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ABC: Bill Gates to donate $12 million to fund research for universal flu vaccine

ABC: Bill Gates to donate $12 million to fund research for universal flu vaccine

Bill Gates is back at it, as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is partnering with Google co-founder and Alphabet CEO Larry Page and his wife, Lucy Page to donate $12 million to fund research for a universal flu vaccine. Clinical trials for a universal flu vaccine are expected to begin soon.

“To broaden efforts even further, today we are launching a $12 million Grand Challenge in partnership with the Page family to accelerate the development of a universal flu vaccine. The goal is to encourage bold thinking by the world’s best scientists across disciplines, including those new to the field.”1


Gates mentioned the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic that killed 50 million people worldwide, estimating that an outbreak of the same scale today would kill 30 million people in six months.

According to the Universal Influenza Vaccine Development Grand Challenge, participants will attempt to “identify novel, transformative concepts that will lead to development of universal influenza vaccines offering protection from morbidity and mortality caused by all subtypes” of the flu.


What do you think? Does your family get the flu shot every year?

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