epidemic
    A rambling article (archived here) on Health Nut News titled “ABC: Experts say flu shot potentially caused the flu epidemic (Shocker, in mainstream no less)” was published on February 8th 2018 and got copied by many other websites. . . The entire article seems to rest on the words of one nurse, “Anna Treague”, as reported by the website of local weekly newspaper The Burnett County Sentinel. . . We also searched the ABC News website but we were unable to locate any article claiming experts said flu shots might have caused a flu epidemic this year.

    Yet despite the sloppy sourcing and headline claims that were not substatiated by the rest of the article the story managed to collect almost 200K likes, shares and comments on Facebook, without counting the copycat stories on other websites.”

  • Mike Stevens

    This poster likes to call people names and harass women. Not going to happen on our page. We will Give him a smack down and call him out publicly if need be. #Harasser #Asshole

  • Mike Stevens

    I suspect they can’t HTML anyhow, among their other deficiencies.

  • Mike Stevens

    But she’s got a photo!
    …must be right then, huh?

  • FallsAngel

    Thanks. Good idea.

  • JerseyJeff78

    I have bad news for you…

    The findings of Dr. Linus Pauling in the 1960’s about increased dosing of Vitamin C as a way to fight infection have been disproven and found to be untrue.
    Yes, Vitamin C does play an important role in health and immune systems in minimum doses but overdosing on Vitamin C as a way of fighting infection does nothing to increase your immune response to infection or shorten the length of illness and all you are really doing is urinating excess Vitamin C your body cannot absorb.

  • Ah, so accusing people of being paid is evidence of not liking the content? Interesting….

  • Please could you show me the decision that made pharma companies immune from suit? I’m expecting total immunity, not mere design defect immunity.

  • Except that you can sue the manufacturers for manufacturing and labellng defects so how is it false to say that you can sue them?

  • You talked to an editor who interviewed the nurse?

    So no transcript of what the nurse said then?

  • Vaccination rates vs infection rates numbers?

  • Provide evidence that shots kill babies then you’ll have the beginnings of an argument. Until then…

  • Can you explain countries with public health systems?

  • Which editor of which newspaper? Which nurse?

  • Really? So what’s your evidence for this theory? Also, how do you account for places like New Zealand, the UK?

  • Your evidence that anything in vaccines is toxic at exposure levels achievable by routine childhood vaccine was what again? Be specific. I mean, you do actually have some, right?

  • You realise you could defeat the trolls by simply linking to the ABC news source, right?

  • AutismDadd

    The same reason they wouldn’t want the public to understand how low magnesium affects us. They are in the business of selling THEIR products. Advertising is based on lies whether is a car or a vaccine.

  • AutismDadd

    What does a mansion have to do with it? Does Offit have a mansion? Do heads of pharmaceutical companies have mansions?

  • AutismDadd

    Lazarus struggles with truth. He may not understand its definition.

  • AutismDadd

    Yep, get the shot, and you automatically accept the outcome. the

  • AutismDadd

    Wow that’s a big number, but 80% of how many?

  • AutismDadd

    The troll has landed. AKA justthefacts with a common deflection, who knows Ralph is basically correct but wants to move the goal posts so the strawmen can play too.

  • AutismDadd

    Apparently AFTER a curveball…

  • AutismDadd

    Strawman. Now explain what that takes and how often its happened since 1986.

  • Verna Lang

    I think your latest comment needs to be corrected. The wording is now 70% from the moderator and only 30% from you, the OP. &#169

  • Tony Rosati

    How can they think they’re credible when they alter people’s comments. I’m still unsure how I’m lying. This page has been debunked by many as false; they are also sidestepping my questions regarding names of their medical board and staff….

  • kfunk937

    This troll’s main purpose is solely to attack the site and readers. Therefore yet another harasser stalked and banned. – HNN STAFF (understand, we let 99% of opposing views stay and make notes- but this was not an opposing view. Just ad hominem attacks. #paidtrollsSUCK 🙂

  • Proponent

    Editor’s note: We allow opposing views, as evidenced by MANY posts on here, and even leave posts up where it’s questionable as these trolls attack the site or other people, but a few took it too far. This is one of them.

    They are banned by HNN TEAM

  • kfunk937

    Wow! The mod deleted your entire comment, and replaced it with their own.

    One wonders who gave them that “journalism prize”.

  • kfunk937

    They are now deleting the content of some entire and replacing it with ranty, baseless accusations.

  • kfunk937

    Out of thousands of posters, some who write threatening posts or worse, this one is another banned.

    They are purely sent here to troll and are level 10. Not going to happen. Banned.

    Feel free to write opposing opinions but these professionals are going, going GONE.. HNN STAFF

  • Proponent

    lorraine: Is absolutely RIGHT (and another troll bites the dust).

  • Verna Lang

    This is most of the original post in bold so it can be compared to what the moderator added. The last few words it doesn’t cause it. have been edited out. &#169
    (Editor’s note: more trolls posting and people actually like this garbage? If you get a flu shot or get your child a flu shot you chance paralyzing and killing you and your child. Wake up. Medical doctors around the world are telling the people. Trust your mainstream news? Don’t. ) There seems to be widespread misinterpretation of what was said. ( no, don’t come here and throw our site. We spoke to the editor and he backed up and it is not what you claim. Unless you talk to the nurse or the editor who interviewed the nurse, you have no clue which is obvious. )
    A Health Dept spokesperson says that at least part of the problem why there is more flu around is because the vaccine has been less effective this season. ( no, because of this mutated flu vaccine it is causing the flu to be worse aka an epidemic)
    Now that just means that had it been more effective (like most other seasons) there would have been fewer cases than at present. Flu vaccine prevents flu, (Not true. We have many children dead this year who got the flu vaccine and died after the flu vaccine. Some didn’t even have the flu)
    What next….?
    What next is I hope that you at least get a paycheck for spreading this garbage on my page and I had to edit you because you were so outrageously disrespectful and sometimes people under 18 read this page.
    If that’s what you and Mercola think, then you need to think a bit harder. (Nice try, troll. I know that you want people to get the flu shot and that you are pushing the flu shot. If they get paralyzed or die, it’s blood on your hands, not mine. And another thing, his name is Dr. Mercola. Unlike you he is a physician and a surgeon of over 35 years. There are countless medical doctors and pediatricians around the world who now believe the flu shot is dangerous. Children are dying right now, with in the last few months, of the flu shot, some didn’t even have the flu. Science proves it. They tested negative fo Nice try, troll. I know that you want people to get the flu shot and that you are pushing the flu shot. If they get paralyzed or die, it’s blood on your hands, not mine. And another thing, his name is Dr. Mercola. Unlike you he is a physician and a surgeon of over 35 years. There are countless medical doctors and pediatricians around the world who now believe the flu shot is dangerous. Children are dying right now, with in the last few months, of the flu shot, some didn’t even have the flu. Science proves it. They tested negative for the flu but died right after the flu shot.
    Good job trolling in trying to convince people to use an ineffective dangerous shot with sometimes deadly adjuvants. You also forgot the recent study about how aluminum can cause Alzheimer’s and brain damage. What do you thinks in the flu shot? Again, I hope you get paid well for spreading your propaganda and bulls***.
    Nice try trying to say with this woman said. Did you talk to the editor? Did you talk to the nurse? No. We did. And please. We know you harassed and stalked pages like ours, but give it a break and go find a hobby.

  • Sarah Allison

    Not wrong. The vaccine injury compensation court is different from suing big pharma. I know lots about this subject. This “court” was set up so that no one can sue big pharma as I stated. So no I am not wrong. Look deeper and educate yourself more on The actual facts

  • Acleron

    Not keeping chickens would help.

  • Verna Lang

    Of course. I forgot all about bird flu.

  • ciaparker2

    Like how? Tell her to never go into an out-of-the-way space with a male? I’ve told her that. Tell her not to act weird or non-compliant in a job setting? I’ve told her that too. Now, do you think that has solved any potential problem? Tell her that to remain silent when someone addresses her politely is weird and sets her apart? Tell her that muttering Cat food, litter box, Harley, Havoc, over and over under her breath is weird and sets her apart, and she shouldn’t do it? I have. Does she still do it? Yes. Tell her that she shouldn’t tell people she wants to kill them? I have. Does she still do it? Yes, though not as often as she used to.

    Well, and so that totally has made her competent to hold a job and be independent in the big, wide world.

    Now, should she know about the Holocaust, communism, fascism, Pearl Harbor, etc., so she understands the constant references in conversation and in the news? Yes, she should. This is the time she must learn it, there will be no time for it in the future, and no one else would have the slightest interest in teaching her. We’re also in chapter five of the fourth Interchange English as a Second Language book, and she’s doing well. We just finished a chapter on culture shock, learning the words traditional, expected, customary, supposed to, expectations, tradition, etc., she did exercises, I think she understands them but could not independently use them. We talked about kissing on the cheek to greet, shaking hands, eating dinner at two rather than in the evening, some countries tip in restaurants, others don’t, etc., and they were also in the exercises and video. Last chapter she listened to a video practicing inferences and ghost stories. The video had some girls camping, heard a story about long ago a guy lost his young bride in a fire a hundred years before and spent months out of his mind looking for her. Gave his name. He gathered flowers to give his bride when he found her. And a guy comes up to the girls at their campfire, converses, gives them wild flowers, gives his name (the same as the young man who lost his bride), and then leaves. When I explained it to C, she got it, and started giggling and went on giggling for several minutes, delighted at the eeriness of the story. She had no idea such clever stories even existed. She would not have understood it if I had not explained it, even though she listened to the video twenty times to do all the exercises. New vocabulary: freaked out, a scream, a hoot, a scary situation, a mysterious situation.

    We do Spanish too, and I think she’ll be interested in seeing Spanish words she knows on menus when we go to Mexico. I know my friends will speak very slowly and carefully to her, and she’ll be thrilled when she understands them. I’m worried too, though, about walking to the subway and dealing with it (it will be interesting for her, she’s never been on a subway), the crowds, the lines, the walking, when my health is really not very good. And at my friends’ house, we’re going to be talking and laughing constantly in Spanish, and she won’t understand anything that’s not slowed down and directed at her. I think she’s going to get bored and resentful.

    The bottom line is that autistic adults in the big, wide world cannot cope by the nature of their disability. Yeah, that’s right, big shocker for our world which is about to confront this problem as the fruits of the Vaccine Epidemic which started in 1990 have started to age out of public school, and no one has ANY idea what to do next. They cannot converse with anyone. Those like my daughter are completely reliant on constant explicit instructions as to what to do next. As you know, over 90% are never employed full-time, and so can never be self-supporting, even if they were not developmentally disabled. Over 50% are not employed at all. I assume that’s the 30 some-odd % who are completely unable to use language, plus a lot of those in the next third who are low-verbal like my daughter. She IS developmentally disabled, from the brain damage, and is like a much younger child, isolated from the massive damage to the language center of her brain. So you tell me, how do you prepare a six-year old to go out there and compete for and hold a job in a highly-verbal world? Her school case manager wrote the other day and said she hopes to place her in some kind of internship next year, hard to see how she’s going to do that when she still has a number of required courses for graduation. She said she thinks it will make a big difference to her ability to get a job. I said no, anyone giving her a job would have to accept her disability and have a lot of patience and tolerance. She is NEVER going to be able to compete on a level playing field with typical people. Just prattling about an internship sounds good, but means nothing.

    They have a program for training autistic people at a local hospital which they wanted to put C in, but I asked if they would want to give her all the many vaccines she hasn’t gotten. She said yes. I said Well, no way. No way am I going to see how much worse her brain damage could get after more rounds of vaccine encephalitis. How UN amusing of them to insist on further damaging their autistic interns. Get another job site, for Pete’s sake.

    What I have been doing with her for fourteen years now is very hard. Very hard. I don’t know if it will prove to have been worth the thousands of hours of effort. Obviously it would have been better for her and the millions like her not to have been severely brain-damaged by vaccine encephalitis. Our independent language therapist says that my making her memorize the answers to questions is called error-free learning, and is one of the accepted methods of rehabilitating stroke victims who have lost their language because of stroke brain damage, very similar to vaccine encephalitis. She says she has seen the results, when I ask C six or seven of the questions she’s currently working on, and the therapist sees how she answers correctly. She has seen how she independently uses structures for the first time after studying them in our ESL work. I’m building usable, useful neural circuits in her brain with both grammatical structures, vocabulary, and thousands of pieces of information about history, geography, science, art, and music, together with my interpretation of them. The bad thing is that she has very little impulse or desire to communicate her thoughts and feelings to others. You really can’t live out in the wide world without ever communicating with anyone. So what’s your solution? She likes to just glower at me, and I’m supposed to understand what she’s unhappy about intuitively.

    I think what I am going is useful. So what do you have in mind? Training her to go out to a parking lot and push the used carts back to the store? Over and over again, twenty times a day? What do you suggest I say to her when she gets tired of doing that? That those brain-damaged by vaccines can expect no mercy in this world, and must resign themselves to smiling and bowing at every order issued by their masters, and carrying it out smiling throughout, no matter how bored and tired they get, if they expect to get their minimum wage? And then keep doing it day after day, year after year, until death? Unless they let the smile slip, and then they’ll be fired, with no one having any idea what to do with them then. Do you have a social script I could use in imparting this advice to her?

    So looking forward to your ideas on making C ready and fit to live in the big, wide world.


  • I know. The fake news site begging for money known as Snopes just did an outright false hit piece on it by their anti science “writer”. Sad thing is they fell from grace and are/were going under. Must be getting desperate. They sent all the trolls here : )

  • kfunk937

    Have a nice day.

  • Mike Stevens

    So HNN edits out my post, replaces it with their own calling me a harasser and an asshole?

    Keep it classy, HNN.
    You are getting desperate.

  • Mike Stevens

    Probably no one.
    …Or maybe the UK Daily Mail?

  • JoeFarmer

    Responding to clarify that I did not upvote that idiotic comment from the unethical moderator that completely deleted Mike Stevens’ original post.

  • JoeFarmer

    How many former Stasi employees now work for HNN?

  • kfunk937

    The past was alterable. The past had never been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia. – George Orwell, 1984


  • cecilia

    the vaccine didn’t cause the “epidemic”. And you didn’t get the flu because you got vaccinated. Which is how it generally works. I mean You immune system responded well to the vaccine by making lots of lovely antibodies.

  • JoeFarmer

    It’s probably good that you’re a “retired lawyer” since all of your statements about suing for vaccine injuries are incorrect.

  • Autism Dad, we’ve had death threats etc. All because Snope’s readers are prominently brainwashed flu receivers who just need to be educated how dangerous and deadly it can be for them and their families.

  • Mike Stevens

    It appears to have been given by “Doctors who Rock” (1st member on list = Andy Wakefield!) for “Truth” in Journalism.

    10 zillion irony meters explode in unison throughout the Galaxy…

  • Acleron

    Antivaxxers whine about censorship. Just more projection.

  • shay simmons

    We allow opposing views, as long as we can edit them.


  • Acleron

    This comments section is a joke.

  • shay simmons

    We will edit his postsGive him a smack down and call him out publicly


    Now, are you going to print a retraction, since this article has been shown to contain misinformation?

  • shay simmons

    The newspaper we quoted is very reputable and we spoke to the Editor by phone.

    Why didn’t you check with the primary source?

  • Tony

    My hero.

  • Acleron

    This is the surreal world that antivaxxers live in.

  • FallsAngel

    WT? I know these are not Mike’s words. He told me to copy my post b/c the mods often change things, just like they did here. What’s wrong with you guys, HNN?

  • Acleron

    If anybody issued death threats then report them to the relevant authorities with their IP addresses.

  • Mike Stevens

    Perhaps you could have more fruitfully spent your time proving there is a current childhood vaccine in the US which uses an adjuvant with peanut oil… Recall, there is $10,000 for you if you do!

    I am astounded you haven’t provided the proof of this claim of yours, Cia. The fact that you haven’t indicates to everyone that you were just LYING, as usual.

  • shay simmons

    . Did you talk to the editor? Did you talk to the nurse? No. We did.

    Wait…your original claim was that you did not talk to the nurse, because the editor was such a reliable source.

  • shay simmons

    Correcting information and asking for corroboration is now a trigger, I guess.

  • shay simmons

    Upvote for Andrew’s comments – not the strawman erected by HNN’s editing.

  • shay simmons

    Pointing out where to find the correct information is a harrassing attack?

  • ciaparker2

    The other day I made a comment replying to someone, maybe Kathy?, who said that NO vaccine had EVER used peanut oil. I proved that there HAD been vaccines using Adjuvant 65-4, made with 65% peanut oil. It was tested but not licensed in the US, because the Arlacel in it caused cancer in lab mice. It WAS, however, used in the UK and other countries in the ’70s. And there were MANY adjuvants given a patent which included peanut oil in the list of ingredients. I dunno, do you think they just wasted all the trouble and expense involved in developing the adjuvants and getting the patents, but never used them?

    But the really important point is that aside from peanut oil, Heather Fraser explains in detail how the Hib pathogen resembles peanut protein so closely on a molecular level that it creates cross-reactigenicity, so that a child sensitized to substances resembling the HIb pathogen then reacts with peanut allergy when exposed to peanut protein. And THAT’S why every country which has introduced the Hib vaccine IMMEDIATELY (well, in two or three years) goes from NO peanut allergies in everyone ever, to 2% of injected children having them.

    I think you’re the impostor. Has the real ** jetted off to Venice this time?

  • shay simmons

    My upvote was for the original post (before it was altered).

  • tamajam10

    Actually, Vitamin C is one of the safest and most effective nutrients. Whereas most other animals can produce their own Vitamin C, the human body cannot produce it, so it must be obtained through food and/or supplements. Unfortunately, many people are Vitamin C deficient. Also, where it is a water soluble vitamin, the body cannot absorb it and only uses what it needs while eliminating the rest (so, the word “overdosing” would not be applicable).

    That being said, I would not agree that Dr. Pauling’s ‘findings’ about increased dosing of Vitamin C were “disproven and found to be untrue.” I would agree that many, many pharmaceutical company funded studies may have reached that convenient conclusion. However, more recent (and unbiased) studies suggest there was validity to his findings. (It’s easy enough to conduct an Internet search on both sides of the equation).

    In any event, it’s healthy and beneficial to have a healthy discourse about this and other issues regarding what we are ‘told’ is good for our bodies. it is vitally important that we all learn to make informed decisions for ourselves. And, by the way, I’m sticking with the baking soda / Vitamin C fizzy drink (as needed) when I feel my body fighting off a virus.

  • Acleron

    Vit C in the form of lemon juice, with honey and hot whiskey makes you feel even better, I’ve never seen any positive trials for this excellent remedy against a virus, either.

  • Andrew Lazarus

    HNN, please use brackets to indicate your editorial emendations. It’s traditional. And replacing posts with complaints about the author, but leaving the author’s name up, strikes me as defamatory.

  • Dearest Trolls. you’ve come out in droves. Pharma is getting desperate. FYI, We source ABC and NBC, who called the flu shot LOUSY and useless for senior citizens. Are you not familiar with fake news site Snopes? The atrocious writers there who are proven liars (and have to quietly change their article when we and others call them out on their outright lies attempting to debunk) appear to be begging for cash as their fake dangerous website is IN danger of being shut down. 🙂

    We won’t hold our breath for your apology. 🙂

  • rittimcd

    Sure sounds like you’re a troll, dude. In all of the years that I’ve been reading the newsletters, I’ve NEVER bought any of the products. I have no doubt, though, they are high quality products. Go find another site to troll, why don’t ya?

  • the? please share end of your post!

  • thank you Ralph : ) I hope the self described vampire saw your response. So many do not realize this! We cannot sue vaccine manufacturers since 1986. Once they forced our govt to pass that law they went hog wild making up useless vaccines that puts billions in their pockets and so many adjuvants harm injure and even kill our children.

  • I know right?

  • You even admit you appear to be banned off other pages. Please, find a real job and not just troll full time. I hope they pay you well.

  • Joe. We’re working on a story just about you. How are those gmo pineapples?

  • wow. trolls deleting their comments? wonder why. Thanks. We’re proud of our award and see trolls deleting their own comments. Priceless. Thankfully there are 300 more below!

  • FallsAngel

    I do not intend to apologize for anything. You’re the one who should apologize, HMM, also cease and desist with altering people’s posts.

  • Verna Lang

    My original post said:
    I would add to that list. Living ina r

  • Oh we’ve already been through that with Disqus. When people have said they want to fry us in an oven or far worse they stated in writing, that we must let authorities get the info from them and we cannot give it to them. even if they literally say they are on their way to off us. sad eh?

  • No they are factual and in the vaccine insert. Oh and several children have died after their flu shots this year. ONE did not even have the flu (science showed through a test he was negative) people magazine even said – he died right after his flu shot. perfectly healthy they reported.

  • If you were an MD you would not say that. We suspect, after you harass mothers with brain damaged children on this thread to no end and even harass the milder trolls, that the only MD you have after your name is massive dickhead. STAFF

  • look at their upvotes and that shows the ones who have commented dozens of times in this thread. serial astroturfers (google it) and quite good

  • Actually we spoke to the editor at length on the phone who interviewed her. He made it very clear about her surprising statement and was receiving regular calls and message about it, including mine. Thanks for your false insults though!

  • THANK You. Yes we spoke to the editor who did the original piece and we know what she meant from that conversation by phone ; )

  • And the people getting a shot that A) doesn’t work B) can paralyze you and make you much more sick C) is full of dangerous adjuvants are upvoting. Wow. no wonder this country is in the mess it is. HNN STAFF

  • yes they are. please see article

  • No Tony. Some people with no science backgrounds attempted on the broke Snopes who begged for money publicly just months ago to debunk us. They were proven wrong, had to correct their post and never apologized. And that was one time. They have never proven us false and are well known fake news.

  • Thankfully the MDs, DOs and even NBC news have explained (as NBC’s headline reads “The shot is lousy” ABC admits it hardly works and it doesn’t work for folks over 65. these are mainstream sources with links under bio.

  • PLEASE read the story! our links are there as well as her name and the headline from their article plain as day. Please read before commenting in the future as well. It saves us all so much time. Thank you : ) STAFF

  • We find it difficult to believe you graduated high school since you refuse to admit our sources are all listed. If you want to libel us you will have to do it somewhere other than this page. You libel Dr Mercola too. His license is clean. We are doubting you are any kind of graduate and are sending out a warning to people that you are a stalker and a harasser. We also see the same IP addresses on some of these names but cannot disclose who they are per the rules of disqus.

  • Our board of directors. Look at the list of doctors above. We doubt your credentials as you libeled Dr mercola his license isn’t clean. Always has been 35_ yrs. You said our sources were not there and they are. and they are ALL valid from ABC NBC CBS and the newspaper who interviewed the nurse (and we spoke to the editor at length about this by phone) all documented.

  • non profit out of Washington and look up VAERS. Your taxes and mine have paid out nearly 4 million to families whose children have been killed or brain damaged by vaccines. are you not aware of this?

  • No the nurse said it and NBC news said the vaccine is lousy and it doesn’t work for people over 65 (or very little) please read the full article. thanks. It doesn’t even work – not to mention the adjuvants.

  • THey are right under BIO. 6 links.

  • We used the same link as mainstream. We spoke to the editor on the phone at length who interviewed the nurse. The intentions of her comments were very clear and surprising to many. The editor was fielding calls and emails before we even wrote our piece. Not to mention the ABC and NBC link (NBC headline literally said the shot is LOUSY and that it doesn’t work for those over 65. Read please before insulting

  • The shot has not worked there either, Total fail.

  • No we talked to the editor at length who interviewed her to confirm. we completely interpreted it as it was stated.

  • We are sorry what this poster said to you about your child. He says he is superior to a DO, lied about vaccine ingredients and most are doubtful he’s a doctor.

  • Dear alleged doctor of 40 years (which we seriously hope you’re not after you insulted the mom with brain damaged child, called her a liar…) we don’t believe you are a doctor and there are several of us. We have millions of visitors on this site and certainly are NOT going to provide the names of te women who moderate as you insult DOs and say you’re a “real” doctor MD, not a do and since you have harassed and stalked us endlessly along with other health pages? We’ll keep the women’s names hidden for their safety from you. We see you’re in the UK (not just from your spelling which was our first red flag) . So no. we won’t be giving our names. HNN STAFF

  • The editor told us verbatim AND it’s in his article. we are familiar with your form of harassment to various health pages, but please, read the article and sources next time. He quotes her directly. and we talked to him at length.

  • No, we are reporting what the nurse stated which is in mainstream and verbatim with nearly the same headline in the newspaper who interviewed her.

  • He insulted a mom who wrote about her brain damaged child and said she was lying about it. HE needs help . we hope he’s not a doctor and doubt he is.

  • thanks. all links are in the article so people can. see bottom

  • Snopes is not reputable and are begging for money not to go out of business.. see NY Times or any mainstream on that story. We cite not one, but six sources and ask you please read them before commenting. We respect you say you are a vampire, but you still have to read before commenting, Lilitha.

  • Our sources range from ABC to NBC’s article which says the flu shot is “lousy” in the headlines and explains why it does not work , and doesn’t work on those over 65. please read

  • yes see NBC and ABC link under story thank you

  • ABC and NBC etc are all listed about the inefficacy of the flu shot (they call it lousy and say it does not work for people over 65. see links)

  • yes we have the link many times in our story. People just have to read it.

  • you have asked this repeatedly. You’ve made this a part time job posting on this page and hope you get paid well : )

  • 2017 November. Truth in Journalism. You too are a great professional troll. We’ve never had anyone post as much as you and a few other winners (3) on this page. the cat photo fits you well as stalker would be the perfect description.

  • No. we’re aware of the identical IP addresses and know all of you are. It’s just facts.

  • Many folks use tanning beds for 10 bucks a month. I bet there is one a mile from most peoples’ homes. Big chance it was not from the sun

  • Thanks for the swearing but our sources are all cited.

  • It’s in the story 2x! as is NBC. and 6 links total.

  • We have given the name of the nurse and the editor. Whose else do you want? Oh it’s a fact about the IP addresses.

  • They are the source.

  • We have correct citations. Why are you not reading them? Our editor has six in total.

  • ABC is there along w other sources.

  • and you have spent hours on this thread. I see the other threads you regularly troll too. Amazing the time you have.

  • All citations and sources are in the article or below it. Please read before commenting. Thanks!

  • I think the astroturfers on here are thick. i recommend people google that word.

  • it’s in the flu vaccine insert and has happened this year numerous times.

  • we put our comments in parenthesis.

  • Sherrie Hall

    I grew up in a family that used Adele Davis protocol. I used it with my children.
    I’m 70, my husband is 80 and still use Adele Davis.
    No health problems and no I do not get the flu shot. I got it once back in the 60s and felt horrible. Never again.

  • JerseyJeff78

    The entire Vitamin C belief that it can shorten illness was based on Paulings, which he won a Nobel Prize for in the 1960’s, but in later research was found to be incorrect.

    Sorry. It’s nothing personal, it’s just science.

  • Sherrie. Admittedly we are not familiar. We will look her up but would love to hear more.

  • We appreciate that you are on most sites on the Internet that we can find on your history about vaccines. We appreciate the many countless hours that you must spend promoting them. But the good news is, there are many studies that show there are preventative measures 🙂

  • There are only a handful of you, but we appreciate that you appear to post on thousands of vaccine threads on many many sites across the web. We see that you are even posting negative things about us on other websites that are not even hours which anyone can see in your history. You are free to do so, but we just wonder how you have that many hours per day to post. You must’ve posted here almost 100 times and frightened a few of our moderators. Staff

  • Considering some of these appear to do this for a living, he was one of the More tame ones.

  • What is most interesting is that you, proponent, Mike, and a few others are on almost all the same threads. I don’t think you are the same person, but you are on multiple websites bashing people about vaccines on each and everyone. I just wonder how you all have the time? Especially Mike, who says he is superior to other doctors and doesn’t know the ingredients of vaccinations

  • Would be able to document the historical decision in 1986. Soon there after VAERS with set up and nearly 4,000,000 has been paid out to children who have been injured from vaccines or to the families where thousands of children have died as a result of their vaccinations

  • Autism dad – there are a small group of these guys and if you go look at their history you will see they are on every health site it seems on the web on threads about vaccines. They even write nearly the same thing and give each other high fives if they get banned off one of the pages

  • The insults you have given to women on this page and other pages are horrific. You make Harvey Weinstein look like a nice guy. Please, quit while you’re ahead?

  • Again, We would appreciate on your endless comments that are becoming very stalker-ish If you would just refrain calling mothers with brain injured children “liars”. We would also appreciate if you would just try to get a few of the fax right about the vaccination since you claim to be a doctor.

  • It is actually in the vaccine insert. We have had several die this year which are actually linked in the article. One boy died after he got the flu shot as a result of the flu shot expert say, and he didn’t have the flu which was proven By the tests at the hospital before he died. So sad that flu shot is killing so many children this year

  • Really? I think I might have to cut my right arm off if you are a doctor as you lied about the ingredients of vaccinations, said you are superior to the DO because you are an M.D., you don’t know how many micrograms of mercury or in a vaccine as in the flu shot and you said they were non-which is false, you also said that Dr. Mercola had a questionable license when his license has never been in question

  • Howie Feldersnatch

    First visit to this site. If I’m reading this right and understanding the stance on modern medicine here, it’s all garbage and everything is for profit only? There’s no vaccine that’s safe? Or any drug from any pharmaceutical company is BS and dangerous?

  • Bored Now

    No the nurse said it

    Said what exactly? Again are you claiming that she said that it’s not merely the lack of effectiveness of the vaccine on a particular strain/serotype (due to the virus adapting to egg/culture medium) which is increasing the number of cases?

    If so where did she use words that mean exactly and only that? The only quote you have says:

    I believe that the low effective rate of the vaccine this year is due to the mutations that the virus made in the processing of the vaccine itself. That is at LEAST part of the reason that influenza cases are so widespread this year.

    There are no words in that phrase which clearly differentiate this passage from what I said. If you feel differently then please, by all means point them out.

    So again, either you misunderstood the editor, the editor misunderstood the RN or the RN that got asked might as well have been a plumber insofar as understanding the science involved here. In any of those cases you should have asked more questions about the mechanism involved to avoid being misled.

  • Frank R Nicholas

    Great job. Love site. Don’t let the trolls get you down. They are just trolls.

  • d-dectiri

    Maybe they trust the electrician because he hasn’t screwed them like the pharma drug-medicine trained physician… digest that difference buddy….

  • CaptTurbo

    It’s amazing to find out that Always Biased Crap (ABC) could actually get it right and tell thee truth for a change.

  • AutismDadd

    I know. I go after them. Some sites ban me when they should ban these sleazebags.

  • Autism dad. Even the biggest flu shot proponents should be pretty disgusted by these posters. If you go look at their history you will see they are on 100 or sometimes 1000 other threads going on, on other sites about vaccines. They have the same answers, and they even talk to each other. Guess what? Some of them are even the same person with the same IP address. Seriously. I truly believe the CBS reporter who talks about the fact there are professional trolls who are paid. Granted it’s only like three or four out of 300 on this thread. But they are seriously cereal expert trolls. And the sad thing is? The people getting the fluShot, which is ineffective and dangerous, like their posts and believe it.

  • AutismDadd

    Unfortunately anyone can own a computer.

  • And even you, who I know, and did not ask to come to this thread but I appreciate that you found it did, haven’t posted one fraction as much as they have. They cannot be that passionate about the damn flu shot. They are professionals. Then you have a guy claiming to be a medical doctor and says he is much higher up than Joe because Joe was only a DO., You know that’s a red flag, and then he says there is zero mercury in the flu shot which people do not understand is untrue. Even if it is thimerisol free

  • AutismDadd

    Oh shaynus is here too. shaynus won’t respond to me though. Lucky me.

  • no1uknow1

    Plenty of people try, successfully I might add, to use common sense instead of getting electrician. Lights went out – do you flip the circuit breaker or call an electrician? Andrew Lazarus who has no common sense is on the phone dialing with dollars.

  • AutismDadd

    Personally I’m 100% skeptical and never act on any advice before investigating. I have high standards and hopefully many more aren’t so gullible as to have real trust in any vaccine.

  • AutismDadd

    Snopes is for dopes.

  • AutismDadd

    I’ve heard Mike Stevens is Mike Simpson, a fellow with a questionable reputation. I thought he was Richard Head who we call Dick Head.

  • AutismDadd

    JoePharmer perhaps the most inept shill/troll on disqus.

  • AutismDadd

    I think I simply edited and left “the ” hanging there

  • AutismDadd

    And your’s is? I know its Richard Head

  • AutismDadd

    Order in then

  • AutismDadd

    Well if these are EXPERT trolls we have little to fear. They won’t even respond to me anymore because I’ve thrashed them. They aren’t intelligent and their parroting and regurgitating isn’t working. The public at large knows better and I credit the internet for being the Great Equalizer. We can now access information we couldn’t in the past. Moreover from personal experience, if I mention autism and/or vaccines, I get knowing and educated responses almost anywhere its raised. Most people have stories about victimization. Here’s a story from a few years back. Our Local Newspaper actually published a story during Flu Shot Season detailing 25 deaths from flu shots. I wrote a letter to the editor thanking the paper for being honest. It was in an edition my brother read at work on a day the shots were being given. He showed his coworkers my letter. 5 of them declined the shot after reading my letter.

  • AutismDadd

    Has FalseAngel called you a jaggoff yet? She regularly looses it elsewhere and won’t respond to me after I made a fool of her or should I say made a fool of herself?

  • Staceyk

    Thanks so much for the information. So many people get awesome information to help live healthy lives from you Erin. There’s always a few in every crowd that will try and steal our joy or our hearts desire to do good. I wouldn’t even respond.

  • ciaparker2

    I think he is a doctor, but he gives himself considerable license to act in what most would consider an unprofessional, cruel manner, since he uses a pseudonym. HIs loyalties are to the vaccine industry rather than to human health and wellbeing. Several years ago we were all amazed at how many posts Dorit R was able to put up every day, hundreds and hundreds, every day over a long period of time. We realized that she had others using her nym to say what they thought she would say, I guess to establish an overwhelming omniscient, omnipresent presence on the Internet. And I think in the past four years, MS has moved into that position and done the same.

    And thank you for your sympathy regarding this and the many other cruel comments made about my and my daughter’s vaccine damage. I feel I need to keep commenting to help as many as possible avoid experiencing what we have.

  • AutismDadd

    You should refrain from making statements about common sense.

  • ciaparker2

    I blocked him some time ago, and Fallsangel too. Your readers should know that if he or she harass them they can do the same. Go to their profile and click to the right of the screen name at the top, click on Block this commenter.

  • ciaparker2

    I LOVE your tough stance with the vaccine shills. I really wish more site moderators were like you. For a while one group of professional shills was getting one of its own as a moderator on many sites with vaccine articles, and he would delete my comments twenty at a time, across several sites. Until the time when someone else clocked in as moderator, and then all my comments would stay up.

  • AutismDadd

    Maybe when Andrew Wakefield becomes wealthy from his Transfer Factor Vaccine he’ll give all us Cult Members enough to build a mansion?

  • AutismDadd

    Good advice. I’ve banned a few who are repetitive like Jonathon Ginger Boy Butthurt Graham / bored now

  • AutismDadd

    But like most, Dorit was ineffective and really just made a fool of herself.

  • AutismDadd

    They sound vaccine injured and are likely receiving pharmaceuticals from a “doctor” . Hope they stay away from the neighborhood schools.

  • Lol. No she went so cra on this thread I think someone may have banned her. I have to check. In Costa Rica. I should have known she was a shill from her first , not 100th post. 🙂 she and mike and that shay troll.

  • Wow. Wait shay is a regular? These minions should all go tell their master we are done. I wonder if they are paid. They seriously troll hard on all these pages.

  • Ron Roy

    My son and daughter in law have three kids of their own, one foster child, two dogs and both work at least 40 hours per week and yet they all eat an extremely good, mostly organic, diet. My daughter in law does a lot of canning and also freezes a lot of the veggies from my organic garden. A big help to them is a Vita-Mix. It’s amazing as to how quickly you can make a good nutritious hot meal with that device. Oh and none of them are vaccinated and they’re all very healthy.

  • Ron Roy

    Actually the fact that he doesn’t know squat about vaccines proves he’s a doctor.

  • Ron Roy

    He’s the second most inept. joe ( Josephine ) is number one. We have to give proper credit to these shills.

  • Ron Roy

    CDC one of the enforcement arms of the pharmaceutical industry. Yeah a great unbiased source of information. NOT!

  • I want to apologize to you for thinking that you were one for a moment. We have over 300 comments on here so please accept my apology. Some of these people really do need To be in prison. Discus nobody seems to care that they are stalking harassing and shaming the shit out of women, and men, for a living and you can see there are thousands upon thousands of posts. I don’t think that my guy is a doctor and if he does? He needs to have his license taken away for what he has said. So, my apologies for them, really it’s only like a half dozen or less because some of them have the same IP address. They need a major smack down and need to be locked up for a few days. Honestly, I am not sure if it is worth my time, but after I see a guy right near where we live in Florida shoot up a school and it turns out he made some rude comment in the FBI couldn’t find him? I think some of these jackasses need to be turned into the Federal Bureau of investigation. No I really don’t like the FBI and I really don’t like these trolls. But if you have a literally said they want to slit the throat of me and five of my readers. Picked at random. That kind of thing needs to stop

  • Not continually trolling people would help. Somebody has already called you out and said your real name. I didn’t even bother to look at your IP address and see if you don’t have another 100 on here.

  • Thank you in advance to the many real people we have posting here. It turns out that we have a few famous shills who have trolled HARD. If you look at their history they do this to hundreds if not thousands of health pages. And, a few of them have the same IP address. Some have even called out their real names. They have threatened to harm, they have threatened many things, and we did have to delete a few comments that were rather graphic. I think we banned at the worst of them, but I just don’t know how they literally have 8+ hours a day to do this on hundreds if not thousands of sites, unless they are paid.

  • Well isn’t it good business and more profitable to create more of a need of your product? That is Business 101.

  • Lee Reikert

    I find it curious that though I have advanced lung disease (15 years), work as a checker in a major grocery store and have been dealing with my “issue” using nutrition, exercise and homeopathy (no pharmaceuticals) and no preventive shots that somehow, SOMEHOW, I’ve managed to dodge this flu epidemic. According to the CDC by not following their recommendations I should be dead. How do you explain this CDC?

  • Roz Smith

    Your post is illogical. The goal is to take better care of yourself and your family whoever you are (and whatever your situation).

  • Roz Smith

    Chickens have something to do with influenza?

  • Roz Smith


  • Roz Smith

    A national drugstore chain is giving their customers a $5 coupon for taking a FREE flu shot. Why for?

  • Roz Smith

    Agreed! The goal is to do better than you have in the past. Take care of yourself!

  • Roz Smith

    I like how you make it clear that we, ourselves, have a part to play in our circumstances.

  • Roz Smith

    If we are caught up in the result of bad choices, we have a Heavenly Father who although He sits high, looks low. We can ask HIM to help us and He will. “Casting all your care upon HIM; for HE careth for you.” 1Peter 5:7 KJV

  • Roz Smith

    Have faith in GOD. If caught up in the result of life’s circumstances, we have a Heavenly Father who although He sits high, looks low. We can ask HIM to help us and He will. “Casting all your care upon HIM; for HE careth for you.” 1Peter 5:7 KJV

  • Roz Smith

    People need to think outside the box. Someone has defined insanity as doing the same things and getting the same results.

  • Roz Smith

    Ask your dtr-in-law to share how she manages to feed her family optimally while working full time. That info could be presented as a video with a companion book!

    Have her pre-sell it online for a modest price! Maybe HHN would be willing to advertise it.

  • Roz Smith

    I had heard that an overheated home can cause sickness. Thanks for the reminder!

    I came down with flu symptoms right before the new year and went for two sessions of salt room therapy (google it) which cleared it up within a few days.

    I now make a tea of lemons, garlic, and ginger, sweetened with (mostly manuka) honey (drank hot or cold) and take to work in a thermos.

  • AutismDadd

    Six of one , half dozen of the other. OR same crap different pile

  • AutismDadd

    They can’t be taken seriously. If paid they should refuse because they don’t do a very good job of earning it. Not one impresses as intelligent while Vaccine Safety Advocates provide a lot of great information.

  • AutismDadd

    Do you have a Mansion in Costa Rica too?

  • Stacy

    I will have to say I had to get the flu shot because I work in a hospital, and quite frankly I haven’t been sick yet, and I go places where I could potentially catch it! And also my 2 yr old got the shit and hasn’t got sick except a cold! So I have nothing bad to say about the shit!

  • Stacy

    And also I watch the news and haven’t heard anything close to this article!

  • Mimsmere3

    Honestly, I want to read this article and gain the information, but there are some many asides in parenthesis and shifts from regular to bold, that this article lacks the professional quality I, as a designer, have come to trust. If I can’t take your formatting seriously, I can’t read your article.

  • Ron Roy

    Very simple some meals are prepared in a crock pot and timed just right for the meal it was prepared for. Soups of all kinds are done with a Vita-Mix.A Vita Mix will cook food in about 8 minutes. My son works 10 hour shifts so has many days off during the week and he does his part in preparing meals.

  • Peter Olins

    My condolences, in advance.

  • Ron Roy

    Is that your best comeback? You need more training. Now go back to shill school.

  • AutismDadd

    They up like themselves and the co-worker beside them.

  • AutismDadd

    According to those selling shots, yes

  • AutismDadd

    They are CHEAP test subjects. Free is better, but $5.00 is Third World Price.

  • No 🙂 hehe. A tiny modest room with a bed, desk, chair, no TV and a small bathroom. It is inland and we are not on the ocean or any body of water. we are lecturing here for free for a week as we thought it would be fun. We’ve met so many local lovely people in this blue zone.

  • Fair enough. I will ask him for a new one : )

  • AutismDadd

    Yea it was just a follow up mansion joke. Enjoy the weather.

  • PS I am learning about professional trollism. We only had a handful on here but they must do this full time. We banned this one above and most of their troll buddies who liked it who alas, do this full time too ; )

  • Mary S

    Breathe – your most Important statement: “I’m never going to base my decision to get a flu vaccine on one *nurse’s* or kooky doctor’s opinion. I look at a LOT of research, information from multiple sources, consult *my* provider. Then I decide for myself, and I live with that decision.” I hope you will remember, with all the stresses of todays society it is even more important that we MAKE time to take care of ourselves first!. Good quality food, rest, yes some supplements, we can only do what we can but it is our life. Note: I guess you could call me a child of the 60’s, like you damn healthy, not retired but figured out that I will make it despite multiple losses from 2004-2008. I hope you will study healthier life more like we had as children. Be Well

  • Macgyver24x7

    How are you able to use some sources for your article that came out after your article was published??

    Integrity please!

  • tomonthebay

    Block away Parker but everyone else can still see when you are called out for your errors and what frequently appear to be outright falsehoods.

  • What’s with all this official media speak about “36% effective,” “10% effective”?

    What it actually is IS 100% effective in poisoning people so that their immune systems don’t function as well as they should, at the least. That’s the only effectiveness of any vaccine, in reality.

  • FrenchKissed

    A healthy, balanced diet; exercise and adequate sleep are essential for good health, but they will not protect you against influenza (or even colds, for that matter). They can help you fight the illness, shorten the length of time you are sick, and increase your chance of survival; but only so much.

    The notion that taking megadoses of any nutrient will give you superhuman abilities is preposterous. We see this all the time with beta carotene. “Eat lots of carrots to improve your eyesight!” No, it doesn’t work that way. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to VAD blindness. Increasing your daily intake of vitamin A will prevent eye problems caused by vitamin A deficiency. All the myriad of other eye problems we suffer, mostly due to aging, will not be resolved, or even prevented, through supplementation.

    The same thing applies to vitamin C and the current vitamin supplement trend -vitamin D- insufficiency can impair your body’s ability to fight off disease (due to a weakened immune system) but there is no amount you could take that would make your immune system stronger than your average healthy adult. If you don’t believe me, try taking public transit during commuter hours for a week in any metropolitan area during cold season (without carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse). You can eat all organic food and take all the supplements you like, but they will be totally inadequate protection.

  • AutismDadd

    One has to ask what % actually represents and how they came to that conclusion. They must be going with anti-body count because its all they have. How that represents real conditions is the question, but they stay quiet about that.

  • :)

    That’s because electricians actually know how to fix and “treat”, so to speak, the issue. If every time the electrician came things ended up worse, I’d be learning how to do it myself. Just like I had to do regarding allopathic medicine. I followed conventional medicine and TOLD them what my issue was and they still misdiagnosed me and even told me it was “in my head”. I believed them, until I ended up in the hospital two weeks later for EXACTLY what I thought was wrong, only this time a different doctor tested me and it was SO bad at that point he couldn’t miss the infection that spread to my kidneys…..apparently the next step would have been my blood and then my brain and I may have died from septic shock. At that point I was forced to take antibiotics and my health was almost destroyed by these people and their “medicine”. Luckily I got FARRRRRRR AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE AND THEIR QUACK “MEDICINE”. Still had infections pop up for about a year until I was able to rebuild my flora and immune system but instead of antibiotics I used oregano oil to save me. So who is REALLY selling snake oil????? Pharmakeia is greek and means sorcery. I’ll take a line from black Sabbath that suits big pharma perfectly- “sorcerers of deaths construction”. I LOVE YOU ERIN AND MERCOLA! YOU’RE SERIOUSLY AWESOME HUMANS <3 One of the only news sources I can trust.

  • :)

    OHHHHHHH that makes sense! Thanks!!!! My kombucha likes the heat around 70 though, and it helps protects me from all of that stuff anyways, but It is good to know. 🙂

  • somitcw

    I believe that the calculation is:
    1. How many did the CDC expect to have the flu.
    Probably something like 3%
    2. How many did not get the Flu presumably because of being assaulted with the non-therapeutic flu vaccine.
    Originally they claimed that 1 of the 3% didn’t get the flu.
    3. 1 divided by the 3 out of one-hundred is the CDCs 33% number.
    4. When it dropped to 3 out of 1000 supposedly protected, it dropped to the 10% CDC number.
    I’m certain that it is either deep in negative territory now but the CDC can just increase their initial expectation to go back to positive.

  • Jo Palermo

    i put in a comment and it has not shown up due to me stating that vitamin d is not a preventative for influenza…i added wonderful research the vaxxed team brought to everyone and yest still no approval of my comment…WHY IS IT BECAUSE OF THE VITAMIN D AND NOT AGREEING WITH MERCOLA !!!!!!!!!

  • Jo Palermo

    OK let me try this again….we’ll see if i am blocked.

    VITAMIN D IS NOT A PREVENTATIVE FOR FLU!!…it is good for you in many ways but do not be fooled….it will not prevent the flu per say.

    Common sense tells me why…..and we don’t have many examples that speak so loudly as the one below – it out preforms any scientific test or research because it is a true life event.

    1918 influenza – second wave (the deadly one) hit at the END OF SUMMER when all where saturated with D…Southern countries and far off islands were not spared either.
    This was pre-sunscreen times and folks worked outside on farms, people didn’t live ‘sedentary indoor’ lives back then.

  • joe

    She BLOCKED you too, Welcome to the club, no loss really.

  • lol. I cannot believe there are professional trolls including medical doctors who lie about vaccine ingredients. Should get THEIR licenses taken away.

  • :)

    Just want to add that once you start taking care of yourself, you have an abundance of energy and are able to do all of the things you mentioned, and maybe even more!

  • AutismDadd

    Granted some doctors are nasty people. But those who are true doctors must struggle with this issue.

  • Jo Palermo

    I am constantly CENSORED by you Erin. You are doing just as Facebook does to you. Long time viewer with a first time posting. I am done. You lost a viewer due to your hippocracy.

  • AutismDadd

    So when flu shots cause flu, what’s your EXPERT opinion….snicker

  • Laura J

    Thank you…I am glad everyone can have a decent discussion without the abuse. We decided against the flu shot this year. I am a bit scared, but we all just got over Flu b. Not too bad…very mild. Monitoring my daughter and ourselves that have a residual cough. A huge thanks…

  • Demaris Forsythe

    AHAHAHAHA. You got caught lying. Good.

  • Demaris Forsythe

    You are nothing but a charlatan. You lied about the flu vaccine and you got caught. Good. You deserve to be outed.

  • Demaris Forsythe

    How sad that you’re so threatened when you’re not having your fat ass kissed.

  • I have to do a video calling him out but I’m going to do such a smack down on them he’s probably going to want to leave Florida. No, not doxxing, As the sicko stalker loves to brag how close by he lives here (sadly to me) in Florida.

  • AutismDadd

    JoePharmer seems tame and mainly posts drive-by nonsense. He doesn’t seem too knowledgeable.