A Non-Toxic Alternative To Vaccination

Every parent needs to have the freedom to make the decision about vaccination for themselves. While I would never force my choice on someone, I do feel everyone should be as informed about their options as possible and that’s why this story is so exciting. Many in the mainstream media want you to believe that there are no safe, effective alternatives to vaccination around- but we know that to be false. Homeoprophylaxis or HP, has been around for 200 years, has been used effectively, and is produced like other homeopathic remedies.

What HP does is educate the immune system. From the article at Natural Health 365, “Biological discharges, such as sputum, or exudates are used as the original substance. The solution is then serially diluted and potentized to create the homeoprophylaxis remedies. No original molecules of the original disease remain in the final product. This process is a type of ‘attenuation.’” The process of attenuation creates a weakened, original disease (the same process is used in conventional vaccines). However, with a regular vaccination some of the original disease product remains after attenuation.

Conventional vaccination can provide a level of protection- for awhile- but its safety is uncertain. However, homeoprophylaxis has 200 years of clinical evidence showing its safety and it provides long term health effects. It is also void of antibiotics, preservatives, detergents, foreign DNA, unknown viruses and is not grown on animal tissues. And HP has been used against cholera, polio, meningitis, Leptospirosis, and other diseases, with an effective rate of between 85% – 95%.

More from the article:

“HP is administered by mouth, touching mucous membrane, just like natural disease enters the body. Individuals are given only one disease remedy at a time, which is more easily recognized by the body than multiple diseases administered with combination vaccines. Nosodes are available for measles, mumps, whooping cough, meningitis, tetanus, polio and many other infectious and tropical diseases as well.”

A nosode is given each month to educate the immune system. If the body encounters the disease naturally, the immune system recognizes it and is then either able to repel it or engage an immune response to effectively overcome it. Amazing. Our bodies are amazing.

For more information, check out the video below from Dr. Isaac Golden, who has completed a 15 year study of HP for childhood disease.

Source: Natural Health 365