A Holistic Doctor Who Strives to Get His Patients Healthy and Medicine-Free!

Allow me to introduce you to Dr. Ronald Primas, MD, FACP – friend to both western AND eastern medicine practices.

During his first decade of practicing medicine, he prescribed medicines and referred his patients for surgery; but for the patients who had chronic illnesses like arthritis, fibromyalgia or diabetes even he knew the prescriptions were only patching and fixing the underlying issues.

Enter his chronic stomach condition.

Diagnosed with IBS, by colleagues who specialized in stomach disorders, no one could “cure” him. Being the man who loved the solve problems, and having gained some weight due to his issues, he put himself on a vegetarian diet. “When I get a diagnosis right, I’m like, alright that’s great,” Primas told Epoch Times. Inspired by patients who had reportedly used exercise to keep them medication free he went for it. He dropped some weight but still had chronic stomach pain and occasional diarrhea.

Enter Eastern medicine.

He decided to take an acupuncture class and on his first day, he was in pain. Noticed by a classmate, a conversation about his diet began and that led to him being diagnosed as gluten intolerant. After quitting wheat, a week later his misery was gone.

Driven for more knowledge about health, and with an ultimate desire to help his patients, he started to read more about gluten intolerance. This led to a paleo lifestyle.

Dr. Primas transitioned his practice to include Eastern methods and also studied for his boards in intergrative medicine. During that time he learned about qigong, an ancient Chinese health practice that combines physical postures, breathing techniques, and focused intention to balance the subtle energies of the body and replenish qi, or vital energy.

From the article:

“Everything is spiritual. Everything is connected. We have this great universal point field. … Whenever I listen to somebody’s heart, I always have my hand on their back or their shoulder because it comforts them, and you make that energetic connection,” he said.

Now armed with his knowledge in both practices, and with years of experience, he feels confident that his patients can live medicine free lives. BUT, success requires commitment and Dr. Primas reports that many of his patients do get off their meds. Completely.

Dr. Primas believes the, “purpose of being in good health and off medications is so we can live life to the fullest.” That’s a statement and a health practice we can get behind. Good health is possible Health Nuts. I promise. For more information on how I did it, subscribe here.

XO- Erin

Source: Epoch Times