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Kazım Gürbüz, a yoga teacher born in the southern Turkish province of Adana in 1920, has revealed the secret to his longevity, shaping a 50-year-old’s body at the age of 96.

He credits his physique to a few things in particular, including flexibility and a diet consisting of olives, honey, red pepper and fresh fruits.

“Mohammad Ali had once saw me shaping my body and said I was even greater than him,” he claims.  “I can prove that I am in better condition than your 28-year-old photographer friend,” he says.  “For instance, can he hold his breath for 4-5 minutes?”

He is, no doubt, a prime physical specimen and the roots of this lifestyle are ground in personal tragedy for the yogi.  At the age of 41, he suffered an extreme car crash that broke his back.  He experienced partial paralysis and a diminished sex drive, while doctors told him he would never fully recover.  He had other plans.

He began, serially, working out by doing intense stretching.  “I was reborn, but I made a mistake. I now have a bump in my waist. I could have prevented that if I had tied a stick to my back [when he cracked his vertebrae back],” he said.


He claims that his sex drive returned rapidly and, even now, he can have 3-4 orgasms a day.

Though many question the merits of what he says, his body speaks for itself.

*Article originally appeared at Minds.