The new startup, Tap, is hoping they can convince people to stop buying plastic water bottles. Ambitious? Yes. Needed? Absolutly.


At the end of October, Tap launched an app that “displays nearby clean drinking water locations, from restaurants and retail stores to public water fountains, so you can refill your water bottle.”1

Brilliant. It’s like Apple or Google maps but for drinking water!

“The Tap app, available for free on Android and iOS, highlights 34,000 refill stations across 7,100 cities in 30 countries.

The app provides profiles on each location and what it offers, such as flavored or sparkling water, and whether it comes free or at cost from a water cooler, counter service or a drinking fountain.”2


Its creators hope that by making water easy to find (and likely free) that people will cut down on using plastic water bottles and instead, just refill the bottles (maybe even glass) that they already have. And, in the next couple of months, consumers might even see the blue “Tap” signs in store windows, signaling that the business is friendly to those looking to quest their thirst.


This app is coming at the perfect time; also in October the UN Intergovernmental Panel released a climate change report that warned that global warming is on track to have a disastrous impact if nothing changes by 2030.

If people love Tap and really start to use it, its unclear how stores and restaurants will feel if they are bombarded by people looking for refills. Only time will tell.

For more information, check out their website, here.


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