(Note from Erin: Good news! Not only is ABC news linked here, but so is NBC news who explains why the flu shot is “lousy” in their title, (see below) and basically “useless” to those over 65.  Countless MDs (including two doctors we know at  Cleveland Clinic. Dr Mark Hyman and Daniel Neides) are calling out the flu shot.

You may be seeing some  articles written on the “debunking” site that has fallen from grace this past year: Snopes. Sadly they have not done the research. You might be familiar with them because of their court battles for allegedly defrauding their own company, for illegal activity at that! I’m not sure if they are attacking us with so much vitriol because we reported on that (along with many mainstream sources), if it’s because they need money, or if it’s something else (someone even asked me if I had ever dated the guy to deserve all this, uh, no) but they sure love to report on me far more than my other half of nearly a decade who writes 10x the articles we do.  What we do know is they are pro-Pharma, pro-Big Oil, pro Fracking and nearly everything anything pro-Corporation. They don’t appear to support the people and had to ask for money  (yes, they were about to get shut down with good reason). You can read about Snopes begging for money publicly in the New York TimesWe also realize that Snopes has sent most of our detractors and downright vicious trolls to this article as well. No surprise there.

We’ve also called them out publicly and in videos where they attempted to debunk us. They’ve quietly changed their articles with zero apologies to us. Write us if you’d like an extensive link to those videos we did (with live feed just to show it’s authentic) The very first time they wrote about us we provided the location of a missing doctor. They attempted to correct us with another place while insulting us. Turned out their location was wrong. The woman who wrote the piece has since left Snopes and said it just felt a bit dirty that Snopes was getting paid for the work. We still wish her well in her new fact checking site she’s started since jumping ship.

But back to the story of the nurse. We talked at length ON THE PHONE (I have the records) with the editor who interviewed the health department official that gave the quote. They confirmed she did make the surprising statement. (HOWEVER, when Snopes reached out to her, they heard only crickets, “…though our request for comment from Treague has not been returned.”1I am not at liberty to share what their reaction was, but let’s just say it was very clear that it was surprising to many. You can see it’s reflected in their headline as well, which raised eyebrows. The mainstream paper  received much feedback about this controversial headline, which my own doctor agrees with– minus the part the nurse said about receiving the vaccination regardless of the inefficacy. Thank you in advance. Founder, Erin Elizabeth)

The original article:

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), this year’s flu is rampant in 49 states, with Wisconsin and Minnesota being hit especially hard. And one nurse thinks she knows why. While part of the blame lies with the dominant flu strain this year, H3N2, which tends to be more severe and causes more severe symptoms than most other strains 2 it also potentially lies with us:

“I believe that the low effective rate of the vaccine this year is due to the mutations that the virus made in the processing of the vaccine itself,said Anna Treague, nurse for Public Health. “That is at LEAST part of the reason that influenza cases are so widespread this year.” 3

(That being said, Treague still thinks everyone should get a flu shot… Really? You’ve got to be kidding us. She sure did. And that’s been in there since our first draft.

THIS JUST IN: At 1:45 today, ABC NEWS released this article, “Flu vaccine only 36 percent effective.” In the article, they state, “Manufacturers grow flu viruses in chicken eggs. But the viruses can mutate in the eggs, and what emerges for use in the vaccine is less effective in people.”4 

ABC News also went on to say that “The flu vaccine… was nearly ineffective for older people, including seniors who are most vulnerable. The estimates were published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”5

Again, the Health Department official says it’s at LEAST part of the problem. Dr Mercola (his video is below) agrees, “It’s no surprise at all”, he says. We have countless other MDs and PhDs who concur.

(And again, why does the virus mutate (partially because that’s what RNA viruses do)? Well, according to NBC, “Researchers have identified one more important reason flu shots don’t usually work very well — it’s because they are grown in chicken eggs. Flu viruses mutate every year and it turns out the methods used to make flu vaccines cause them to mutate even more, the researchers found.”6 Notice that article is from last year. This isn’t new news and it’s apparently not important enough for researchers and Big Pharma to do anything about either. Let THAT sink in.)

Why does she want you to get it? Because “Even if the flu vaccine isn’t as effective as it has been in year’s past, it does help. Some protection is better than no protection.”7 (Oh and even if it potentially causing the epidemic too?)

PS Burnett county has since updated their article…

You can watch our videos below.

According to Treague, at both the beginning and end of a person’s life, the immune system isn’t strong, so the body has to work harder to fight off viruses. And that’s why even though the shot is only 10% effective this year, at best, it’s still worth your time getting. (I wonder how the parents and loved ones of those who have received the shot and died anyway feel about that?)



Just don’t ignore your symptoms, which include fever, chills, headache, dry cough, and aching of muscles and joints.

Once again, for those in total denial, here’s the source: Burnett County Sentinel – they have since made a correction to their story but leave the quote in by the nurse.
BCS  states “ClarificationLast week’s article “Influenza potentially made stronger by vaccines” may have been misleading. The article’s main source, Anna Treague, is not a nurse with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Treague, who was quoted, is a nurse with Burnett County Public Health. We regret the error and apologize for any confusion, inconvenience or misunderstanding it may have caused.”

That’s ok Burnett County Sentinel. It appears

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