A Connection with the Holistic Doctor Deaths?

EDIT: I know the family of yet another doctor who died on the list who also used the thermography and was outspoken on the subject.

I thought about not writing this until morning, but with so many people I know dying, I felt it safer to put this down in writing, before I sleep. Just in case. That might sound dramatic, but I’ve written about 5 deaths in a week, and one was our friend. Here is the full list and timeline (though I haven’t had a chance to add the most recent ones).

There have been rumors that the doctors were *all* working together on a breakthrough involving nagalase put into vaccines and info on GcMAF. Some family members of the doctors and I will be clearing that up soon in an interview. Do I think GcMAF is part of the equation? Yes, but I don’t think it’s the smoking gun. I’m also speaking about this subject at the CAL JAM event to 1,500 holistic doctors in March with Dr. Mercola and other top MDs.

You can listen to me on Coast to Coast AM this Wednesday the 3rd of February, from 10pm to midnight (for two straight hours!) with George Noory on this very topic.

The story:

I was up late on the phone with a seasoned investigative journalist, who had contacted me about the doctor deaths. I won’t elaborate on that part. But he did tell me one piece of advice, as I’m a newbie to all of this, before I started gently breaking these stories.

He said “Just let it simmer and look for connections (if there are any). They will come, Erin”.

No sooner than I hung up with him, and an email came in from a friend who runs a thermography business.

This whole “unintended” series really started with her.

Rewind to this past summer:

It was June here in Florida. I’d just found out about the death (first in the series) of the beloved Jeff Bradstreet, MD, and am in shock. I’m barely recovering from that when I get an email from the thermography friend who will remain nameless. She is part of a national thermography network.

It’s Father’s Day or the day after. My friend writes to break the news to me that Bruce Hedendal, DC PhD (Harvard) had just died here in Florida.  Now I’m in double shock.  She worked in his office doing thermography scans for his patients, which is totally legal. He’d died on Father’s Day after competing at an event. He too was healthy and super fit.  I only wish I could be in the shape that man was in.

That was the day I realized I had to write about this subject, as the deaths just kept happening in our holistic community. Many were friends of my better half (a holistic doctor) and mine.

The woman who worked with Dr. Bruce Hedendal actually does my own thermography scans too. She’s awesome. Some prominent doctors have gotten in trouble with the feds by even so much as recommending thermography as a safe alternative.

So tonight I get another shocking email from my thermography friend. She (and others in the network) was going to work with our friend Dr. Rod Floyd, but when she emailed him to confirm the start date, she was informed that he too, had suddenly died.

She wrote me asking, “What the heck is going on?” This is the second doctor she worked for that we knew, who died. What are the chances?

Dr. Floyd’s wife called him hearty and healthy, in a lovely sentiment she wrote- they had just celebrated their 37th anniversary.

Dr. Hedendal’s family said the same about him. His family and loved ones even did interviews (one on TV) discussing the fact that his death somehow did not add up.

My friend with the thermography business works in other offices too, and now I have to ask if she saw patients at their practices as well.

She is a great person and I both respect and like her.  I am concerned however, about doctors who are doing thermography in their offices.  The powers that be don’t like “alternative” therapies like thermography, even though it’s been around for many decades.

Dr Rod Floyd, friend and local holistic Florida doctor

Dr Rod Floyd, friend and local holistic Florida doctor

I just wrote the article about our friend Dr. Floyd’s recent untimely death. He was an amazing wonderful person and I’m humbled to have known him for the last 10 years. He was a chiropractor and clinical Professor at Palmer College here in Florida. He and his wife also wrote the local Natural Awakenings Magazine, on alternative health. Everyone loved them.

I’m so sorry he’s gone and that his awesome family lost a husband, father, and grandfather.

A relative of theirs set up a small Go Fund Me account to help the family afford travel expenses for the funeral. We donated and if you can give a few dollars that’s great. I always include Go Fund Me accounts for the doctors’ families once verifying that they are legitimate.

I also feel for my thermography friend, as she has lost not one, but two of the doctors she has worked with.

RIP. Our heart goes out to the family and friends of these doctors. The seasoned reporter I spoke of above told me to write all these kind of things down and then I hung up and saw her email. I felt like I was having deja vu, but I wrote it all down.

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